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Bandung Umr Salary in 2022 and 27 West Java Regencies

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Salary Umr Bandung
Salary Umr Bandung

Bandung umr salary-You certainly aspire and hope to work in a large company with a large salary and according to the age in which you work.

As an employee, of course you want a wage/salary that is in accordance with your work responsibilities. Especially for those of you who are in the Bandung area, do you already know the minimum wage and follow government regulations regarding the provision of salaries for employees in the Bandung area?

But talking about regional minimum wages (UMR), which is a special topic for employees and laborers, but do you know how to calculate the Umr? So before we discuss about the size of the Umr Bandung salary. It’s good for you to understand or see first what is meant by Umr.

What is UMR?

The regional minimum wage (UMR) is the lowest nominal salary/wages that must be used as a benchmark for employers or companies in paying the salaries/wages of workers in their companies. The purpose of setting minimum wages/salaries by the government is to provide a wage system that can meet the decent living needs of workers/employees and their families.

The minimum wage is not only valid in the territory of Indonesia. Each region has different salary/wages standards, it seems for example that DKI Jakarta’s minimum wage is higher than DI Yogyakarta’s minimum wage, or Karawang’s minimum wage is higher than Surabaya’s minimum wage. In other words, each region has a standard that applies to minimum wages.

The UMR itself is the minimum or lowest wage that applies to one area, namely one district or one city. Companies operating in an area are required to provide or adjust their lowest wage to the UMR in that area.

However, since the decision of the minister of manpower to revise the articles in Permenaker No 01 of 1999, the term UMR is no longer used in minimum wage regulations. The Kepmenaker mentions several changes, namely:

  1. Level I UMR changed to Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP)
  2. Level II UMR changed to District/City Minimum Wage (UMK)
  3. The UMP and UMK are determined by the governor, no longer by the minister
  4. A review of the UMP and UMK is carried out once a year, no longer 2 years
  5. UMP and UMK take effect January 1
  6. The UMP is set no later than 60 days before the UMP takes effect, or November 1
  7. The UMK is determined no later than 40 days before the UMK takes effect, or 20 November

Furthermore, the Labor Law No. 13 of 2003 and PP Wages No. 78 2015, using the terms UMP and UMK which have been in effect until now. Thus the difference between UMR and UMP/UMK is the authority to determine, the wage review period, and the calculation of the increase.

In contrast to the Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) which is set by the minister on the recommendation of the Wage Research Commission and Social Security of the Regional Employment Council after receiving the recommendation of the governor, Provincial minimum wage (UMP) and Municipal minimum wage (UMK) determined by the governor, based on decent living needs with regard to productivity and economic growth.

Bandung’s Economic Potential

Not infrequently every year the average salary for the Bandung area has increased and has changed every year, of course this is due to adjustments to the growth of the people in the region.

And the government finally carried out several mechanisms by standardizing the umr with all considerations from several aspects such as economic and trade conditions.

The large and small trade sector has become one of the largest contributing sectors to the economy of the city of Bandung in the last decade. The figure for the growth in the production value of this sector grew quite positively and well at 7% per year with contributions that tended to be stable in the range of 23-24 percent. In terms of market share at the provincial level, this sector controlled 23 percent market share, as well as the highest in West Java in 2019.

Payroll UMR Bandung 2021

Banjar City Rp 1,831,884
Cianjur Regency Rp 2,534,798
Cirebon regency Rp 2,196,416
Cirebon City Rp 2,219,487
Sukabumi City Rp 2,530,182
Tasikmalaya City Rp 2,264,093
Bekasi Regency Rp 4,498,961
Kuningan District Rp 1,882,642
Garut Regency Rp 1,961,085
Majalengka regency Rp 1,944,166
Bandung Rp 3,623,778
Bogor Regency Rp 4,083,670
Tasikmalaya Regency Rp 2,251,787
Ciamis Regency Rp 1,880,654
Pangandaran Regency Rp 1,860,591
Indramayu Regency Rp 2,297,931
Bandung district Rp 3,139,275
West Bandung Regency Rp 3,145,427
Sumedang District Rp 3,139,275
Cimahi City Rp 3,139,274
City of Depok Rp 4,202,105
Bogor city Rp 4,169,806
Sukabumi Regency Rp 3,028,531
Bekasi city Rp 4,589,708
Karawang Regency Rp 4,594,324
Purwakarta Regency Rp 4,039,067
subang regency Rp 2,965,468

Basis for Determination of UMR and UMK Salaries for Employees

To make an employee salary decision, in-depth research is certainly needed so that later both parties can work well together and there will be no misunderstandings in the future. The reference is from the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) which has conducted field research regarding Decent Living Needs.

In the research for Decent Living Needs, this will be determined as an additional aspect to obtain salary/wages eligibility according to the minimum wage and minimum wage standards. That can be seen from various things such as housing or housing needs, education, clothing and food needs to health, vehicles and so on.

Besides that, there are also other aspects in the form of physical needs and minimum life. If an employee works at a lower level, his needs and welfare will be low. Then, it can be seen from the purchasing power of his employees. Therefore, determining the eligibility salary is negotiated according to the policies and decisions of the company.

Specifications of UMR Salary

From the existence of government decree No. 07 of 1990 shows that the UMR Salary is divided into three types. First, it contains the main or basic salary. That is, the conditions are also accepted by reviewing from the aspect of position and professional model that has been mutually agreed upon between the employee and the company.

The second point is regarding the main assistance coming from the company. Generally intended for employees who are already married. And in the form of allowances for children, wife, vehicle costs when you work or hold meetings outside the office. Subsequent affairs are paid at once per month.

then for the third point is in the form of assistance outside of the basic salary. Most are like the cost of eating workers. The method of recitation can be done at any time or at the same time. For example, you can be paid on a daily or weekly basis. Because the need is not as crucial as the others.

There are 5 types of variations that you can understand from the Bandung UMR salary and the Bandung UMK salary. Namely through the regulations of the Permenaker, Provincial Government, Regional Government or also on the Gajikaryawan.com blog regarding details of employees who receive minimum wages or UMR salaries.


That’s the article that immaku.com can provide, I hope this information is useful for you and we pray that your salary will increase this year and your position will be even better at your workplace.

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