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Auzu Billahi Minash Shaitan Rajeem Bismillah Rahman Rahim

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Auzu Billahi Minash Shaitan Rajeem Bismillah Rahman Rahim – Basmala is an Arabic expression spoken by Muslims on various occasions every day. It is a powerful word that complements our actions and adds great reward and abundance to all who follow it.

Read on to find out what Basmalah means, how to write it in Arabic, and the benefits of regular chanting.

Auzu Billahi Minash Shaitan Rajeem Bismillah Rahman Rahim

Muslims often utter this short phrase when starting any important task, and some see it as a cornerstone of Islam.

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This saying is so beautiful and simple that all but one chapter of the Qur’an begins with it.

Basmala is an Islamic expression “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem”​​​​which means by mentioning the name of Almighty and Merciful God.

Basmala means reading Basmala. Arabic has a tradition of shortening commonly used phrases from a few words.

However, no matter how the Arabic to English transliteration is written, it is not the words or the spelling that is important, but what is in our hearts and how we act in the world.

Bismillah In Arabic Text

If you can’t pronounce the term correctly, this video clip can help you say the complete bismillah smoothly because it contains the correct Bismillah Rahman Rahim pronunciation.

This expression is truly ideal to be expressed from the heart, ideals that lead us to the holy goal, the purpose of life that is given to us.

Saying Bismillah when starting a good deed is mustahab. If we do this, Allah will increase the good in this business and make it abundant.

Before starting to eat, if we forget to say it, it’s better to say it at the beginning.

Auzu Billahi Minash Shaitan Rajeem Bismillah Rahman Rahim…. Youtube Info

In short, we must make it a habit to say Bismillah before starting work. To say that you have good qualities.

The main idea here is that everything we do, every step we take, every breath we take is for the sake of our creator essence.

We didn’t put in the work, we didn’t create chances and we didn’t reap the fruits of our actions.

We ourselves are powerless. The Creator has given us life and the ability to move, think and feel, but we are completely dependent on the Creator for the essence of life.

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Therefore, this beautiful word bismillah is a beautiful reminder of our relationship with our Creator and our relationship with all creatures.

Simply put, bismillah expresses our feelings of awe, awe and gratitude, while expressing another prayer, on the one hand, blessing other moments of life, walking the path of truth and understanding.

Saying Bismillah means humbly presenting oneself for one’s dignity and greatness.

These two terms express the nature of Rahman and Rahim. Although it is often translated as compassionate and compassionate, the root of the word points to a deeper meaning.

Bismillahirrohmanirrohim’s writing: reading and pronunciation

Both Rahman and Rahim come from the Semitic root rhm, which provides protection and sustenance and represents the most refined creation.

Therefore, Rahman and Rahim represent the feelings of compassion, love, protection and nurturing, as well as representing the way out from the source of all love.

There are many hadiths that emphasize the merits and benefits of a person who does not forget to draw basmalah.

“When one of you eats, he should say ‘Bismillah’. If he forgets first, he must say ‘Bismillah fi Evwalihi wa Ahirih’ (with Allah’s name at the beginning and at the end).” Reference: Cami et-Tirmidhi 1858

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In closing, we ask Allah to bless us as we recite Bismillah before starting our meal.

I heard Rasulullah (saw) say: “If someone chants the name of Allah after entering his house or eating, Satan calls his followers:

“You won’t find a place to spend the night and a place to eat dinner.” But if he enters without mentioning the name of Allah, satan (his disciple) says; “You have found a place to spend the night and if he does not mention the name of Allah while eating, Satan says: “You have found a place to spend the night. . “'[Muslim] is Riyad Salihin.

The most familiar name of God, everything happens by God’s will.

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It means compassionate. Allah is Most Gracious and humans can only advance or succeed with His grace.

We start all our actions in the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Merciful, without forgetting that everything is for Him. We begin in God’s name with the hope that we will be successful, respected, and blessed.

By saying “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim” you consciously expect God to be with you in every action, speech, or deed you want to do.

Saying Bismillah when opening or closing windows keeps jinns away from your home.

Ul-Khair verse

One of the main points of debate about whether or not a dish, especially meat, is appropriate when you go to a restaurant is how the animal is slaughtered.

Does the Sharia rule about killing an animal kill it? More importantly, does the butcher say “Bismillah” before killing the animal?

This promise exists not only because of the protection it provides, but also because it compels us to strengthen our faith in our Creator.

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