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Another word for ornamental variety is

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Another word for ornamental variety is – Hello friends, in this article we will discuss geometric decorations. Not only discussing the meaning but also the types or types, characteristics and some examples. If you want to find out more about this, it is recommended to listen to the discussion of this article until it’s finished. So here’s the discussion.

Motifs or decorations are the basic forms of decoration which are usually repeated to form certain patterns in works of art or crafts. Jewelry can be produced through processes such as drawing, printing, sculpting, etc. to increase the value and quality of a work of art or goods. The purpose of making this decoration is to fill in the blanks on the surface of a part or a work of art.

Another word for ornamental variety is

Geometric ornaments are decorations that use various line elements. Starting from straight lines, spirals, curves, zigzags and various parts such as rectangles, circles, rectangles and other shapes which are also the basic shapes of shapes. This is the oldest art form in ornamental jewelry. This is because it was first known from prehistoric times. The geometric figures themselves are developed from simple to complex patterns of repeating points, lines and sections.

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3. If it is used as a decorative object or finished work, it is included in the category of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art.

4. This decoration has many applications in batik, weaving, embroidery, embroidery, temples, buildings, etc.

In addition to certain characteristics, this decoration is also different in the archipelago. Well, some of these types are:

This motif is usually found on wall hangings or clothes made of woven fabric with embroidered or batik motifs.

Kuis_07 Sadulur Patat Five Pancer Page All

This motif is a motif whose main object is a geometric rhombus image. This motif is commonly found in home decoration ornaments, wall hangings and some types of clothing as well.

This figure is a one-sided geometric figure whose basic forms are points, lines and aesthetic shapes. Usually worn or found on women’s clothing or dresses. They are often found in wall hangings.

This motif is a geometric motif that uses a bow as the main object in the embodiment of the motif. This form is usually used as a form of power.

This motif has a simple geometric shape but is widely used as decoration because it is characterized by simplicity. This motif is often found in various kinds of textiles., JAKARTA – Ornaments are the basic forms of decoration which usually form repeating patterns in works of art or crafts. Patterns in decoration are often used as a reference for making decorative designs.

Various decorative wall ornaments found in the cupola of Sultan Sulaiman’s tomb are located in the Astana Sunan Gunung Jati complex

The use of decorative patterns aims to fill voids in the material with the aim of increasing and adding to the aesthetic value of the object or product.

Figure decoration can be done with stylization (stylizing). This includes simplification of shape and deformation.

The basic forms of decoration can be inspired by flora, fauna, figurative and other geometric shapes, which can be applied to two-dimensional or three-dimensional works of art.

As you know, flora is a collection of plants. Botanical decoration means decoration with natural objects inspired by pictures of plants or plants.

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Various animal ornaments are decorations inspired by animals or animal image objects. All kinds of animals can be used as motifs in decorations, deformed or stylized, but leaving their original form.

The basic forms of human ornaments are stylized to produce beautiful decorative motifs. Figurative decoration refers to the inspiration of the shape of the human figure in whole or in part.

Geometric decoration is the development of geometric shapes involving lines, angles, planes and space. The lines formed can be straight, curved, spiral or zig-zag.

There are also spheres, such as circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and kites. These lines and planes combine to produce a beautiful geometric ornament.

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4. Angled decorative patterns form a triangular pattern and usually have different decorative shapes that match the existing decorative shapes.

5. Combined ornamental pattern is a centralized ornamental pattern, the form of a stand-alone pattern, and usually a combination of several ornaments and forms a new decoration.

6. Regular ornamental patterns are made from the same plan and pattern, the arrangement of which is a repetition of the previous form with the same shape.

7. Irregular decorative patterns, this pattern is more varied because it contains many different motifs and does not follow a pattern of balanced proportions and composition.

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VIDEO: Don’t want to be wasteful, Shin Tae-yong Prepares the Player’s Mentality in the Third Game of the 2022 AFC Cup Against Thailand Usually, decorations are repetitive patterns that are created in a work of art. Decorative arts are intended to fill the surface void of a work.

The existence of this art component also serves to beautify the work of art. Various embellishments on a work can increase its selling price, as quoted

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Decorative variety is an art form that is rooted in the identity of the Indonesian nation. Therefore, decorations or ornaments can be found in traditional homes, living rooms, modern buildings, textile products.

Geometry patterns include lines, angles, planes, and space. The lines created can be straight, curved, spiral or zig-zag. While the fields in geometric decorations can be circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and kites. These lines and planes are then combined into geometric shapes.

The geometric decoration is said to be the oldest decoration because it has been developing since prehistoric times. Examples that have developed in the archipelago include Seplokan, Kaung, Pilin, Tumpal and Meander.

Various floral ornaments in the Guastian text contain poems by the artist Michelangelo with German translations. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Flower decoration uses plant or floral motifs, as the name implies. Floral motifs can be made according to the original or can be developed with imagination.

Types of ornamental plants can be found all over the world, including Indonesia, such as batik, carvings, embroidered fabrics, embroidered woven fabrics, wayang arts or in traditional homes. Examples of ornamental plants include pepatran, ketustan, ketuswanga (large blooming flowers and wide leaves), tuwung ketusan (twisted and repeated eggplant flowers), and ketusbun-bunan (creeping or creeping).

Examples of decorative fauna and flora in Dayak Lundeh longhouse ornaments. This decoration is dominated by fern and horn motifs in Setulang Tourism Village, South Malinau District, Malinau Regency, North Kalimantan Province. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/John Nindito Adisuryo

Animal decoration in the form of animals such as birds, lions, elephants and fish. Various ornamental animals are also often combined with plants so that many different motifs can be displayed.

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For example, to draw an ornament with a bird motif, students can make a contour image of a bird in a certain pose as a model for drawing ornaments. Then draw or create more motifs by completing the pattern. Finish the image by filling the area with an interesting color.

Figurative decoration uses people as objects. To make figurative decorations, artists will imitate the shape of the human body from head to toe, then position the human in a certain pose or style.

Figurative decoration can also be added with other motifs such as flora to add to the beauty of the work. This decoration can be done in two-dimensional or two-dimensional forms such as paintings and drawings. In addition, artists can also create their own three-dimensional designs, such as statues or masks.

The rich flora and fauna of each area inspires different decorations in different places. Different types of cultural decoration can be seen from the shape of buildings or traditional house architecture to traditional clothing. What decorations you often find in works of art, decorations are also called ornaments. There are many interesting types and decorative motifs to explore. Especially if you have a very big interest in art. However, what exactly is decoration? Come on, see more information about decoration in this article.

The unique motifs are typical regional batik motifs in Indonesia, from Semarang to Madura

As mentioned above, decorations are also known as ornaments. Quoting from the Learning Resources page of the Ministry of Education and Culture, decoration is a work of art that depicts the artist’s imagination, ideas and creativity, which is then captured as a decorative image.

The shape of the decoration can also be very diverse. Ranging from painting, carving, sculpture to weaving. So don’t be surprised if you can find these ornaments or ornaments in a variety of interesting forms.

Flower decoration is a type of decoration that uses the form of flora or plants as the main form of an object. The description of this flower decoration can be natural or stylized according to the concept that the artist wants to convey.

Fauna decoration is a decoration that uses the form of animals or animals depicted as animals in ornaments, most of which are arranged in compositions or patterns. This means that naturalized animals are rare.

Azulejo Ceramic Tile Crochet Pattern, Azulejo, Rectangle, Others Png

Geometric ornaments are decorative motifs that develop from geometric shapes arranged according to the artist’s imagination. This type of decoration was developed from the repetition of dots, lines and planes.

Figurative or human decoration is a form of decoration that uses human objects in various forms of style. This type of jewelry has many elements that can be combined or separated. Definition of Ornamental Variety Every work of art has a uniqueness and beauty that can be enjoyed. Likewise with works of art in the form of handicrafts. Crafts or handicrafts usually have beautiful decorations. decor

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