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Another term for the high jump is

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Another term for the high jump is – Basic High Jump Techniques – Discussion about the meaning, history, and basic techniques of the high jump is of course very interesting. In addition, this sport is very well known and is often competed in various competitions at national and international levels.

The high jump is an athletics branch consisting of the athlete’s ability to jump as high as possible to cross the bar. While there are many variations of the jumping style, including the scissor style (

Another term for the high jump is

High jump is a form of jumping up by lifting one leg forward and up in an effort to lift the body weight as high and fast as possible by bouncing one leg up to a certain height. . The main goal of the high jump is to lift the body as high as possible in order to get over the bar. The jump height depends on three factors. First, the jumper must develop as much lift as possible in order to launch his body into the air at the highest possible speed.

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The height that the body reaches corresponds to the speed at which it leaves the ground. Second, the bounce angle must be as close to vertical as possible to concentrate the force for the gain in height, but the bounce angle must be high enough to move the body from one side of the bar to the other. Third, the distance from the point of gravity can be increased is limited. In the target jump, the distance must be between 2 and 3 feet where the jumper can push his weight with his hands in a stance.

The event was first held at the Olympics in Scotland in the 19th century. At that time, the highest high jump record for an athlete was broken to 1.68 m. The jump style used at that time was the scissor style.

Then in the 20th century the high jump style was pioneered by Michael Sweeney who immigrated from Ireland to America. Around 1895, Michael Sweeney managed to jump as high as 1.97 meters. Back then, he used the eastern cutaway style, in which he assumes a scissor-like stance but elongates his back and lies flat on the bar. There is another American named George Horin who developed an effective jumping technique called the Western Roll technique. This technique allowed Horin to clear a 2.01 m stem in 1912.

Over the next four decades, American and Soviet athletes pioneered the development of the straddle technique. In 1956, Charles Dumas became the first person to use the straddle technique. The jump reaches a height of 2.13 meters. Then John Thomas broke the world record in 1960 by jumping 2.23 meters.

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Valery Brumel ended up holding the record for the next four years with a jump of 2.28 meters. Brummel also won a gold medal at the 1964 Olympics. Athletes from Brummel began to develop the high jump sport. During this time there are various styles in the high jump, including scissor style, side roll style, flop style, and straddle style.

In high jump sports, all athletes try to jump as high as possible. Dick Fosbury is the name of a man who revolutionized the sport of high jumping when he chose a different approach to jumping. Prior to the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, all high jumpers jumped by rolling forward or sideways. Dick Fosbury changed that traditional view when he won an Olympic gold medal by jumping forwards and backwards.

This extreme method was learned by all high jumpers in the world after Fosbury’s success at the 1968 Olympics. Since Vladimir Yashchenko set the world record in the straddle with a height of 2.34 m in 1978, all world high jump champions have used Fozbury’s failure. Scoring style. world record. The best high jump record was achieved in 1993 by Javier Sotomayor from Cuba with a record height of 2.45 meters.

The high jump track consists of a running track, bars and a landing area. The running track is used as a starter before jumping. The running track used for the start is not less than 15 meters. This line cannot go up or down. The slope should be as small as possible. While the place used for bouncing must be flat and cannot be tilted. The bar is the lower limit that the athlete must cross in the high jump.

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Under IAAF rules, the bars used for the high jump must use blocks made of non-metallic fibers. This rule is used to prevent injury when athletes jump and touch the bar. The rod is mounted on a bracket and several holes are drilled to hold the rod at the desired height. The drop zone is where landing is permitted after the jump. The landing area must not be less than 5 meters long and 3 meters wide.

It can be made of anything as long as it is strong and sturdy. The distance between the two pillars is 3.98 – 4.02 m.

The landing is made of foam 60 cm high, which must not be smaller than 3 x 5 m. The mattress is 10-20 cm high again closed on top of the mattress.

Like other sports, this sport also has basic techniques that must be mastered by athletes. Here are 4 basic high jump techniques:

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The first basic high jump technique is the prefix technique. Most high jumpers do this by practicing the kickoff technique. According to their strategy, they start from running at low speed to a certain speed so they can jump well.

Another basic high jump technique is the bouncing technique. This technique is done by using one of the strongest legs so that the body jumps high and over the bar. When one leg bounces/jumps, the other leg swings so that the jump is successful over the bar.

The next basic high jump technique is the flying technique. Swimming here means when the body position begins to rise above the bar. At this stage, the athlete may apply force (as described above) to help propel the body over the bar.

The last basic high jump technique is the landing technique. This technique is a technique where the body passes over the bar and falls onto the mat. There are 2 landing techniques that are most often used, namely landing with both feet and landing with the body.

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Belly roll is one of the high jump styles where the body lies face down to cross the bar. The characteristics of doing a belly roll start with the initial movement, jumping or standing, holding the body on the bar, and landing. Initially the jumper takes a step from the front of the bar or 5 or 7 steps from the back bar, step 5 or 7 with the left foot or one step from the fulcrum stepping onto the rebound block.

In the last three to five steps to stand, the jumper must prepare his feet to bounce optimally, so that he can lift his body up. The bounce starts at the heel, continues down the sole and ends at the toes, which is done quickly and accurately. When the point of weight is above the kicking leg, the ankle is pushed straight up as fast as possible, the body is leaned back until the body weight rests on the back leg (swinging leg) and the body cannot rotate the bar. Have formed. From the moment the initial foot is released to over the bar.

The position of the body above the bar is after the feet are above the bar, the position of the body is under the bar, with the hips higher than the back. Kick by bending your leg from the knee to the side. Meanwhile, with the head bent under the bar, the body will fall towards the landing point. When landing or falling, the right leg and arm are hit first, if supported by the left foot, then roll, that is, backwards, along the arm and ending at the shoulder and back of the body. ,

The side flip is the style in which the jumper pushes off with the foot closest to the bar. The way to do this is to have the jumper first start from a bar position at an angle between 35° and 45° or take a side stance. For example, if a jumper takes off on his left foot, the start will be on the child’s side. The distance to the prefix depends on the jumper itself, whether it is three-phase, five-phase, seven-phase, etc. Usually adjusted to the height of the bar to be jumped over.

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One thing to note is that the last three steps must be done in long, fast strides. Second, jump as high as you can to lift or lift your whole body up into the air as high as you can. Take off with the foot closest to the bar. Third, the swing leg (right leg) reaches maximum height. Swing or lift the kicking leg (left leg) as fast as possible and rotate the body to the left at the same time until the body changes position (lay down). It’s like sleeping on your side parallel to the bar. The body is rolled over the bar to the left, allowing the bouncing leg to rest against the body and the swing leg to straighten. Fourth, after rebounding past the leg bar, immediately lower it if necessary with the help of both hands with body posture.

Scissors is the oldest high jump style in the world. The style emerged in the 19th century with the appearance of the athletics high jump at the Scottish Olympics. In this style, the movement of jumping, swinging, and positioning the legs across the bar moves like scissors. The scissor style begins with a jump that comes from the strongest leg reflection and is continued with a swing with the other leg when the body reaches the bar so that finally both legs and the whole body are thrown over the bar at a certain height. do. This scissor style was later perfected by Michael Sweeney, and the difference lies in the prefixes for these. In the classic scissor style, the jump style is done by squatting and the body position is in front of the bar, while Sweeney changes it to a supine position in a standing position.

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