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Benefits of Sweet Matoa Fruit, which has a myriad of benefits

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Have you heard about the benefits of matoa fruit? The Matoa tree is one of the native plants of Indonesia.

In its place of origin, matoa is even used as a traditional medicine because it provides health benefits. What is matoa fruit?

The nutritional content of matoa fruit

The matoa fruit (pometia pinnata) is a tropical plant that remains in the family with the lychee and longan. Plants that can reach eighteen meters in height are found in Papua, Fiji and several Asian countries.

Inside the thin and hard skin, there is a white fruit with a chewy texture similar to rambutan. Uniquely, the taste of the matoa fruit is said to resemble a mixture of lychee and durian. This fruit also has a distinctive aroma.

Research studying the nutritional content of matoa fruit is still very limited. However, it is known that this fruit is rich in vitamins C and E, which are antioxidants. Like lychee and longan, matoa also has a high water and mineral content.

Matoa may also contain typical plant compounds like other fruits. Several studies also mention the content of antibacterial substances in this unique fruit.

Benefits of matoa fruit

Thanks to its high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, matoa fruit is believed to provide the following properties.

Helps meet the needs of vitamins and minerals

One of the reasons why you should try matoa fruit is because it contains a wide variety of nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals. The fruit, also known as Fijian longan, is rich in vitamins C and E, which can ward off free radicals.

Vitamin C is also useful for maintaining the immune system. Meanwhile, the benefits of vitamin E are good for skin health and male fertility. The consistency of this chewy fruit contains several minerals such as calcium and potassium.

Helps prevent chronic disease

Another benefit that you can get from consuming quinoa is reducing the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. This is because matoa is rich in tannins, which are antioxidants.

Antioxidants act against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are actually a common reaction in body cells. However, this reaction causes damage to many cells that can lead to chronic disease.

Even so, the benefits of this matoa fruit still need further research. The reason is, experts do not know how much tannins should be consumed so that free radicals are not produced in the body.

Effective in fighting infectious diseases

Matoa fruit is also useful in fighting infectious diseases. From Semantic Scholar, a study conducted in Bogor, West Java, showed that these findings could inhibit the development of bacteria that cause respiratory and urinary tract infections.

This effectiveness may come from the antioxidant and antibacterial properties contained in matoa bark extract. In that study, it was observed that the antibacterial properties of matoa peel were effective against E. Brady, S. aureus and B. cereus bacteria.

Research on the benefits of matoa fruit flesh itself is still limited. Even so, experts reveal that it is not impossible that one day matoa fruit will become a source of natural ingredients for antibiotics.

Blood pressure drop

Another unexpected property of matoa fruit is that it helps control blood pressure. In fact, not only the pulp, extracts from the seeds and leaves are also proven to reduce high blood pressure.

Matoa Fruit Extract contains a substance that is diuretic, which increases the amount of fluid excreted from the body. When the body excretes more fluid (including from the blood vessels), blood pressure will gradually decrease.

A study from Bandung claims that matoa extract is able to remove excess water and salt through urine at a dose of 100 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. It will be especially useful for people prone to hypertension.

Matoa fruit not only has a unique taste, but is also rich in nutrients and benefits. All of these benefits still need to be studied further, but it never hurts to try to do them from time to time.

By tasting matoa fruit, at least you will get vitamins, minerals and fiber that are not inferior to other types of fruit.

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