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16 Money Making Games Fund, Forex, Crypto No Ads 2023

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Hi guys, welcome to the website Grandmother Indonesia. I’m going to talk about “Money Making Games“. Here’s a full review below:

For those of you who want to fill your free time while looking for additional cash, you can play one time game that generates DANA money. Wow, there really is? Some games are planned to be able to generate some coffers of money.

You only need a cellphone and internet access, and what is no less important, of course, is the ability to play games. Nach, then what are the references to money-making games? Come on, read in full in the article below!

Money Making Games

Live Money Making Games Proven to Pay

Take advantage of leisure time to earn extra money tremendously. You can play these fundraising games:

1. Merge Gem

The first money-making game is Merge Gem. Those of you who like puzzles will certainly enjoy this game.

Merge Gem

The problem is the Murge Gem game will fight you to throw gems of the same color until they have a bigger shape. The more gems that have a shape that gets bigger, the card achievement will increase.

So, each card has a certain value. After collecting it, you can cash it into a FUND balance.

2. Isul

The next fastest money-making game comes from the DM IT Solution program, namely Isul, which you can download on the Google Play Store.


Completing the Isul game can also get a prize in the form of a DANA balance. The games include simple math calculations, word guessing, and number guessing.

One thing that is most important for you to pay attention to when withdrawing funds from Isul games is to ensure that the minimum balance for disbursement is met. The amount is IDR 5,000 or equal to 10,000 points.

3. Greedy Dragon

The first place in the list of DANA money making game programs is Greedy Dragon. Here, you will take on the role of a fully armored warrior to challenge the dragons in battle.

Greedy Dragon

If you win, points will be earned. There are also several other ways to get coins on Greedy Dragon, namely inviting friends to play and spin pictures to get 3 of the same picture.

It should be remembered that you need a PayPal account in order to convert coins into real money which can be transferred to an individual’s DANA account.

4. Island King

The Island King game is the next money-making game. Here, you will go on an adventure to create your own island and reach the highest level.

Island King

Of course, the higher the level reached, the amount of red and normal coin earnings will increase.

The usual coins that you get from playing Island King can only be used to buy useful items for smooth playing this game.

On the contrary, you can cash out red coins into cash that is transferred to an individual’s account.

5. I do

The next real DANA money-making game is Hago. This game is really liked by gamers you know. Because, in addition to the opportunity to earn extra money, there are several games to choose from.

I make

Anyone can also play Hago games, including children and adults. To make playing even more intense, use the multiplayer feature by inviting your closest friends.

The light size of the game program makes Hago friendly for downloading by various types of mobile phones.

There is one important thing to pay attention to when you want to play Hago, first, this program can only be downloaded via Lucky Miner. Therefore, disbursing funds from these games requires that base contribution.

6. Spin the Wheel

Spin The Wheel or Spin the Number Wheel is the fastest FUND money-making game.

The game of roulette forms the basis of Spin The Wheel.

Spin the Wheel

So how do you play? It’s pretty easy. You need to choose points and numbers that individuals think will give you an advantage.

Then, if the needle produces a jackpot, you will get the expected prize. Don’t miss the opportunity to earn more by inviting friends to play together, yes!

How to withdraw money from Spin The Wheel by replacing tokens with points. The minimum balance is a multiple of 50,000 of the tokens obtained.

After the token has turned into points, make a direct withdrawal using a PayPal account.

7. Funluck

There are also Funluck games which are the most profitable to play. Because some players have the opportunity to get additional income in the form of cash up to DANA balances for free and easily.


You can get these games through the Play Store. To get coins that can be cashed into a DANA balance, complete a variety of great games on Funluck.

After successfully collecting quite a lot of coins, you can easily cash out directly to your individual’s DANA digital wallet.

8. TopRich

Games that make real money can be proven to pay after TopRich. This puzzle based game is really easy to play.


For example, there are games in the form of merging cars and using vehicles to get to the finish line with coin prizes when successful.

If you are good at it and can be proven when level 10 materializes, disbursement of funds can be carried out. The balance can also be sent to your favorite digital wallet.

9. Games

So on, Gamee is the other fastest money-making game. This game has a fairly unique mechanism where users need to collect as many tickets as possible by following visions, inviting friends, and so on.


This is done so that users can increase the balance that can be disbursed in the form of FUNDS. You can also play Gamee on PC via the official website. There, there are more than 70 games to decide.

However, there is one annoying drawback that you can get in this Gamee player, namely the number of ads there.

10. Coin Republic (GoldenTown)

At first glance, Coin Republic is a game similar to Township or SimCity, but this game is a little bit over the top. Similar to Market Glory, this game requires you to create a company and earn virtual currency.


Later, you can exchange this virtual currency for real money. Really easy, right? Until now, Koin Republic has become the most popular 2022 account direct deposit game because it’s easy and doesn’t require capital.

11. Games Mager

Games Mager is a money-making game that can be proven to pay rupiah, you know! Not surprisingly, this game has a lot of fans.

In games mager, there are many game options of different types. It’s easier for you to find the right toy, right?

So that you can earn coins, play games one by one. If the coins you get increase, the final balance will also increase.

One way to get coins faster is through completing missions.

You can give a sign of liking, share links to the game that generates money on social media and invite friends to play you can also do so you can collect coins faster.

12. MPL Money Making Game

MPL Games are the next fastest DANA money-making game. This Mobile Premier League is also a program that has relatively few downloads. Nonetheless, the prospects are excellent.


Plus MPL as a product made by the Indonesian state. To earn extra money, just play the games on that basis. The diamonds obtained become a balance that can be changed to an e-wallet.

13. Market Glory

Market Glory as a money-making game. This game, which you can get through the Google Play Store, invites players to create strategies in a virtual world.

There, you can work, start a business or run for government participation.

After achieving your individual goal at Pasar Glory, there is a stimulus in the form of virtual money that you can cash into your DANA balance via transfer from your PayPal account.

14. ClipClaps

There is also a ClipClaps game that challenges users to upload short funny videos.

You can claim points to be converted into real money in an individual account in various ways. First, get through the registration of new users. Second, watch a funny video until it’s over.


Third, invite friends to use ClipClaps and finally, play the Mega Spin or Lucky Spin game for a chance to win 0.1 to 3 dollars.

15. Lucky Popstar

For those of you who like puzzle games, think about playing a free money-making game, Lucky Popstar.

After winning the game in Lucky Popstar, you will get a prize in the form of a Diamond. Diligently logging in to these games can also increase your chances of getting Diamonds.

So that you can change it to your DANA digital wallet balance, collect at least 100,000 Diamonds! Use PayPal to receive money transfers from Lucky Popstar.

16. Higgs Domino Island

So, for those of you who like card games and want to earn extra income, you can play Higgs Domino Island.

Higgs Domino Island

This game provides many card games starting from Domino, Rummy, Capsa, to QiuQiu 99.

You will be taken to play on an island, buy chips, and play cards to collect points.

To cash out, you can change points to digital wallets such as DANA, GoPay and OVO. Apart from credit, games generate credit and other attractive prizes.

Link : Higgs Domino Topbos X8 Speeder Latest Version + Old 2023

Link : Higgs Domino RP Topbos v1.95 X8 Speeder No Ads 2023

The final word

That’s info about some references for making money in DANA games that we can try in our free time. Pretty interesting isn’t it, can you get rid of boredom in your free time while making extra money?

Thus a Brief Review About 16 Money Making Games Fund, Forex, Crypto No Ads 2023

Hopefully Helpful Presented. Thank you…!!!

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