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2023 BUMN Recruitment Test Schedule & Announcement Date

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Watch the full video of 2023 BUMN Recruitment Test Schedule & Announcement Date

The following is the BUMN Batch 2 2023 recruitment test schedule, including the announcement date in it.

Thousands of SOE recruitment applicants for 2023 are still waiting for clarity on their fate to be able to join state-owned companies.

Applicants have just completed registration on December 1-7 through the official website.

Now prospective BUMN employees for 2023 must wait for another series of recruitment that will be held soon.

Everything is included in the schedule agreed by the organizing committee on an ongoing basis.

Therefore, it is hoped that all participants will be able to continuously update their developments and not miss anything.

The reason is, participating in BUMN recruitment is an opportunity that cannot be wasted.

You compete with thousands of others for a clear position in a state-owned company.

These various companies are bona fide and are targeted by many people.

There are quite large salaries and benefits, levels or career paths, and relationships that are wide open.

Not to mention the bright name of the BUMN will make your career shine even more and be well-respected by many people.

Based on these reasons, many finally decided to join and follow the recruitment process.

So, what is the SOE Batch 2 recruitment timeline like? Following Immaku.com present the information to you.

BUMN Recruitment Test Schedule 2023

  • Trial test TKD and morals. This test will be held on December 17-20.
  • Implementation of online TKD tests and morals. The first test will be held on 22-28 December 2023.
  • Announcement of TKD results and morals. This announcement will be made on January 7, 2023.

Even though it looks quite long, the whole process will reap comparable results.

Obtaining the benefits that employees get will replace all the pain during the recruitment process.

The entire process will be conveyed via email and the recruitment website.

Therefore, it is important for participants to check both periodically.

This is done in order to avoid being left behind news update of the schedule and the date of the announcement.

This is because the selection process was carried out by a knockout system.

If the participant does not take the test according to the schedule, they will automatically be kicked out of the seat of the BUMN employee candidate.

Although indeed, must be painstaking in finding the latest information.

You have to learn to be proactive and strive to get whatever you want.

This includes the timeline in the form of the BUMN recruitment test schedule that is already in sight.

You shouldn’t be careless considering that there are many competitors in getting SOE seats.

Your competition is not just one or two people, but thousands of people.

They all want to join BUMN and get a better life.

It’s not even impossible for them to try their best to get seats in BUMN and beat you.

Not all the time the recruitment for BUMN is open, because it must be maximized when the moment comes at the right time.

You can be serious when looking for info and run the whole series of tests.

You can get the schedule in various ways.

Starting from related websites, social media, to email.

There will also be a follow-up schedule if you have passed the TKD and morals tests.

You can find out when the interview test, MCU test, and others are in detail.

Therefore, take the time at least once a day to get the latest information.

This is done in order to avoid missing the info you really need.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if the recruitment failed just because you didn’t know the SOE recruitment test schedule? Remember, your fate is in your hands.

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