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9 Characters Who Know Ai Haibara’s Real Identity

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Detective Conan has many important figures that support exciting stories in each series or comic. One of them is the beautiful Ai Haibara. For those who have finish about Detective Conan’s story, you must know who Ai Haibara’s real identity is. She is a young woman who has the same fate as Conan.

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Not everyone knows who Ai Haibara really is, only a few people. One of them is Conan himself or Shinichi Kudo. The reason why she didn’t reveal who Ai really was was because the young woman wanted to save herself from the many enemies that were chasing her. Actually, who is Ai?

Shiho Miyano

Detective Conan_Ai Haibara (Copy)

Maybe for some people who have just followed the Detective Conan story, the name Shiho Miyano sounds quite foreign. So, from that, we will try to explain it! Shiho Miyano is a member Black Organization who works as a scientist in charge of all the organization’s cutting-edge projects.

The reason why he worked as a scientist was because Shiho’s parents were part of an organization. Shiho has an older sister named Akemi Miyano who is also a member Black Organizationbut Akemi was killed and the investigation that Shiho did, her death had something to do with the organization.

Shiho also disobeyed and did not want to continue the Apotoxin type drug project with code 4869 which was being created as a weapon. The organization did not remain silent and immediately arrested Shiho. Not accepting being treated like that, Shiho drank the medicine she created and immediately turned into a child and then ran away.

Shiho’s reckless act of swallowing the drug Apotoxin was because she knew that the drug was still in the development stage and she knew Shinichi was also shrinking from the drug but because she needed his help, Shiho covered Shinichi’s tracks by changing the status of an enemy of the organization as a dead victim.

Characters Who Know Shiho Miyano/Ai Haibara’s Real Identity

As soon as he turned into a small child, Shiho went to Shinichi’s residence to hide but eventually he collapsed in front of Professor Agasa’s house, whose residence is next to Shinichi’s. Professor Agasa also helped him and Shiho told him everything and finally was able to meet Shinichi.

At first Shinichi was angry because Shiho was part of the organization, but after hearing what happened, Shinichi softened and wanted to work together to destroy the organization safely. Departing from this, Shiho was assisted by Professor Agasa to change his identity to become a small child named Ai Haibara.

There are some people who know Ai Haibara’s real identity. Some of them who knew about Ai protected and kept their mouths shut, but not a few also knew Ai’s identity and immediately targeted her because she was the target of the organization. Which characters know this? Here comes the list!

1. Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa

Detective Conan_Plot (Copy)

Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa meets Ai in the comic Vol. 18. Ai came as a new kid at SD Teitan and immediately sat next to Conan. After being involved in a kidnapping and money laundering case, Ai and Conan return home together, when he reveals his identity making Shinichi flabbergasted.

Professor Agasa, who knew beforehand, then opened Shinichi’s mind by saying that Ai was the key to enter the organization. Ai agrees with this because she also has a grudge against the organization so that Shinichi and Ai are close, even Ai likes Shinichi!

2. Professor Agasa

Detective Conan_Prof. Agasa (Copy)

Professor Agasa was the first to know about Shiho/Ai. The case is the same as when knowing what happened to Shinichi/Conan, Professor Agasa immediately intervened to help. Shiho was lying in front of the gate of Professor Agasa’s house soaked in the rain and weak.

Upon hearing the story about Shiho, Professor Agasa immediately adopted Shiho as Ai Haibara and sent her to school with Shinichi and managed to get close friends namely Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, Ayumi Yoshida who are members of the Little Detective group.

3. Yusaku dan Yukiko Kudo

Detective Conan_Yusaku & Yukiko (Copy)

Shinichi’s parents also knew about Ai Haibara’s real identity. This is because Shinichi told everything to Yusaku and Yukiko. Even though they already knew about this, the two of them still never discussed it with anyone in order to protect Ai from the threats of many people, especially organizations.

In the comic Detective Conan Vol. 78, Yukiko helps Shiho or Sherry (a nickname in the organization) who are about to be killed by members Black Organzation on a car trip Bell Tree Express belongs to the Sonoko family. Yukiko manages to trick the members of the organization in secret and save Ai.

4. Vermouth

Detective Conan_Vermouth (Copy)

Shiho Miyano’s identity as Ai Haibara was known to Vermouth, but Vermouth never disclosed this to the organization. But exactly when and how did Vermouth find out Ai’s identity blurmost likely Vermouth found out about Ai’s identity during the organizational reunion event.

During a big reunion event, a member of an organization with the code name Pisco manages to find out Ai’s identity. This was also known by Vermouth who immediately investigated whether the information was true or not. He even disguised himself as a Teitan Elementary health worker, Dr. Araide to approach Ai.

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