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5 Anime Recommendations for January 2023

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5 Anime Recommendations for January 2023 – The January 2023 anime that we will be reviewing must have been waiting for you for a long time, right? So it’s perfect for those of you who really like anime and have been waiting for it until now.

Indeed, many anime like it because the story is very interesting. Apart from that, the depiction of characters is also what makes people prefer characters in anime compared to real people.

If you are already curious about which anime will be released in January, then you have come to the right article. Because we really want to discuss it and you just have to look at the articles we wrote.

What are Anime?

5 Anime Recommendations for January 2023

Anime is a moving image or you could say animation made by Japan. Now anime has become a popular culture from Japan and is known by people around the world.

In addition, current fans are also very numerous, you may even have to have at least 1 fan in each country. Because this anime is loved by the public, especially teenagers who have the same story.

Not a few also like Naime because his character who seems “handsome” and “beautiful” makes his fans excited. They even married the anime character. Really beyond human reason is not it?

But besides that, anime also has stories that sometimes inspire the audience and fans. So that people keep following the storyline until they actually finish the anime or manga.

Even though anime is also included in the cartoon category, this anime is indeed very different from other animated animations. Because anime itself has features that other cartoons in the world don’t have.

In its own language, anime means animation. Where the animation produced to date reaches thousands. From ancient times in the 1900s to now in 2023.

Even though a lot of anime has been released lately, people still like the anime that has been produced, you know. Because it has an interesting story quality to watch, even though the graphics are not as good as they are now.

January 2023 anime development

Previously in 2022, people who really love anime were very satisfied with the anime that came out that year. Because they have been waiting for the manga to be adapted into an anime for a long time.

Like Attack on Titan season 4, One Piece against the Yonko, Spy x Family which is really cute, to Chainsawman which makes goosebumps. Surely those of you who like it also feel very satisfied?

So for 2023 you can also check out a lot of anime which will really get you excited. Because many anime releases this year have been eagerly awaited.

Of course you and other fans feel lucky not to play in anticipating the release of this anime. Usually people wait for the release of the anime because they want to know what if the story in the manga is made into an anime.

Will the quality be as good as in the manga, or will it be mediocre and better in the manga than in the anime? This makes people even more curious about the anime that has been released.

So, maybe now you are even more curious about which anime will be released at Anime in January 2023, right? Then read the recommendations we have made below.

January 2023 Anime Recommendations

Previously, we had searched and researched the broadcast schedule. And we have summarized it below, so maybe there is an anime that you have been waiting for too.

So, here are some anime recommendations that will be released in January 2023.

1.Vinland Saga S2

The first anime recommendation for January 2023 is Vinland Saga which has undergone its second season this year. The second season of the Vinland Saga anime is slated to air on January 10 before the first episode.

After completing the first season, there are still many mysteries that have not been revealed. So that the fans are wondering what will happen next when the main character starts the adventure?

Therefore, Vinland Saga S2 is perfect for you to watch as a recommended anime for January 2023. Because this anime is really being hype and everyone is waiting for it.

2. Maou Gakuin S2

The second anime recommendation for January 2023 is Maou Gakuin or Magic School season two. Where the story this time continues with the previous season where Anos finally keeps the peace of his city.

Tells of a demon king who was reincarnated and turned into an ordinary schoolboy. But still, Anos still has his demon king powers so people fear him.

Even though this anime will be released in January this year, it is still uncertain on what date this anime will air. So maybe those of you who have liked this anime for a long time must be patient waiting for its release.

3. Nagatoro-san, Second Attack of Ijiranaide

The third anime recommendation for January 2023 is Ijiranaide. This anime is phenomenal, even who doesn’t know this anime? You see them a lot, even if only via Instagram or TikTok.

It is told about a high school girl named Hayase Nagatoro who likes to tease her upperclassman, Hachiouji Naoto. He never tires of teasing his upperclassmen by doing whatever is still possible.

This comedy genre anime makes people happy and always makes people laugh every time they watch it. The second season will be released tomorrow, January 8, so this anime is included as a recommendation for watching the January 2023 anime.

4. S4 Bungou Stray Dogs

The fourth recommendation from the January 2023 anime is Stray Dogs which is expected later. Where previously there was no news from this anime for 2 years and people who like it should be disappointed and be patient.

How could it not be, because it was the final battle that made people look forward to how it would go. However, there has been no word from the writer for 2 years, which must have disappointed fans.

But that disappointment disappeared because the writer has announced that there will be a fourth season of this anime which will be released in January. Therefore, now is the time to let go of your desire for Atsushi Nakajima by watching it live.

5. Itai no Iya Wa Nan Bougyoryoku de ni Kyokofuri ke Shitai Omoimasu 2

The fifth recommendation from the January 2023 anime is the second season of Bougyoryoku Kyokufuri. Or usually the fans call it BOFURI which is easier to pronounce and also easier to write.

Uniquely, the main character in this anime chooses to focus on his defensive strength rather than attack. So even though he was attacked by humans, nothing worked at all.

Even the one who attacked him lost because his weapon was destroyed and his life was swallowed up by his protective shield. Thus making Maple the strongest person in the world.

This January 2023 anime recommendation might be suitable for those of you who really like the comedy genre. Because the comedy dressing is made as smoothly as possible so that the story is still fun to watch.


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