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Alchemy of Souls 2 Korean Drama Rating Soars Up

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Ayovaksindinkeskdi – The rating for the latest Korean drama Alchemy of Souls 2 has increased in broadcast on Sunday (11/12/2022).

The newest Korean drama, which just aired on Saturday (10/12/2022), is showing its fangs by getting high ratings.

Check out the ratings for Alchemy of Souls 2, the newest Korean drama with the romantic fantasy genre played by Lee Jae Wook.

Illustration. The latest Korean drama Alchemy of Souls 2. (Soompi.com)

Rating Drama Korea Terbaru Alchemy of Souls 2

tvN’s newest drama started its premiere very well. On December 10th, the popular fantasy romantic drama returned with its season 2 which became one of the most popular dramas.

Alchemy of Souls 2 scored a high rating in its premiere or episode 1, with a rating of 6.7 percent.

The rating obtained in the second season is greater, compared to the first season which received a rating of 5.2 percent on its premiere.

In episode 2, Alchmey of Souls managed to achieve a satisfying rating rating of 7.7 percent. Marked a significant increase in ratings in the first week of broadcast.

About Drakor Alchemy of Souls 2

Alchemy of Souls was written by two well-known screenwriters namely the Hong Sisters.

This drama is a romantic fantasy genre, set in a fictional country called Daeho.

Daeho is a country that does not exist or is not found on the map.

Alchemy of Souls tells the fate of someone who is changed by magic that can change souls.

After successfully stealing the hearts of the audience in Alchemy of Souls 1, Alchemy of Souls is finally back with season 2. In season 2, this fantasy romantic drama will focus on telling life three years after the end of season 1.

Sinopsis Alchemy of Souls 2 Episode 2

In the Alchemy of Souls episode 2 poster, Bu Yeon is lying unconscious in bed with a pale face.

And Jang Wook accompanied Bu Yeon looking worried.

Loyal to Bu Yeon’s side, Jang Wook hugged her and gave Bu Yeon a drink.

In episode 2, Jang Wook felt that Naksu and Mu Deok had a resemblance from their eyes.

As long as Jang Wook doesn’t know that Bu Yeon is Naksu, he used to be his teacher. Was once his teacher.

Jang Wook helps Bu Yeon to escape, he can’t escape looking into Bu Yeon’s eyes which he feels are very similar to Mu Deok.

He also asked Bu Yeon about the incident 3 years ago.

To find out what happened between the couple, catch the premiere of “Alchemy of Souls Part 2” on December 10 at 9:10 p.m. KST!

Or you can watch the latest Korean drama Alchemy of Souls 2 on Netflix.

Actors of Korean Drama Alchemy of Souls 2

Several South Korean actors and actresses have starred in this latest Korean drama. Several South Korean actors and actresses who starred in Alchemy of Souls 1, also returned to play in season 2.

However, there was a change in the female lead where Jung So Min was replaced by Go Yoon Jung.

The following is a list of Alchemy of Souls players:

Lee Jae Wook returned to the role of Jang Wook, who again felt the verge of death in season 1 .

In season 2, Jang Wook’s character is very different from season 1. Jang Wook is described as a cold monster.

Go Yoon Jung as Nak Soo and young so min as Mu Deok Yi

Hwang Minhyun returns as Seo Yul, who lives in incredible pain unknown to others.

Will In Soo returned to play the figure of Park Dang Gu.

Will In Soo and Arin also played the same role, namely as Park Dan Gu and Jin Cho Yeon.

Previously they were an engaged couple but in season 2 actually had a love and hate relationship.

Park Jin will be played by Yoo Joon Sang.

shin seung ho playing the role of crown prince Go Won.

Im Chul Soo as Lee Cheol.

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