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6 Considerations Before Marriage for Young Brides

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Here are some considerations before marriage that you can look at.

The end of the year is the moment when you are flooded with wedding invitations.

Starting from friends, relatives, relatives, it felt like they were making a sacred promise in front of religion and the country in droves.

Getting married is of course a normal phase for two adults who love each other.

There is no compulsion for two people to decide to get married.

Usually they marry because they feel love and have goals to achieve.

It’s just that, maybe you’re curious, why so many people ultimately choose to get married.

You wonder what kind of consideration they did before finally getting married.

In the following, we have summarized some considerations before marriage just for you.

Considerations Before Marriage in full

consideration before marriage

Clear reasons

Don’t get married just because your other friends go along with you.

You must have your own reasons why you choose to make a sacred commitment with someone.

Be honest with your own heart and feelings, what are the reasons for wanting to get married.

This is very important considering that marriage has many responsibilities, even 5 times that of single people.

You have to live forever with someone you’ve only known for a while.

You will dedicate yourself to that person every day.

Consider carefully before committing yourself forever to a partner.

Clear goals

Just as before, clear goals must also be considered before marriage.

Know what you want from the marriage and communicate it to your partner.

Know each other’s expectations and goals so that you can easily live your marriage.

This is also done to avoid disappointment because he can not fulfill these goals.


Financial problems are the most crucial thing in marriage.

Discuss in detail who will handle finances after marriage, the systematics of spending money, money for parents and others.

Make sure both parties reach an agreement before getting married.

Don’t let it become an obstacle in the future in undergoing marriage just because it doesn’t communicate finances.

This is important considering that money is a sensitive matter that often leads to divorce.


Employment needs to be carefully considered by both parties, especially women.

Consider whether or not you can keep your job after you marry him.

Also consider moving your work location if you have to join your partner after marriage.

In addition, think carefully about whether your partner’s job is sufficient to support your family or not.


Another thorny consideration is where to live.

Where to live is usually a wedge for each other to reach an agreement.

There are those who want to live in the city, but there are also those who want to live simply in the village.

Therefore, consider this aspect and discuss it with your partner so that you have no regrets later.

Number of children

The presence of children has major consequences for husband and wife.

The reason is, the cost to support a child is getting bigger from time to time.

It takes a lot of money to be able to guarantee a child’s prosperous life.

Therefore, it is important to consider the desired number of children.

However, if you and your partner are indeed wealthy and want to have many children, then there is nothing wrong with that.

You only need to be sure of the path you want to go after considering some of the things above.

This is done for the smooth running of the marriage and prevent unnecessary regrets later on.

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