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BUMN Recruitment Registration 2023: Files, Flow & Conditions

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Watch the full video of BUMN Recruitment Registration 2023: Files, Flow & Conditions

SOE Batch 2 recruitment registration is finally open again. Check out the following files, flow and conditions required.

Recruitment will be open from 1-7 December via the official website, recruitmenbersama.fhcibumn.id.

This practically sucks public interest to immediately register in droves.

The reason is, being able to work and be part of a BUMN is a dream for many people.

Various tempting benefits are given to those who pass the joint selection.

Starting from a clear career path, competitive salary, benefits, and more.

For this reason, it is not surprising that job seekers or jobseekers started the guerrilla, rushed to register.

So, what must be paid attention to when registering for BUMN recruitment? Check out the full review below for you.

SOE Recruitment Registration Applicant Requirements

  • Identified as an Indonesian citizen (WNI).
  • Maximum age for D3 graduates is 27 years, S1/D4 is maximum 30 years, and S2 is maximum 35 years as of December 1, 2023.
  • The GPA reached 2.75.
  • Being in a healthy state of mind and body, and free of drugs.
  • Willing to be assigned throughout Indonesia.
  • Attach SKCK from the police if any.
  • Include supporting documents such as skills certificates, awards, and work recommendations if any.

Make sure you have met the initial qualifications above.

In addition to time efficiency, this is also to avoid unnecessary fuss in the future.

After that, prepare some files that will be needed.

BUMN Recruitment Registration Files

  • Profile photo in jpeg format, this condition is mandatory.
  • KTP in pdf format, this requirement is mandatory.
  • Degree or passing certificate in pdf form, this condition is also mandatory.
  • Grade transcripts in pdf format, this is also mandatory.
  • SKCK, supporting documents and letters of recommendation are optional.

Make sure you have prepared the necessary files so that during the registration process it can run smoothly.

After that, you need to make an application online on the official website.

SOE Recruitment Registration Steps

  • Visit the official BUMN recruitment website.
  • Create an account first by clicking on the ‘Register’ section. You will be asked for an email address and password, please fill in properly.
  • After that, you need to activate the email to which the recruitment admin has sent the link.
  • After activation, then fill out the entire CV using the files that have been prepared.
  • Fill in slowly and carefully starting from your curriculum vitae, family data, and more. Do not let anything tucked.
  • Make sure everything is filled in and do a review again.
  • If it’s finished, then you save the data and start selecting applications.
  • Click ‘apply now’ in the vacancy section that matches your qualifications.
  • The application is complete and you are asked to keep waiting for the latest update.

Keep in mind, in this recruitment, applicants can only fill one vacancy.

Therefore, careful consideration is needed in choosing it.

You need to think about opportunities in order to get into your dream BUMN company.

Pay attention to educational qualifications, requirements, and the remaining quota.

Make sure you are in accordance with the criteria that the company is looking for.

In addition, the quota also continues to grow every day.

You need to move faster so that you still get the registrant quota.

Don’t let it take too long to think and weigh, it actually makes you lose opportunities.

Immediately apply now and start focusing on the next test. Hopefully it’s useful.

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