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Download Assetto Corsa Apk Latest Version for Android

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Immaku.com – Are you looking for a racing game with a super fun drift mode? Just play games Assetto Corsa Apk. Where the game offers driving expensive sports cars with full modifications. Of course this makes anyone interested and can’t wait to play the game. What are you waiting for, download the application right now.

As you know, games with the racing genre have been around for a long time and you can play them through the Google Playstore. However, the existence of PC games that can be played via HP devices, is something that lovers of racing car games have been waiting for. Now you can play the Assetto Corsa game using only the cellphone you are using.

Comes with super HD graphics and the most realistic will make the game much more exciting than other racing car games. This racing game is currently viral among gamers, where its appearance can fill an additional collection of games on cellphone devices. The game allows you to be able to drive the selected vehicle as you wish.

Apart from that, by playing the Assetto Corsa Apk game, you can modify the car you drive according to what you like. Such as changing the color of the paint, changing the skin, adding stickers, improving the suspension, changing tires and more. You can also play the game with multiple modes to test your driving skills in tournaments.

A Brief Review About Assetto Corsa Apk

A Brief Review About Assetto Corsa Apk

Assetto Corsa Apk is a very realistic car racing simulation game. In the game, you can fine-tune every aspect of the car you drive, from the orange tire pressure to the suspension settings. Where this is done to be able to find balance in the perfect race. To be sure, the game will be more interesting later.

Besides these things to do, you will also find tons of car models. Every car you drive has a different driving experience. What is clear, you have to master every car, that way you can dominate the track and have the chance to win.

In the game itself, you will also find a career mode. Where this mode will be very useful and you will get a deep experience. The mode provided by the Assetto Corsa game is not only a career mode, where you can also access other modes such as drift challenge and hot lap mode.

Presented with stunning graphics, this game will present a real race. Just download the game now and enjoy all the features in it. But before that, you should know what features the Assetto Corsa Apk game will provide. We will explain the features in full below.

Features Assetto Corsa Apk

Features Assetto Corsa Apk

Lots of games are the same and offer their own superior features. Likewise with this Assetto Corsa Apk game, which has superior features that are different from other games. Apart from that, the features it provides are very interesting so that many gamers are interested and play this one of the best car games. As for the features, you can get them below.

1. Customizable User Interface & HUD

The first feature you will get is a customizable user interface and HUD. Where when playing it allows you to get a personalized gaming experience. Later you can adjust the size of the elements on the screen and their position as desired. Like the mini map and also the speedometer.

In addition, this racing game also provides several HUD options, including very realistic racing technician sounds. That way, the game will be more exciting and exciting.

2. Realistic Sound Effects

Furthermore, you will also get a realistic sound effect feature. Where each car in this game has a unique engine sound and has its own advantages. In addition, the sound produced is very accurate, like the sound of a racing car in the real world. You can clearly hear the roar of the engine, the screeching of the tires which adds to the excitement.

3. Different Game Modes

In this racing car game, you will be given various game modes to suit your racing abilities. Where you can play in fast race modes, special events, and endurance challenges. You can also play in the career mode where this mode is played by novice players and become a professional racer.

4. Customization

As previously explained, when playing this Assetto Corsa Apk game, it allows you to customize your vehicle. Where you are free to easily customize from the skin of the car you drive, change the paint, change the tires and so on. With this feature, you can make the car you drive cooler than the others.

5. Many Car Choices

This game is included in the game with the car racing genre. Where of course in the game there are lots of car choices that you can drive as you like. You are free to choose any car when you want to start playing the game. Choose a car with superpowers that can beat all opponents in the tournament.

To find out other features provided by Assetto Corsa Apk. We recommend that you immediately download the game application right now. Once you play the game, you can easily enjoy all the features available.

Download Assetto Corsa Apk Latest Version

Download Assetto Corsa Apk Latest Version

We have shared and explained the features in full, then you can download the game on the download link below. Surely you can’t wait to play this Assetto Corsa Apk game right away. Take it easy, below we have prepared detailed specifications for the game and you can directly download the link right now.

Nama File Assetto Corsa Apk
Version Latest V 1.0 2022
File Size 65 MB
Developer Mobile – Playground
OS Android 5.0 and higher
Link Download Here

Cara Install Assetto Corsa Apk

Cara Install Assetto Corsa Apk

This racing car game is not yet in the Google Playstore or Appstore, where you can only find it on the website. So the install is very different from the usual games that you get through the two official stores. You can follow the correct install tutorial which we will share below as follows:

  1. First, of course you have to make sure you have downloaded the Assetto Corsa Apk game.
  2. If so, continue to enter the Settings menu.
  3. In that menu, you are looking for the Security & Privacy menu, please click.
  4. Then, you scroll from looking for unknown sources to give permission. Please tick the button to activate “Unknown Sources”.
  5. Then, you come back to enter the File Manager menu.
  6. In it, you select the Download Folder menu and you look for the game’s apk file.
  7. Click on the application and select Install.
  8. The game is in the process of being installed, please wait for it to finish.
  9. Finished.


Maybe that’s all that can be said about the Assetto Corsa Apk racing car game which can be played by Android and iOS devices. Immediately, you download the application to get a new experience when driving with a luxury car in it. Thank you and see you on another occasion, hopefully this is useful.

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