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Al Ummu Madrasatul Ula – Usually, we don’t have enough time to take care of our daughter. There is a sharia limit which is the last line, where later our responsibility will move to the person who will become an imam when he is old.

Duhai, how heavy is our burden? When we educate girls, it means we are preparing the next generation!

Al Ummu Madrasatul Ula

So there was nothing wrong with RA Kartini fighting for women’s rights in her time. Trying to teach each other. Because in their wombs generations will be born who will depend on this country.

Poetry Poetry Dian Riasari

And did you know that the expression “after darkness comes light” was actually inspired by the phrase “minadzh-dzhulumati ilannuur” in Surah Al Baqarah verse 257?

This sentence became the basis of the Kartini movement. Kartini was inspired after meeting Darat, a great scholar from Semarang, Kei Shaw.

Therefore, the meaning of Kartini’s day feels more meaningful when we use this moment to reflect. Trying to continue to educate ourselves, being a mother must be the main school for our children. Whether they work outside or stay at home, all mothers have the same and primary responsibilities and roles. Because Kartini said too.

Hello! I’m Rihanna. She is the wife of Ibrahim Rohman. RBA mother. Blogs. home cook traveler. He lived in Gothenburg, Sweden for 5 years and another 3 years in Seville, Spain. Currently located in South Tangerang, Indonesia since 2016. Because all levels of society feel the impact of Covid-19. Parents are the same, especially mothers who are “forced” to be home teachers for their children nowadays. It’s been 2 weeks and there have been many complaints from mothers about this policy at the start. Many mothers complain of increased stress because their children do not keep up with what they are learning at school.

Bogor Regency Government Still Carrying Out Online Learning, Ade Yasin

It is natural for mothers to feel shocked when their children are still schooled at home in the midst of a capitalist world system like what we are experiencing now. Because so far it is based on the academic curriculum

This causes their children to spend more time at school and some mothers feel uncomfortable or isolated without their children at home. Therefore, when the policy

Moreover, the government has not made specific arrangements and provisions for this policy. Moreover, until now the world system has not empowered how the roles and responsibilities of parents, especially mothers, should be in educating their children. Secularism has also alienated the mother’s role as the first madrasah for her children. Hence the policy

This is indeed undeniable, with a heavy school curriculum, homework assignments and homework assignments. Not to mention that children get bored quickly and are reluctant to do this, this will cause feelings and stress for parents. There is no mention of the need to use media

Mission of Khoiru Ummah

Education in accepting nationality is like this. Everything works only because the needs of systems and policies are not in accordance with human nature. However, Islam has dictated how education is appropriate and our nature as human beings.

And, due to the corona or covid-19 outbreak, the role of mothers who have loans must be returned with a study at home policy. This strengthens the bond between family members. And the main thing is to step back and understand parents, especially role-playing mothers

It means that mother is the first and main school for her children. A mother who teaches monotheism and noble morals from childhood and prioritizes any obligatory practice, Sunnah, Mubah, Haram and Makhruh.

In this case, we should be grateful when we have more time with our children. This is an opportunity for mothers to re-engage their children in the care they did not receive at school. Invite children and remind them to do all activities voluntarily because of Allah.

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How to behave before the plague was taught by the prophet, and he told the children to endure this ordeal. Encourage and guide children so they don’t hesitate to complete the task because it’s part of it

This is the responsibility of Allah SWT. Remember that we were created by Allah only to worship Him, in any situation and anywhere.

Arabic writing al ummu madrasatul ula, al azhaar boarding school fee ummu suwanah, al ula

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