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Camera Bokeh S8 Plus – Immaku.com

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As head of fashion at , Vanessa reviews and writes about the latest watch and fitness trends. He joined the group seven years ago as a camera reporter for a Spanish-language website and then moved to the UK side to produce and produce other YouTube videos and series. When he’s not testing smartwatches or dropping phones, you can catch him on tour or on the road with his family.

Camera Bokeh S8 Plus

When you compare the cameras of the Galaxy S8 and S7, not much has changed. It has the same 12 megapixel resolution, f / 1.7 aperture and the same digital zoom.

Hands On Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus, Makin Hits Dengan Infinity Display

Samsung may not have changed the lock for its rear camera (it doesn’t say if the sensor is different), but it has changed the software. It uses creative techniques, such as combining multiple photos, to achieve high-quality images and blurred backgrounds.

The iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras, which allow you to both get up close (and clear) and shoot blurry images (called “bokeh”) that create beautiful images.

Are the software changes to the S8 Plus enough to compete with the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera? Check out our results.

I took both phones on a two-day shoot around the San Francisco Bay area and tested them in seven categories: landscape, zoom, close-up, action, portrait selfie, and low light. They are all set to default settings unless they have special features for groups.

Recommended 7 Best Bokeh Photo Applications

On sunny days in the Marin Mountains, it’s hard to record any phone. The S8 has a larger lens, which lets you squeeze more into the vertical frame in the same area. The S8’s shots had some interesting colors, but the iPhone did a better job capturing the scene.

The clouds on the S8 look amazing, but the grass on the iPhone looks even better. Vanessa Hand Orellana

But the differences between the two cameras are becoming more pronounced. For example, the pool in Golden Gate Park looks warm and bright on the S8, as the phone compensates for a dull sky by filling the image (making the colors more vibrant). On the iPhone, the colors are limited – but they are. In the end, the S8’s pictures are pretty cool to look at, but if you’re looking for a real shot, Extra is the place to be.

One shot on the S8 looks sharp and clear, but it’s a bit of a disappointment. Vanessa Hand Orellana

Selling Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Smartphone

There are two types of zoom: digital and optical. Digital uses software to “see close up”, whereas optical uses actual lenses to see, much like a traditional camera. In most cases, the visual quality is much higher than digital.

The S8 has 8x digital zoom, while the iPhone has a combination of optical and digital zoom. The iPhone’s optical lens allows it to zoom in twice, then uses digital photography to zoom in 10x.

This sight came in handy when photographing rabbits in Golden Gate Park as it dissuaded me from joining their watchful parents. Vanessa Hand Orellana

None of the shots look sharp at the 8x, but the S8’s images look a lot sharper and less grainy. This is where the iPhone’s sleek design really shines. Soft iPhone colors with warm undertones.

Notes Before Buying a Samsung Mobile Phone

The 10x zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus allows it to get closer than the S8. Vanessa Hand Orellana

The opinion of surfers ten times shows that the iPhone can, to a certain extent, preserve details and allow you to get very close.

If you look closely, the difference between the iPhone and the S8 lies in two things: ease of use and detail.

On the iPhone, you can select and lock focus on an area when you’re up close, but getting too close to the subject will be a problem. The iPhone couldn’t focus on anything closer than two inches and it took several tries to get the butterfly shot.

Galaxy S8 Vs Iphone 7: Which Camera Is Better?

The S8 has a Pro Mode with a manual focus mode that allows you to choose the right position for the shot, giving you the most accurate and close shots of the butterflies. My only complaint is that the manual slide makes me switch the front camera when I try to focus.

The S8 has a bright page, but the contrast in iPhone shots lends a lot of depth. Vanessa Hand Orellana

The end result was impressive for both as seen in this photo of the butterfly at the California Academy of Sciences. The S8 captures sharper images than the iPhone, with a sharper bokeh effect, while the iPhone’s higher contrast ratio makes it deeper. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the S8 has taken a lot of the wing veining and torso design in tow.

To test the explosive method, we received a call to schedule feeding times at the Marine Mammal Center in Marin.

Fitur Andalan Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

The shooting is the same, but the S8 captures more flying fish and ice. Vanessa Hand Orellana

The S8 took more shots in bursts, which gave me more options to choose from, but all of them managed to catch the fish and ice in the center without distortion or distortion. A single shot on the S8 is slightly sharper, but the difference is only noticeable if you plan on zooming in or out. telephone.

I have some wildlife photos with my iPhone that I can’t take on the S8.

The iPhone 7 Plus is known for its Portrait mode, which creates a bokeh effect that makes photos look better. The S8 has a Selective Focus mode that aims to do the same thing, but relies entirely on software to deliver results since it doesn’t have a second lens.

Review: Testing the toughness of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Both finished well, but getting the bokeh effect on the S8 wasn’t easy.

The subject should stand up slowly and within a few minutes of the phone picking up the sound. So it’s hard to find moving items, like this stamp at the salvage site.

The iPhone 7 Plus uses a telephoto lens on the subject in Portrait mode for close-up sessions. Vanessa Hand Orellana

But that may not matter, because even if the S8 does well, the results aren’t great. The S8 doesn’t always know when lessons start and end, especially when it comes to things like hair in the wind. It’s not the iPhone version, but it looks close to what you get on a dSLR.

This is a list of Samsung cellphones with the best cameras

Smooth seal skin is one thing, but unruly hair is another matter entirely. In this windy shoot you never know exactly what will come out. Part of the rock behind my hair is visible, while the other half of the scarf is not visible at the bottom. Vanessa Hand Orellana

If you love selfies, the S8 is the phone for you. The wide lens allows you to fit more in without having to touch your hand while the increased megapixel count (8 megapixels on the S8 vs. 7 megapixels on the iPhone) results in sharper selfies. The S8 also has Selective Focus for selfies… along with color and other filters you can’t use like smoothing skin, enhancing eyes, and blurring faces.

iPhone selfies have warm colors, but the S8 looks sharper and fits the shot perfectly. Vanessa Hand Orellana

iPhone selfies don’t give you a lot of room in every shot, but they do tend to leave skin warm and soft.

Apexel Professional Mobile Phone Camera Lens 3x Hd Slr Telescope Portrait Bokeh Lens For Iphone 8/7 Plus Xiaomi More Smartphone 65mm Mobile Phone lenses – AliExpress

Both of these phones can take great photos, but the S8 makes the process even faster.

The iPhone had a hard time getting a close look at the Academy’s dimly lit Twilight Zone event while the S8 was quickly catching up. The iPhone got one clear shot after five blurry shots, while the S8 snapped just fine on the first try.

The two shots look similar, but it took the iPhone a long time to settle into the dark aquarium. Vanessa Hand Orellana

The S8 was a huge success by comparison and showed that it doesn’t take two cameras to beat the iPhone. But it hasn’t been very successful, and it’s not in every category, so it comes down to your priorities. And if Apple can improve the camera on its iPhone 8 a bit, it could top the next line.

Latest and Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 News and Information Today

The previous article mentioned that the front camera of the S8 Plus has an aperture of f/2.4. This is f/1.7, the same as the rear camera. Bali, Photo of Galaxy S8, Galaxy

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