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5 Items You Shouldn’t Use Together, There Are Lots of Germs

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There are some items that should not be shared with other people.

For people who live in a crowd with other people, maybe it’s no stranger to sharing things to use together.

This usually happens to boarding or dormitory kids who like to share various items together.

These items are used together on the basis of loyal friends or just to make it fast.

If it is not allowed to lend, a person will be given the title of stingy by his other friends.

He was threatened with hostility because he was reluctant to share with other friends.

In fact, there are actually some items that should not be used together with other people.

Because, there are many losses that can be caused by this mutual use action.

So, what are the items that should be avoided for sharing?

Items that should not be used together


A toothbrush is the most important thing not to share with other people.

Because, on a toothbrush there are many germs in it which can be contaminated with germs in other people’s mouths.

Imagine, one toothbrush holds germs from many people at once.

This is very dangerous considering we don’t know what kind of germs that person has.

Some have toothache, some have perforated teeth and others.

Not using these items together can be a way of protecting yourself from new illnesses.

It’s best not to share towels with other people, even your family.

This is to prevent the spread of skin diseases that can spread quickly.

It is not impossible for people with skin diseases such as tinea versicolor to infect you through the towels they use.

It is better if the towel is used specifically for each person and does not mix it with other people.

Not to mention the nature of a damp towel can make the exchange of bacteria and germs very fast.

You are also advised not to share clothes with other people.

Just like before, this is to prevent transmission of skin diseases to yourself from other people.

Avoid wearing other people’s clothes, especially those we don’t know how to maintain cleanliness.

You should only wear your own clothes to be safer and not contract skin diseases from other people who are sick.

Make no mistake, there are some people who like to exchange underwear with their colleagues.

If you are one of them, then it is best to avoid this behavior in the future.

This is none other than to protect yourself from contracting viruses or bacteria from other people’s intimate organs.

No one knows what he did to the underwear or boxers he used.

Therefore, you need to be careful not to use other people’s underwear.

Many people who are still light lend their earphones to other people.

In fact, this can be an arena for exchanging germs from one person’s earwax to another.

Moreover, usually the tip of the earphone goes very deep into the ear canal and easily reaches the deepest corners of the dirt that is there.

This becomes very risky because of the accumulation of germs from many people in one object that is always used repeatedly.

Not to mention that the tips of the earphones are very rare to be cleaned immediately with a cleanser after being used all day long.

Here are some items that should not be used together. This is nothing but to protect yourself from disease.

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