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Domino Gaming Stalls How to Top Up and Buy Chips Easily

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A number of online games that exist today usually require a top up for their users. So that the game can be up and made easier. Higgs Domino is one of the online games that attracts the attention of gamers. Including the Domino gaming booth which is filled with gamers who want to top up.

Not only does it have a lot of games, but the gameplay in this game is also quite challenging and makes the game not boring. Coupled with the way to top up Domino by using credit which is very easy.

The top up that is done in the Higgs Domino Game will make your chip count more and can be accumulated faster. Higgs Domino also requires chips so players can continue the game.

Although there are also chips available for free, it takes time to get them. Meanwhile, top-ups using credit can start from IDR 5,000 credit.

Getting to Know Higgs Domino First

lapak higgs domino

There are lots of types of online games among gamers. Higgs Domino is the most popular game because it has its own gameplay and has its own characteristics. As in the Higgs Domino Game, in which there is a Domino game.

Unlike other Domino games, Higgs Domino has several types of games that gamers can try. This online game is very closely related to local games in Indonesia.

The game style in it is very interesting, challenging and not boring. Playing the Higgs Domino Game can hone your skills in terms of thinking.

Some of the games you can play in it are Domino Gaple, Rummy, Domino QiuQiu, Poker, and so on.

Top Up Higgs Domino Using Credit

Domino gaming stalls are now starting to appear, and provide top ups by offering each advantage. You already know how to play this game using chips.

To be able to get chips that are bigger in size, you can top up using a variety of existing methods. The simplest thing to practice is to top up via credit.

Especially if the number of credits is quite a lot, you can just top up right away. Here are some guidelines for top up Domino with pulses at Domino gaming sites:

How to Top Up Higgs Domino with Unipin Credit

The first way you can do is to use unipin credit. For those of you who are used to playing online games, of course you are no stranger to the Unipin site.

This site is often used to buy features in games or to top up. Here’s how to top it up:

  • Enter unipin.com first by using a browser.
  • Klik Game Higgs Domino.
  • Enter your account ID number in the game.
  • Choose which chips to fill in the Higgs Domino Game.
  • Choose the payment method according to your wishes, including the use of credit.
  • Enter your email and cellphone number.
  • Confirm purchase with an active email or cellphone number.
  • Follow any instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Click Pay.
  • Wait until the process is complete.
  • The number of chips will also increase if the transaction is successful.

How to Top UP Higgs Domino with Codashop

Another way to top up the Higgs Domino game, which can also be done using credit, is through Codashop. Almost the same as Unipin, the Codashop site is equally familiar and well known by gamers.

The way to top up Higgs Domino at Codashop is also very simple. Here’s a guide on how to top up Codashop:

  • Enter the codashop.com site via a browser first.
  • Klik Higgs Domino.
  • Enter the game ID that you have.
  • Select the desired payment method, which in this case is credit.
  • Click Buy.
  • Enter the email and start confirming.
  • Also enter the cellphone number according to the selected payment method.
  • Click Continue again.
  • Follow the instructions there until it’s finished. Chips will be added automatically if the process is successful.

How to Top Up Higgs Domino by Using Credit for All Operators

Not only online or via online sites, but how to top up Higgs Domino by directly using credit, you can also enter the Play Store directly. Now this technique can be used for all existing operators

How to top up via credit through all operators can be done in the following steps:

  • Login to your Higgs Domino App.
  • Then log in to your account.
  • Click VIP when you are on the Homepage.
  • Click again VIP Gift.
  • Determine the number of Domino chips that you will buy later.
  • You will enter the Google Play Games menu.
  • Then select the payment method, namely by using credit.
  • Click Buy.
  • Follow the prompts until it’s done.
  • The number of chips has increased.

How to Top Up Higgs Domino in Other Ways

Apart from using credit, you can still top up by coming directly to Alfamart and Indomaret. The method is easy and practical with the guide as follows:

  • Open the Higgs Dominos app.
  • Click menu VIP.
  • Enter the VIP Gift menu.
  • Determine the number of chips to buy.
  • To install ClickGpay.
  • Choose a payment method with the Buy Google Play Credit at Minimarket option.
  • Enter the purchase amount.
  • Click Continue.
  • Choose which minimarket will be used as a top up place.
  • A 16-digit payment code will appear.
  • Go to the intended minimarket and ask the cashier for help to pay for the top up using DOKU.
  • Show the payment code that you previously obtained.
  • If the transaction at the minimarket is complete, you can enter Google Play again to complete the purchase transaction.
  • Enter Google Play again and do how to buy chips in the same way and select the Google Play balance payment method.
  • Follow the instructions there to finish.
  • Chips will also increase after the transaction is complete.


It turns out that there are many payment methods to choose from when topping up at Domino gaming stalls. Although there is no need to top up if you want to get chips because you can do daily chip bonuses, which you can get every day.

Top up can be done by increasing the number of chips if the chips run out. You won’t run out of chips while playing games, if you top up right away. The top up method with credit is the easiest, because if you already have the credit, you can do it right away.

There are many other ways you can do it, namely by buying it at the Domino gaming stall. Buying chips and top up is indeed very profitable for players.

Click the following link if you want to see other application and game information:

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