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Apk Live Korea Mod Show is the most barbaric and totally free

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Watch the full video of Apk Live Korea Mod Show is the most barbaric and totally free

Every country certainly has a mainstay live streaming application as entertainment such as APK Live Korea. Many are looking for applications like this because we can watch it whenever we want.

Previously, we had shared popular free live apks such as live streaming applications from local to foreign countries such as the Vietnamese live bar bar APK. But due to the many requests for Korean free live APK, we will share it.

Moreover, many who like Korean things. So it’s not just Korean dramas or music, but applications live streaming it also turns out that there are many devotees and this is what you can find in this discussion.

Recommended APK Live Korea MOD Unlock All Bar Bar

As you have seen before, the Korean free live apk is one that most users have come across besides the Japanese live bar bar APK which is quite popular lately.

The fact is that there are quite a lot of applications and you can find them easily on the list that we have provided. So you won’t take long to get it.

Apart from that, there are other additions that will make you feel at home using this application, namely the MOD feature. That way users can maximize their potential and can watch as much as they like.

Swago Live


In the first place is the Swago Live application, and maybe you don’t know about this free Korean live apk. Although not known to many other users, we can download this application on the Play Store.

There will be no difficulties even though this application is included in the Korean live show mod apk category. You can still do login using Facebook and Google accounts.

When you first register this application, you will get 200 coins. You can use these coins to do anything, including watching live streaming on room locked.

You are really lucky enough to get this application officially. However, we will still share the MOD version which is really useful for those of you who want to get free premium viewing.

This application is global and you can find it host popular and newest. It’s not uncommon for us to find host from abroad like Korea that you have been waiting for all this time.

App Name Swago Live
Size 16 MB
Developer/ Publisher Muh Achsan
OS Requirement Android 5.0+

843.TV Live


Many say that this app is a Korean free live apk that quite a lot of users want. If you find a live mod apk with a number name, it means you won’t find this application on the Play Store.

Applications like this are quite difficult for us to find, even when we already know the name. we need extra hard work to find the download link.

Basis host What you can find in this application is East Asia. Of course, we will have no trouble finding hosts in this application even though there are many hosts from China predominately.

If you see, this application has many advantages and very complete features. We shouldn’t be surprised by overseas live apk like this and this is what makes it so interesting.

As we suspect, you can open this application without having to login. Of course this is very profitable for those who have difficulty login as an immigrant from abroad.

One of the downsides of an app like this is the language the app uses. Usually the language they use does not use a global language such as English.

App Name 843.TV Live
Version 1.3.4
Size 49 MB
Developer/ Publisher 843.TV Live Inc
OS Requirement Android 5.0+

Bigo Live


Surprisingly, this application that many of you may already know is also a Korean live apk. You will find the user or host around the world including Korea itself.

How could it not be, applications that are included in the Global application category have been widely reached in various parts of the world. Many users from Korea prefer this application because it is very busy.

With its popularity, Bigo Live is a very promising money-making application for users host. Of course, users who watch in this application are very busy and have the potential to earn more money.

Of the many features that are very complete and are the mainstay of the application, you might want the MOD feature which you can get easily. We already have a version Unlimited Coin it here.

If you want to find a host from that country, we recommend that you use a VPN specifically for Korea so that you can find it easily. From the search, you will be surprised by the amount host from Korea.

When else can watch live streaming Korean easily like this from a trusted application. Besides that, there are also many bar acts that they do for you.

App Name Bigo Live
Version 5.29.2
Size 69 MB
Developer/ Publisher Bigo Technology Pte Ltd
OS Requirement Android 5.0+
Link Download Click here

K8 Live APK


K8 Live APK is one of the rarest Korean live apps today. You will really have a hard time finding the app because it is not available in official Stores like the Play Store.

As the name implies, K8 live is specifically for users from that country. You can find tons of hosts, friends and more.

You can watch everything they have casually and of course you can chat. The fact is that apps like this don’t support access login from another country.

Even so it’s not quite a problem because we can still watch room VIP which is in this application. Watch all of their most talented acts from singing, dancing, games and more.

Apart from that, you can also find amazing contests that many users can participate in. Of course you can compete with other users including host itself.

If you find it difficult to get the application, we have provided the download link that you need right now. Don’t worry, this application is compatible with old phones.

App Name K8 Live APK
Version 1.0.3
Size 31 MB
Developer/ Publisher Paul Lum
OS Requirement Android 5.0+

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V Live


With the popularity of Korea, many are looking for things related to this country, including applications live streaming this is quite famous. The V Live APK application is a platform that is currently being hit.

Not only local Korean users can watch it, users from other countries like us can also do it as long as we can install the application.

We are sure that users from the Korean country will be surprised by the presence of users from other countries. Therefore, room from the host will be more crowded than usual.

Just like some of the previous applications, this V Live application will certainly be difficult for us to use because of the official language used. There is no translator or a translation we can rely on.

However, you won’t have any trouble using it because the menu isn’t too different from other applications. Apart from that, this application is also available in the MOD version of the VIP unlock room which you can get on the link that we have provided.

App Name V Live APK
Version 5.5.7
Size 52 MB
Developer/ Publisher Weverse Company Inc
OS Requirement Android 5.0+
Link Download Click here

Panda Live


Panda live is not a viewing only app live streaming Korea, but an application that users can install globally. Of course, many users around the world use the application.

One of the users interested in being host in this application are girls from Korea who have beautiful and smooth faces. That way users around the world will use this app just for the sake of host the.

Apart from that, users can also play fun games as well as other modes like VCS random to get closer to the Korean woman.

Because this application can be accessed globally, of course there will be no problems with logging in to this application. This is a good opportunity to express various opinions or others in the comments column.

In addition, the official language available in this application is also very beneficial for many users. Specifically this app uses English as language default the application.

App Name Panda Live
Version 1.0.22
Size 65 MB
Developer/ Publisher Spike Limited
OS Requirement Android 5.0+

Naver Live


In the next place as one of the Korean live apks that you can get is Naver Live which is platform most popular in the country.

Naver Live is not just an application that provides content like a Youtube application in general. But we can watch several types of shows such as Live shows where we can meet our idols.

Moreover, many are busy using this application so chat room will be full of comments from the audience. This is the center of various spectacles in Korea.

Specifically live streamingthere are many caster popular that you can find in this application. As a result we can see activities starting to sing, dance or just entertain us all with their actions.

Don’t worry, this app is available on the Play Store for free. However, you can get the MOD version on the link that we have shared. So we can enjoy all content live streaming for free in this app.

App Name Naver Live
Version 5.3.1
Size 31 MB
Developer/ Publisher Naver Corp
OS Requirement Android 5.0+

Waggle Live


The last application to close the APK Live Korea list this time goes to Waggle Live. Don’t be surprised if you really don’t know about this one application because it’s quite rare for many people to hear about it.

The fact is that this application is a platform originating from South Korea that can show content live show which greatly entertained many users.

Besides that a lot host beautiful with the characteristics of clean and smooth white skin will make us excited to watch them. Don’t worry if you can’t find this application, because we will provide it here.

App Name Waggle Live
Version 1.2.4
Size 36 MB
Developer/ Publisher Iris Corporation
OS Requirement Android 5.0+

Link Download: HERE

To be honest, we didn’t have high hopes for some of the apps above. The fact is that the application provides a complete viewing of Korean hosts.

As a final point, you can get more live bar bar apk only on our website.

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