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Best Education Insurance 2023 Top 5 in Indonesia

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The following is the best education insurance for children that can cover school fees from elementary to university. Please see more complete information at Immaku.com.

For those of you young parents or those of you who just now want to register education insurance for children, don’t choose the wrong insurance policy. This education insurance is very important for parents to guarantee their child’s school fees in the future.

If in the future it turns out that a parent has passed away and the child is still in school, then the insurance company will bear the child’s school fees because previously the parents had insured their children’s education.

Of course this type of insurance is very useful in the future and can be your savings too. If you are interested in having education insurance, then the discussion here is the right place to stop.

We will provide a list of the best education insurance in Indonesia that can cover the cost of educating children from elementary school to university with a variety of insurance policy products.

Can Education Insurance be Disbursed?


The type of insurance that has an important role in the future is education insurance. For information for readers, this education insurance is a combination of life insurance as well. Why so?

This education insurance provides many benefits for the policyholder. Although the ones who pay for this insurance are the parents, but the benefits are also felt by their children.

By registering children as education insurance policy holders, it means that the child’s education costs up to a high level are guaranteed. Parents no longer have to worry about child expenses when they are old.

Or at any time there is a bad incident that befalls the parents so that they do not pay for their children to go to school anymore. Then the cost of education will be borne by the insurance company.

That is what makes education insurance included in life insurance as well and the benefits can be felt by children. It is very important for parents who want to guarantee their child’s educational life in the future to list this education insurance.

Many also ask whether claims from education insurance can be disbursed in cash? Maybe you are also one of the people who are curious about this.

This children’s education insurance fund can be disbursed, but there are terms and conditions. Usually the amount of funds to be disbursed is in accordance with the child’s education level and cannot be all at once.

As a parent, there’s nothing wrong with taking this education insurance by having the best company or type of education insurance. Don’t make the wrong choice so you can get the maximum benefit from this insurance.

If readers need recommendations for the best education insurance in Indonesia that benefits up to the tertiary level, then please refer to the Immaku.com discussion below.

List of the Best Education Insurance in Indonesia and its Benefits

top 5-best-education-insurance

For parents who are still confused about which education insurance policy to use for their children. Then you can listen to the explanation that the admin will give below.

This insurance is the right choice as a plan in the future because the effects are not felt today either. Instead, you will feel how it benefits in the following years.

By having education insurance for all your children, you don’t have to worry about the cost of your children’s education in the future. Even though the benefits will be received in the future, the value has been calculated so that the premium paid will be according to needs.

Yes, the name is that you have to pay insurance premiums to the company according to the choice of policy you want. If you want to find the best educational insurance recommendations in Indonesia, then here we will share the discussion.


Prepare funds for the child’s education costs for the future until he graduates from university together with Manulife. Manulife is a fairly trusted insurance company and has several types of insurance policies.

On this occasion, we will discuss education insurance policies in more detail. In the previous section, we explained the benefits you will get if you take part in the education insurance program.

This is also in line with the offer of benefit claims provided by Manulife for this type of education insurance policy. The education insurance product that you can choose from Manulife is Manulife Education Protector.

This can be a product choice insurance which is very appropriate for parents who want to have savings and also minimize the impact of adverse events in the future.

Manulife will help you prepare funds for your children’s education, especially for the higher level. For complete information about the amount of premium that must be paid each month or year.

You can find out directly through Manulife’s official website before actually choosing an education insurance product from that company.

AIA Financial

If you need several choices of companies that provide educational insurance products. So in this article we will provide an explanation of the list of the best education insurance in Indonesia.

Who knows, by reading this article you will no longer be confused when choosing the company. The second recommendation is regarding the type of education insurance from AIA Financial.

AIA Financial This education insurance can be the right alternative choice for those of you who want to prepare your children’s education to maturity. Even though you are a new parent and the child’s age is also immature.

That is not a problem because this education insurance is a form of investment and also future savings. This insurance should indeed be prepared early so that when the time comes or there is a time when you have to claim insurance, it will be sufficient.

AIA Financial provides several educational insurance policy product offers that parents can choose according to their wishes. The following is a list of education insurance products at AIA Financial.

  • AIA Protection Prima Plus
  • Protection Income Plan
  • Sakinah Assurance
  • Prolink Assurance
  • Infinite Plus Assurance


If you want to start an education plan for your children, you can register for education insurance at Sunlife. The benefits of this insurance are numerous, especially for unexpected events.

Because these unexpected things can cause costs that are greater than usual, so we must prepare steps to deal with them. For children, parents can prepare their child’s education costs until their school is over with education insurance.

There are so many types of insurance that you can choose, including Sunlife, this is one of them. Please choose a product from education insurance offered by Sunlife because all of its products include life insurance.

If the main breadwinner in the future is no longer able to earn income, then the policyholder can submit an insurance benefit claim. That is the main advantage of this insurance.

Parents no longer need to worry about the cost of their children’s education in the future if they already have savings and education insurance for all their children.


PRULink Education is the best education insurance product from Prudential Life. Maybe you are already familiar when you hear the name Prudential, right? This company is quite famous everywhere, including its insurance policies.

The types of insurance available at Prudential are quite complete so that customers can choose which type of product suits their needs. Like this education insurance policy for example.

You can register your children as recipients of this education insurance policy so that your child’s schooling in the future will be more secure. No one wants to see their child drop out of school right?

Therefore, a child’s future education plan must be carefully prepared together with Pudential. The benefits that will be received from this product are to provide protection from children aged 18 to 25 years.

This product also provides an increase in benefits every 3 years by 15 percent from before. If you want to try this education insurance product from Prudential Life, you can find out more information from the official Prudential website.

BRI Life

BRI is one of the companies that also offers education insurance products for its customers. The name of this insurance policy from BRI Life is Danasiswa sharia with many benefits offered.

One of the main benefits that will be received is to provide educational funding stages to children when parents die. And if you resign too, you will be given cash.

Regarding how much the insurance premium from BRI Life must be adjusted first to the factors that have been determined there, starting from the age of the parents, the age of the child, the health condition of the parents, and many more.

If all the factors have been identified, then the company will tell you how much the premium must be paid per month. Make sure before registering you must first know the terms and conditions of the insurance products offered so that there are no misunderstandings.

Allianz Education Insurance

If you want to choose an Allianz company to register for education insurance, you can choose a unit linked life insurance product. The insurance policy includes benefits for education insurance as well.

You can see what benefits will be received in the future if you take this life insurance. Not only providing protection for yourself and your family.

Instead, the child’s education costs will also be guaranteed so that parents will feel much more at ease. Everyone definitely wants their children to continue their education to the highest level.

However, in the name of fate, no one knows whether parents can accompany their children or not in the future. For that, at least we as parents have prepared a plan for the future education of our children carefully.

So there is no need to worry if at any time there are obstacles or the dependent (parent) dies. The benefits that will be received are also in the form of compensation as well as stages of education funds for children.

Those are some of the best types of education insurance in Indonesia that can be a consideration for you in choosing a company and insurance policy.

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