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Best and Cheapest KYT, INK, NHK 2023

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Helm Half Face – Motorcyclists now regardless of age and gender. Then, the helmet has a very important role so that we can drive safely.

Helmets also function to protect our heads from collisions, and also avoid unwanted events. For motorcyclists it has become mandatory to wear a helmet when riding.

And also if the motorcyclist does not wear a helmet then he will be fined or followed up and penalized. Wearing a helmet is not only for obeying traffic rules, but also for the safety of the motorcyclist himself.


What we know, helmets are used to protect the heads of motorists from various collisions or from accidents while on the road. Now there are lots of the best helmet models and brands that you can choose from, namely full face and half face helmets, one of which we will discuss is the best type of half face helmet.

Most of the best half face helmets that we tell you are made by the best helmet brands such as NHK, GM, AGV, Shoei, Zeus and also INK. Where the brand has received the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

The best half face helmet will of course be a necessity, especially for engine friends who have daily activities riding their favorite motorbikes, motorbike engine friends, of course, helmets will always be needed.

By using a helmet, not only ensures the safety of the wearer’s head, the helmet is also chosen because it can make the appearance cooler. Not to forget, an affordable price is also a consideration for motorbike engine friends.

Departing from these three elements (safety, cool design and affordable price), at least by using this helmet which we will recommend below, you will get sufficient security on your head while driving.

In addition, you will also be able to appear more trendy because you use a helmet with a design that is so stunning. Then what are the recommendations from autoflik? The following is a list of recommendations that we can convey.

Helm Half Face

There are many brands of this type of Half Face helmet, which can be a choice for motorbike engine friends who are confused about finding the best half face helmet at an affordable price.

Helm INK

There are many reasons to buy an INK helmet. One of them is that it is of good quality and is made with a high level of precision which ensures the comfort of the wearer.

All types of INK helmets have also passed the Indonesian national standard (SNI) and there are several types that have received Department of Transportation (DOT) certificates. The result is that the INK helmet has proven its strength, and can protect the head perfectly when hit or fall from a motorbike.

INK Centro Jet Price Price INK CTR 700 N
helm-half-face helm-half-face
Rp. 349.000 Rp. 335.000
INK CX-220 Sport price INK CX 390 price
helm-half-face helm-half-face
Rp 320.000 Rp. 313.000
Harga INK T Max INK Enzo Price
helm-half-face helm-half-face
Rp. 475.000 Rp. 390.000

There are many choices of INK half face helmets. The price is also very affordable, because the average price for INK helmets is priced at 300 thousand. But there are some that are priced more expensive, such as the INK T-Max.

The price factor for the INK T-Max helmet which is quite expensive is that it has a Double Visor feature and is designed in a modern design that looks very luxurious. This helmet is also comfortable to wear, because it has thick, soft foam inside.

KYT helmet

KYT is now one of the best helmet brands in Indonesia which has met the Indonesian National Standard or SNI and DOT. This helmet also has very good quality, motorbike engine friends, we can even rely on it.

KYT doesn’t only present half face helmets, although for now there are lots of the best full face helmets that we can use, but some KYT half face helmets can also be used as safety when driving.

Moreover, to clean this KYT helmet is very easy and also fast, all motorbike engine friends can also just look at the list of selected KYT half face helmets below. As for the price of the KYT half face helmet, it is also priced at a very affordable price, motorbike engine buddy.

KYT Venom RR 2 Visor KYT Romeo Streamline
helm-half-face helm-half-face
Rp.400.000-500.000 Rp 320.000
KYT Kyoto Super Fluo KYT DJ Maru Green Flou
helm-half-face helm-half-face
Rp 365.000 Rp 325.000

Helm NHK

There are many types of NHK helmets that we can choose from. All of them have a modern design and are comfortable to use. Durability is also very good, so it can protect the head when you get into an accident and fall from the motorbike.

You don’t need to spend too much money to get the best NHK helmet. This is because the average price for NHK helmets is under 1 million Rupiah.

NHK Predator Single NHK Predator 2V
helm-half-face helm-half-face
Rp. 320.000 Rp. 499.000
NHK Predator Crypton NHK Reventor
helm-half-face helm-half-face
Rp. 410.000 Rp. 350.000
NHK Gladiator NHK Godzilla
helm-half-face helm-half-face
Rp. 349.000 Rp. 580.000
NHK Aviator NHK R1
helm-half-face helm-half-face
Rp. 335.000 Rp. 320.000

And that’s the review about the Half Face Helmet, I hope this article is useful for all engine friends, and it would be wonderful if all engine friends shared this article so that it can be reached by everyone, thank you.

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