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Blued Apk Video Chat And Live Terbaru 2023

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Watch the full video of Blued Apk Video Chat And Live Terbaru 2023

Blued Apk is a datting platform application that you can use on an Android smartphone. But you need to know, guys, that this datting application is different from other applications.

Because by using this application, you will only find handsome men in it who are also looking for other handsome men to date. From here, you can guess what kind of datting application Blued is?

Yes, the point is that this one dating application is not for the general public, guys, because basically this app is only intended for rainbow people who are looking for a partner of the same sex.

Because of this, you will never find this application on the Google Play Store. Of course, because this application has no conditions to be used by everyone. Because only certain people from special groups are allowed to use this application.

So, if you are just curious about this application, you can try to see how the reviews about this application are. But don’t use it carelessly, okay, because what’s in this datting app are people who are different from me and you.

What is Blued Apk?

I have briefly explained about this one application which is a special dating app for certain groups. Namely for LGBT people as much as fellow men. So don’t imagine that you will find stunningly beautiful women here, guys.

Because the content must be only handsome men who also don’t like women. So if you female friends try this application, maybe you will be fascinated by the male counterparts who are here. But don’t worry if they reject you later. Because they are not interested in women.

Apart from that, the purpose of this dating application is clear, only to connect handsome men with other handsome men. In order to get to know each other, get close and maybe date. So if you still like the opposite sex, you should think again about trying this application.

Because it’s also useless to download and install datting apps that don’t meet the criteria you have.

For the sake of user safety, this application also limits the age of its users, which only those of you who are 18 years old and above can use this application.

So, that’s why kids shouldn’t even try using this app. It’s better for you to see reviews of other interesting applications and games on Immaku.com.

Blued Apk Application Features

Because it contains sensitive content in it, this application is restricted and may even be blocked by the government. So you will never find the Blued application on the Google Play Store.

For that, I have provided the download link below, but before downloading the application, you can see what features you can use in this Blued application:

1. Support Dating Feature

The first feature in this application is the datting feature which can be used to find other users around or near you more easily. So that with this feature you can connect very easily.

Yes, who knows you can get a dating partner around where you live.

2. Direct Message

In this application there is also a direct message feature or private messages that you can use to chat with other users. Not only can you chat, you can also send photos, videos, stickers to sound recordings to each other.

By using this feature, you can get to know each other more deeply by having a light chat.

3. Voice and Video Calls

To make it more intimate, you can also use voice and video calling features to communicate with other users. That way communication will be much more enjoyable huh.

So that you can greet each other in person via online before finally meeting up later. So you can know each other’s faces and chat directly. This is certainly more fun than chatting only via chat.

4. Hide Location

Even though this application does allow you to find other users around you. However, it seems that many users don’t really like this, who mind if people near them know that they are using the Blued application.

Therefore there are additional features that you can use to hide the location that you have. So that people around or near you will not know if you are using this application.

This feature can also be used if you prefer to try to get acquainted with handsome men from abroad. Moreover, not only Indonesians use this application, but also come from many countries around the world. So there are also a lot of handsome Caucasians there.

5. Live Streaming

This feature allows users to create streaming videos that you can watch. So here you can get entertainment by watching streaming videos of handsome men. while interacting with them.

6. Safe And Secure

One of the advantages that makes this application a favorite of many men who like fellow men is because there are security features that guarantee the privacy of its users. Because of course not everyone wants to reveal their identity to many people.

So that with this guaranteed privacy security, the users of this application will also feel safe when using it. Apart from that, you also don’t need to worry because all user privacy will be maintained and will not be spread. So my friend can use this dating app safely.

But still, to use this application, you must be 18 years of age and over because Blued Apk also implements several regulations where only adult men or those who are old enough can use this application.

Download Blued New Version Apk 2023

In accordance with what I have explained above, this datting application is quite sensitive because it is specifically for certain people. So if you are not one of them and hopefully none of your fellow readers are part of them.

So you should not download and install this application. Apart from being dangerous, this application is also a legal sin. But if you still insist on downloading the Blued Apk. So you can click on the link below:

Application Details

Application Name Blued
Android 4.4.0 for Android
Developer Blue City Holdings Co., Ltd
Licence Free
Link Download <>


There are lots of cool games and applications on this site, so instead of you downloading this Blued Apk. You better see my other reviews which are no less cool.

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