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30 Gombalan for Girlfriends who are cranky to make you angry

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Immaku.com – Giving gifts to girlfriends is nothing new nowadays.

Both women and men give their girlfriends a gombalan as a form of love.

Gombalan is generally conveyed through romantic words.

These words sometimes make the one who hears blushes and feels his stomach is full of butterflies.

Gombalan Recommendations for Girlfriends Make Salting


So, what are some examples of gombalan for girlfriends? Check out the following recommendations for you.

1. Do you know what you have in common with sugar? You’re welcome.

2. An angel when she meets you, must be insecure because she is less beautiful than you.

3. It only takes a minute to love you, but it takes a lifetime to forget you.

4. I don’t want to bullshit you, I want to take you seriously.

5. How are you different from an ambulance? If an emergency ambulance delivers a patient, if you are an emergency, it messes up my heart.

6. May I have your time or not? Ask for a lifetime with me.

7. You have a lot to thank your mother for. For being born this beautiful.

8. Do you know the difference between you and a rainbow? If the rainbow decorates the sky, if you decorate my heart.

9. Guess what I brought? Bring happiness to you.

10. I don’t need sugar, just looking at your face is enough to make my days sweet.

11. Don’t go near the ants, I’m afraid you’ll be mistaken for sugar because it’s so sweet.

12. My love for you is only a fingernail you know. It’s short, but it keeps growing.

13. Have you seen the ocean? My love for you is broader than that.

14. You still ask what can I give you? I dedicate my whole world to you, it’s still not enough to prove this affection.

15. I actually don’t want LDR, but so be it, so you know that no matter how far you go, you’re still close to your heart.

16. Why are your cheeks so red? Do you want me to warm my body or all my love?

17. Being close to you is not good for my heart to know. It always feels like it’s going to fall off.

18. If there is the latest technology, I want someone who can translate my feelings of love for you.

19. Never get hurt, because I will definitely get sick.

20. Like two sides of a coin, where you are, there is my heart.

21. Never be afraid to fall in love. Your life will be empty without the sweet caress of love.

22. I want to say goodbye to your parents. Want to thank you for raising a child as beautiful as you.

23. You haven’t moved your house, have you? Can you invite me to come with my parents to your house.

24. Why do toll roads have a winding shape? Because if every time it gets wider and bigger, that is my love for you.

25. Don’t go out in spring, OK? I’m afraid the flowers will sulk, wilt again because they feel inferior to your beauty.

26. I think we have to look for the sun, near you makes my heart freeze.

27. Do you know the difference between you and a flood? If the flood floods the city, if you flood my whole heart.

28. I have a simple request. Do you want to be the mother of my children?

29. Is your father a fisherman? Because I’m always hooked ya close to you.

30. You smile, even I melt.

Thus some news examples of gombalan sentences for girlfriends.

You can start practicing and see your girlfriend’s reaction.

If he likes it, what’s wrong with continuing to sharpen it?

Good luck and hopefully useful!

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Originally posted 2022-11-30 20:44:36.

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