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Animation Maker Application to Support Your Video Content

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Thanks to the emergence of animation maker applications, now editing video content can be done using many methods, even from smartphone sscale

Thanks to this facility, no wonder content creator even more new ones are popping up.

Below we will recommend an animation maker application with advanced features that you can use.

Animation Maker Application Recommendations

You can use some of the applications that you will find in this article smartphone and also PCs.

Of course, each application has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to find out which one suits your needs.

No need to linger, see the reviews below together, come on!

1. FlipaClip

FlipaClip is a good choice for beginner animators. The main reason is because you can download this animated video maker application for free on the Play Store or App Store.

Even though it’s free, FlipaClip has features that are far from enough. This application has AI technology that can make the process of creating animations easier.

Not only that, FlipaClip also provides features layering that exist in applications such as Photoshop, so that the drawing process also becomes more flexible. FlipaClip also has a large collection of sound effects that will make your animations much more fun.

2. Draw Cartoons 2

Apart from FlipaClip, you can also create animations on your smartphone using Draw Cartoons 2. Unlike FlipaClip, however, this app is only available for Android.

Draw Cartoons 2 provides a lot of freedom for you, especially if you really want to focus more on animation and don’t want to draw more.

The reason is, this animation maker application provides features pack where you can download character designs that other people have made so you can make them into characters in your animations.

Even though it can be used for free, Draw Cartoons 2 also has a PRO version that you can buy for 50 thousand rupiah on the Play Store.

3. Pencil 2D

For those of you who feel that making animation using a cellphone is too limiting in creating, then Pencil 2D is a good choice.

This application, developed independently by Matthew Chang and friends, has a number of features, such as the many types of pencils that you can choose from.

Since this is on a computer, you can create animations that are more complex and with more detailed colors than you can on FlipaClip.

To find out what this animation video maker application can do, the Pencil 2D site also presents various video tutorials on its official website.

4. Animation Desk

Unlike the two previous applications, Animation Desk is an application for making animated videos that is quite special because it can be used on cellphones and computers.

This application made by Kdanmobile has many features that make it comfortable to use.

Even so, the main strength of Animation Desk lies in its solid community.

With this, you can learn animation with other animators by giving each other feedback.

Not only that, the Animation Desk developer also designed this application with mind set learning.

So, for those of you who really want to teach animation, this Animation Desk is suitable for consideration.

Animation Desk pays more attention to storyboard which is very useful when you later plunge into the professional world.

5. Toon Boom Harmony

Speaking of professionals, Toon Boom Harmony is an animation maker application aimed at big studios or those of you who want to become a professional animator.

Toon Boom has indeed become the trust of major animation studios when making 2D films after Adobe Animate.

The features that make this application even cooler are customization very diverse.

For example, you can create a character with a series of limbs that you want to move later.

Using Toon Boom Harmony, you can program limbs however you want.

Even so, with its powerful features, Toon Boom Harmony also has a price that isn’t cheap.

This application has a subscription system that requires you to pay a minimum of 25.5 US dollars per month or around IDR 375 thousand.

Toon Boom Harmony has two other packages which are more optimized for animation creation game and more professional needs.

So yeah, if you feel like a pro, there’s nothing wrong with switching to a more challenging application.

6. KeyShot

If you’ve seen applications for making animations in 2 dimensions, this time KeyShot is actually more focused on 3 dimensional animations.

This application developed by Luxion is a fairly professional application. The reason is, many people use this Keyshot as a tool to market their products in 3 dimensions, including the car you are seeing in the picture. thumbnail.

Keyshot will help you if you don’t understand how to make 3D models. Because this animation maker application provides many models that you can choose as material for mockup.

The problem with the price, this Keyshot is quite expensive. Just like Toon Boom Harmony, Keyshot chooses a subscription system where you have to pay 99 US dollars per month.

Keyshot also provides plug-in additional features that are not included in the main application at various prices.

7. Blender

For those of you who feel that KeyShot is charging too high a price, then other people think the same way. Especially when applications like Blender are present.

This animation maker application has indeed become a prima donna for designers and animators. Although nature open-sourcebut Blender offers as many features as a professional application.

Blender is suitable for those of you who want to start learning to make 3D animations, both static and dynamic. If you see a 3D animation on a website or a video clip, it’s very likely that the animation is made in the Blender application.

One advantage of Blender compared to other applications is its large user community. So if you are confused about doing an animation trick in the application, there will be other Blender animators who at least demonstrate their tutorials on the YouTube channel.

Actually there are many advantages offered by Blender, but if peeled one by one it will take up a large portion. In the end, Blender is indeed suitable for people who want to work in the field of 3D designers.

Which Animation Maker App Is Right for You?

That’s the recommendation for an animation video maker application.

Of course, all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Make sure to choose the application according to your needs.

If you are diligent and work wholeheartedly, of course the animation that you make will also be maximized.

Good luck!


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