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Danamon Bank Code and Transfer Method

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Of course, each bank has its own bank code and usually the bank code consists of 3 digits as well as those provided by Bank Danamon which provides the Bank Danamon Code and Transfer Method. where Bank Danamon will also always provide the best service and services for its customers.

The Bank Code is a mandatory thing that is used when a customer is going to make a transfer, especially when transferring to another account. because the bank code can also be interpreted or marked as the identity of the bank, making it easier for each customer when processing inter-bank transactions.

Bank Danamon does not only function as a place to store money, but also functions for banking transactions in general, such as cash deposits and withdrawals, balance checks, account mutations, and so on.

So, this time immaku.com will provide information regarding Bank Danamon Codes and how to transfer when you are about to transfer money.

But before discussing the Bank Danamon code and how to transfer it, we will invite you to get to know Bank Damon a little.

Overview of Bank Danamon

Bank Danamon, which was founded in 1956, is one of the private banking companies that pioneered foreign currency exchange by becoming the first foreign exchange bank in Indonesia in 1976.

With the development of the banking world, finally Bank Danamon has also provided several savings products which not only function as a place to exchange foreign currencies.

However, in order to develop any form of banking activity, Danamon is supported by a network of 846 conventional branch offices, Sharia units and subsidiary branch offices.

You can also easily find Bank Danamon offices and have a network of more than 60,000 Danamon ATMs, ATM Bersama, PRIMA and ALTO spread across 34 provinces. And it can be said that Bank Danamon’s network is quite large and ready to serve its customers in various ways.

Bank Danamon code

Maybe there are still many customers asking about this code. Especially for other bank customers who will make transfer transactions, aka sending money with a Danamon bank account.

So, if you’re curious about how much the Danomon transfer code is? This will be presented in full below. That way, continue to watch and follow the discussion regarding bank codes or transfers to the end.

Basically, the function of having a unique code for each bank is to facilitate transaction processing and communication between different banks. With the code provided, it will be easier for each bank to identify which bank the transfer transaction will be made to.

The special code for each bank generally consists of 3 different digit numbers. So that no bank will have the same code as other banks. The code for Bank Danamon itself is 011. And for this Danamon Bank Code that will be used to process transfer transactions between different banks.

How to Transfer Using Bank Danamon Code

If you already know the Danamon bank code, you also need to know how to transfer it using that bank code. And there’s something you need to remember that the bank transfer code for Bank Danamon can only be used if the customer will make a transfer to Bank Danamon from another bank account.

It’s different if you transfer to another Danamon Bank, then you don’t need to use the transfer code anymore.

So here are the steps you can take when making a transfer

Transfer to Bank Danamon account via ATM

  • You can visit the nearest ATM outlets around the area where you live.
  • Then when you get to the ATM booth, immediately insert your ATM card and enter your ATM PIN number to enter the service
  • Then you see on the screen to the “Other Transactions” menu then select “Transfer”. On the Transfer menu, please select the “Interbank Transfer” option. At this stage.
  • After that, enter the destination Bank Danamon account number by entering the previous Bank Danamon code (011).
  • The code and account number for the destination are written together and in sequence, with the code at the beginning.
  • Then you will be instructed to enter the nominal amount that you will transfer.
  • Then you can enter the nominal amount you want and make sure again that the amount is correct.
  • Then the screen on the ATM will reappear/return information about the transaction you are about to make. Double check the information listed and press “Correct” if it is correct.
  • Wait for the transaction process that is currently running until a notification appears that the transaction has been successful.
  • Then you can take the receipt issued by the ATM machine and remember, don’t forget to take your ATM card back before leaving the ATM booth.

How to Transfer Money to Bank Danamon Via SMS Banking

Transferring money other than via ATM, you can also transfer money via SMS Banking, so you can see the steps or how to transfer via SMS banking as follows;

  • The first step that you have to do is that you first prepare your smartphone.
  • Then open the Menu Message
  • Then you can write a message with the format: TRANSFER SPACES DANAMON BANK code 011 space account no nominal amount of money SPACES PIN
  • Example TRANSFER 011 77583002 1000000 776891
  • Then you can send it to 3300
  • Then wait a moment until you get an SMS reply
  • Finally, if an SMS has been received as a notification, it means that the transfer process to Danamon is successful
  • Finished

How much is the Interbank Transfer Admin Fee?

Like most other inter-bank transfer admin fees, the transfer admin fee to the Danamon bank’s destination account is Rp Rp 6.500. That way, every time you make a transaction to send or transfer money, later your balance will automatically be subject to an additional discount, which is IDR 6,500 from the total amount sent. For example, if you send IDR 1,500,000, the amount is IDR 1,506,500.

Notes : This bank code or transfer code will only be used if you want to transfer between banks via an ATM machine only and if it’s to another account you also don’t need to enter the code. In addition, if you send/transfer via Mobile Banking and Internet Banking services, you don’t need to enter the bank code either.


That is the information that we can provide regarding Bank Danamon Codes and Transfer Methods. Hopefully the above information can be useful and make it easier for those of you who want to transfer money to Bank Danamon quickly. Please keep all proof of transfer receipts that come out of the ATM machine as security from fraud or extortion.

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