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5 Ways to Get Rid of Red Lines in Word and Blue Lines

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How to Remove Red Lines in Word

How to Get Rid of Red Lines – Removing the red line in the word is an important way for you to know. This is because Microsoft Word is an application that we use every day.

This application is a basic application that must be mastered by anyone who uses a laptop. In using MS. Word we can take advantage of various features that help our work.

One of the features that we can use is the feature to correct writing. By using this feature, we can find out whether the writing is wrong or right.

Usually, this correction feature is indicated by a line under the word in red or blue. Even though this feature is actually quite helpful, there are also word users who find the existence of these lines quite annoying.

Therefore, many people are looking for ways to get rid of the red lines in the word and the blue lines that usually appear automatically. To remove the line is not difficult. You can follow the following methods.

Functions of the Red and Green Lines in Microsoft Word

You should know that each colored line in a word has different functions and uses. Before discussing more about how to get rid of red lines in Microsoft Word, you must first know what the functions of the red lines and green lines are.

Basically, the red line and green line features appear automatically when you do the installation.

1. The function of the red line in word:

In general, the features of the green line and red line have the same function, which is to correct your writing when typing. The difference is, this red line functions to detect writing errors when typing.

2. Green line function:

The green line that appears when you type in word serves as a grammar correction, generally this feature is used for those of you who type in English.

Of course this will make it very easy for you when typing there are typos or spelling errors in the vocabulary, the problem is when you write in Indonesian, this green line will feel like a nuisance.

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How to Remove Red Lines in Word

How to Remove Red Lines in Word and Blue Lines

Indeed, oftentimes the red line that appears in Microsoft word disturbs our eyesight, even though this feature is made to make it easier for us as long as we use it correctly.

To get rid of red lines in Word documents, you just have to follow the method below. Here’s how to remove red lines in word that you need to know:

  • Click Options: The first step you have to do is hover over the file column, then proceed by clicking on the options column
  • Select Proofing: Next you will see a display in the options column and select the Proofing submenu to the left of the options menu
  • Uncheck: You will see some fields filled with check marks, uncheck the column ‘check spelling as you type’
  • Grammar marks can also be removed: Optionally, you can also uncheck the ‘mark grammar’ column to remove the red line.

There are other ways you can get rid of this feature by blocking all sentences that you want to remove the red line, then proceed with Set Language Proofing and the language in which it is written. Uncheck the Do Not Check Spelling or Grammar column.

The conclusion is to get rid of the red line that appears in Microsoft Word, you can simply change the language settings you use. Hopefully this review can help make it easier for you when typing with Microsoft Word.

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The final word

So, that was our information about How to Get Rid of Red Lines in Microsoft Word. Please do the steps that we provide above to get rid of red lines on your word worksheet.

Thank you for reading this article and don’t forget to keep abreast of technological developments by reading our articles which will be updated every day, thank you for visiting and see you soon.

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