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Background, Characters & Results

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Immaku.com this time we will discuss the Hooge Veluwe Negotiations – Diplomatic activities which are one of the many strategies implemented to protect the Indonesian state and national sovereignty.

Within these negotiations were further negotiations between the people of Indonesia and the Netherlands on 14-25 April 1946 in the Dutch city of Hooge Valuwe. What is negotiation in the Hooge Veluwe?

In this discussion, we will discuss briefly and clearly. Come on… Read the full explanation as follows.

Pengertian Hooge Veluwe

Perundingan Hooge Veluwe

The meaning of the Hooge Veluwe Negotiations is as a continuation of discussions based on an agreement between Sjahrir and Van Mook.

The agreement was recorded in the Indonesian Government’s counter-movement on 27 March 1946. The agreement took place from 14 to 21 April 1946 in Hooge Veluwe (Netherlands).

The departure of the Indonesian delegation on April 4, 1946 with the Dutch Airlines KLM aircraft. From the Netherlands, apart from Sultan Hamid (Sultan Pontianak), Van Mook, Dr. Indenburg (Cabinet Secretary), and Sario Santoso (KNIL Colonel).

The Background that Initiated the Hooge Veluwe Negotiations

Changes to the climate in Vietnam’s politics actually made Van Mook think about Vietnam and France, which then reached an agreement that made Vietnam an independent state under the authority of the Indochinese Federation.

So Van Mook also made a personal suggestion that Indonesia agree to become the representative of Java to form a free state within the Dutch Empire.

On March 27, 1946, Syahrir responded to Van Mook’s proposal in the form of a contract which was the concept of a contract. The following are the main contents of the concept, including:

  • The government within the Netherlands recognizes the full sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia over the islands of Java and Sumatra.
  • RIS, together with Suriname, the Netherlands and Curaçao, became a member of the State under the control of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • The two parties together formed the United Republic of Indonesia (RIS).

In reaching this proposal, the two parties, represented by Syahrir from Indonesia and Van Mook representing the Netherlands, also took part in Archibald Clark Kerr as the mediator for the meeting.

Figures in the Negotiations

The negotiation was a further negotiation between the people of Indonesia and the Netherlands. This agreement, which was concluded in the town of Hooge Valuwe, contains the concept of Dutch recognition of the sovereignty of the Indonesian people over the territories of Java and Sumatra.

The following are some of the delegates participating in the negotiations at the Hooge Veluwe, including the Indonesian party, represented by:

  • Dr. Sudarsono (Minister of Home Affairs).
  • Mr. Suwandi (Minister of Justice).
  • Mr. AK Pringgodigdo (Cabinet Secretary).

The representatives of the Netherlands who have sent their representatives include:

  • Dr. Van Mook.
  • Prof. Logemann.
  • Dr. Idenburgh.
  • Prof. Van Asbeck.
  • Dr. Van Royen.
  • Sultan Hamid II.
  • N. St Pamuncak and Rm Setyajid (members of the Dutch parliament).
  • Maruto Darusman (Association of Indonesia).
  • Surio Santosa Colonel KNIL.

In the negotiations that will take place in the town of Hooge Veluwe indeed stalled. This was because the Netherlands was not even ready to reject the agreement reached between Van Mook, Sjahrir and Archibald Clark Kerr.

Results of the Hooge Veluwe Negotiations

By not recognizing the existence of an actual sovereignty of the Indonesian people over Java and Sumatra.

However, the Netherlands only recognized the existence of popular sovereignty over Indonesian territory over the islands of Java and Madura and areas previously under the Allied population.

In the midst of worsening relations between the people of Indonesia and the Netherlands, Van Mook returned on May 2, 1946, with a proposal to the Indonesian government. There are several trees:

  • The Dutch government was prepared to de facto recognize the Indonesian nation over the islands of Java, Madura and Sumatra, except for areas controlled by British and Dutch troops. (Confederation).
  • Indonesia, Commonwealth Association, Indonesia is another Dutch Commonwealth such as the Netherlands, Curacao and Suriname which will become part of a Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • The Dutch government has recognized the Republic of Indonesia as part of the Commonwealth of Nations (gemebeast)namely the Republic of Indonesia as an association or trade union.

In this negotiation, the continuation of the discussion was based on an agreement between Sjahrir and Van Mook.

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That’s all for this review that we can convey clearly and briefly regarding the Hooge Veluwe Negotiations. Hopefully this review can be useful and useful for all of you.

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