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Causes and Costs of Changing Mandiri ATM Cards

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Do you know the Causes and Costs of Changing Mandiri ATM Cards? Having an ATM card is very important, it can often help you in every payment transaction or saving money

Because ATM cards can be used as a solution that can be carried anywhere to replace cash as well as balance checks, transfers, payments to investments and many others.

And for the use of the ATM card itself, you can not only do it at ATM outlets, but you can make payments at partners who have collaborated with these banks, namely by providing EDC machines.

Seeing how important the ATM card is, you also have to be careful about saving it so it doesn’t get lost or is caused by other problems, so if that happens you have to quickly replace it.

So, if you have these problems, like it or not, you also have to change the ATM card by visiting the nearest Mandiri bank branch office in your city. And usually there will be a fee to replace the Mandiri ATM card that you have to bear.

Causes of Mandiri ATM Problems and Must Be Replaced

Usually there are several things that cause Mandiri ATM cards that require you to replace the ATM card with a new one. However, the reasons for changing the ATM card are different, here are some reasons:

1. Blocked Atm Card

The first cause is sometimes the many causes of users that end up blocking the ATM due to incorrectly entering the wrong ATM pin.

If you enter the wrong pin repeatedly and end up blocking your ATM, the system will block it automatically.

2. Swallowed ATM card

The second reason that ends up having to change the ATM card is because the ATM is swallowed when you are going to make the transaction, it can happen when the ATM machine suddenly has an error and you also have to immediately go to the nearest Bank Mandiri office to replace the ATM card.

However, there is a fast way that you can do before visiting the Mandiri branch office, you can contact the Mandiri call center at number 14000.

3. Lost cash card

Apart from being caused by ingestion, the loss of an ATM card is a crime, such as someone deliberately stealing the ATM card. Because, even though ATM cards are protected by a PIN, there are still certain parties who have the expertise to break into and open your card.

However, losing an ATM card can also sometimes occur due to your own negligence, which sometimes you often forget to save it properly. Therefore, we don’t want to replace the ATM card with a new ATM card.

Replace the Mandiri ATM card due to loss, the bank determines a replacement fee of IDR 15,000. For this problem, customers can make a new ATM at the nearest Mandiri bank branch office by bringing a number of requirements, such as a savings account book and a missing statement from the police station.

Mandiri ATM Card Replacement Fee

After knowing what causes you have to inevitably replace a new ATM card. You also need to know if changing cards can be charged. And for more details, you can see below;

Lost ATM Card

If you want to replace a lost Mandiri ATM card, you will also be charged a card replacement fee of IDR 15,000. To change the card, you can go directly to the nearest Mandiri branch office.

Blocked ATM card

If you are going to replace a blocked Mandiri ATM card, then you are not charged at all, alias it’s free. It’s just that you are asked to open a blocking fee, which is IDR 5,000. And to be able to open the block, you only need to go directly to the nearest Mandiri branch office.

Swallowed ATM Card

If you change your ATM card as a result of being swallowed, you won’t be charged the slightest fee, or it’s free. For that, you can just go directly to the nearest Mandiri branch office in your area.

But if you are a person who is quite busy and lazy to queue at the Mandiri branch office, then you can take advantage and use the Mandiri call center service at number 14000.

Talking about replacing the ATM Mandiri chip, the method is not much different from REPLACEMENT METHOD ATMs of other banks. Now, to be more clear about the replacement steps. Here, see the steps to the end.

Requirements for Changing Mandiri ATM Cards

Actually, changing Mandiri ATM cards is not a difficult thing. This has become a commitment from Bank Mandiri to provide convenience and the best service for its customers. It’s just that, in order for the card change process to run smoothly, there are conditions that you must fulfill first.

Then what are the conditions that must be met. Here are the details:

  • Don’t forget to bring your passbook
  • Identity cards such as KTP / SIM or Passport.
  • Bring an old ATM card (if the reason is because the card is damaged/expired).
  • You must bring a loss certificate from the police if the ATM wants to replace the card because the card is lost

After all the requirements have been met, then you can immediately go to the nearest Mandiri branch office and don’t forget to bring all of these requirements. Later the ATM card replacement process will be assisted directly by Bank Mandiri Customer Service (CS).

How to Change Mandiri ATM

1. Come to the Bank Office

First of all, visit or visit the nearest Mandiri bank branch office in the city where you live and don’t forget to bring the necessary requirements.

2. Take a Queue Number

After arriving at the office, you can immediately take a queue number. then wait until your queue number is called by Mandiri customer service.

3. Convey the Purpose of Arrival

It’s your turn to call your queue number, then meet customer service and convey your intention of coming to the Mandiri bank office. Which will replace the old ATM card and ask to be replaced with a new one

4. Substitution Process

After that the customer service will immediately start helping and processing by asking for the necessary conditions earlier. If so, then you only need to wait a moment until the cs system process is complete.

5. Replace the Mandiri ATM Successfully

If the customer service has finished, replace the old ATM with a new ATM. then the customer service will hand over the new ATM to you, and don’t forget to thank the customer service.

Can ATM Card Replacement Be Represented?

There are still many who ask whether it is possible to change the ATM card if it can be represented, and it turns out that the answer is no. Which, when changing the ATM card, must be the customer concerned, alias the owner of the ATM card.

Well, based on the description above, of course you already know the various reasons that require you to replace your Mandiri ATM card, the fees you need to pay, and the conditions that must be met.

How? The card replacement process is quite easy, isn’t it. Because Mandiri has also committed to always providing convenience and the best service to their customers.

And however the customer should as an ATM card user must always be careful in maintaining the card.


This is some information that immaku.com can convey regarding the methods and conditions for changing Mandiri ATM cards. We hope that the above information is useful.

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