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An application similar to Bigo Live which can be an alternative to streaming

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Immaku.com – Looking for an application like bigo live that has almost the same features? you came to the right page. As we all know, Bigo is a live streaming application specifically made for finding new friends, friends, chatting, dating to life partners.

Even though this application is fun to use, there are some dangerous risks that you can get from this application, for that now many new developers are making similar applications to make residents feel comfortable when using the application.

Take it easy, this application is quite safe to use, as long as we know the limitations and risks that must be avoided when using it. Here are some recommendations for bigo-like applications that you can try.

The Best Alternative to Bigo Live Applications for 2022

Bigo Similar Apps

1. Cherry Live

Cherry Live is a live broadcast that is still similar to Bigo Live. In terms of appearance, this live application is very similar to Bigo. As for features, yes, you can broadcast live broadcasts freely anytime and anywhere you are without restrictions.

If you are bored, you only need to watch the broadcasters who broadcast live on this application. But don’t be surprised if you find something that catches your eye. To get the apk, you can directly check the link below, guys.


2. Mango Live

The Bigo type apk which then has Mango Live Purple is the latest version of the Mango Live Mod which is quite severe. In this live application, the features are not much different from Bigo Live. you can make live broadcasts, and also watch the hosts who are still live.

Here, the admin also provides a gift feature that you can send to streamers so they are even more excited to live it. Because the more gifts they get, the more they will continue to entertain.

So, for those of you who want to download an application like Bigo, you can immediately check the following link.


3. Sugar Live

The next Bigo-like application is Sugar Live apk. If you are looking for a bad live apk that has lots of Indonesian hosts, this is the place. Because in an application similar to Bigo Live, the majority of users are Indonesian, so it is often called live indo apk.

There are tons of adorable local hosts here broadcasting live in search of fame and hoping to go viral. So can you guys imagine how this live app bar looks like?

However, there are also many talented Indonesian children who show their skills through live broadcasts, and they are true content creators. You can get this Bigo-like application for free or free via the following link for the mod version.


4. Boom Live

Furthermore, there is an application like Bigo Live which is no less popular, guys, namely Boom Live. As the name implies, this live application is currently booming in Indonesia. In the past, Boom live was Bigo’s biggest rival. Because the most content can make the audience feel at home in this application.

However, because more and more new live mod apks are emerging, this most powerful live application is starting to be abandoned. Even so, this live application is still worth a try if you are bored with the Bigo gang. Just suck it under.


5. Unique Live

Furthermore, there is a live application similar to Bigo called Unico live which you can also use to view various live show bar content. Unfortunately, you don’t want to find apps like Bigo on the PlayStore. But the admin has the latest version which you can have easily on this website.

And what the admin has is a mod version with VIP features and has an unlocked room. So you are free to enter any room easily. Inside the room is a charming host who is broadcasting live. So just download the application.


6. 19 Love Me

The first list is a live streaming application like Bigo, which is currently excited among live apk lovers, namely 19 Love Me. Not much different from Bigo Live, 19love me presents romantic live streaming moments, moreover some are live while playing games.

Because this live apk has a romantic title, it is not recommended for those of you who are not old enough to use this application. But if you are old enough, you can use this application to broadcast your romantic moments through live broadcasts.


7. Bling2 Live

Bling2 Live is the successor of 19 Love Me, the appearance of this application is almost similar to Bigo Live. Even though Bling2 is an app that is directly similar to Bigo in its basic features, it definitely has some comparisons that make it more interesting.

One of them is a game that you can enjoy and play with friends in the Bling2 live apk application. So that your live streaming activities are much more fun and you will never feel bored.


8. Dream Live

Dream Live is a live application similar to Bigo which for the admin is very free for you to use and no less bad. This free live streaming application with the nickname Ijo live apk has many similarities to Bigo Live. One of them is solid and steady live entertainment.

Not only that, this live apk is also anti-banned, so the hosts here don’t hesitate to introduce very new actions. The features it has are also quite complete to support your live streaming activities. And everything can be enjoyed for free.


Above are several applications like Bigo Live which according to the admin are the most worthy to try as an alternative. Maybe that’s all, guys, our discussion this time is about live apks like Bigo, which the admin can convey.

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