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Communicative: Definition, Function, Method and Examples

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Jakarta – Communicative and communication are two different things. Quoting the Big Indonesian Language Dictionary (KBBI), communication is the sending and receiving of messages between two or more people so that the intended message can be understood. Meanwhile, communicative is a condition or characteristic that can be contacted or easily contacted and easy to understand.

Well, in this article we will discuss more fully about communicative both in terms of meaning, function, method, and examples so that you better understand what it means and can distinguish it from communication.

Communicative Definition

1. Quoting books Indonesian Language Volume 2 according to Agus Trianto, communicative language is a variety of languages ​​used so that communication runs well and smoothly. For example, when buying vegetables at the market, it is inappropriate to use official language.

2. In the book Sharia Insurance according to Asy’ari Suparmin, communicative is also interpreted as tabligh. The point is people who are outgoing in the association, do not make it difficult for others, and also master communication well.

3. Communicative meaning as an approach in education, defined as an approach that aims to develop communication skills in meaning and context. This is quoted from the book Scientific Writing by Drs Sobri, MPd.

4. In the context of scientific articles, communicative is defined as a scientific writing style that is constructive, concise, clear, precise, enlightening, and responsible and verifiable.

5. Communicative means understanding the message conveyed and how to communicate it, according to the definition quoted from the book Communicative News by Helena Nursanti Djiwandono.

Communicative Language Functions

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