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Download FIFA 16 Apk Ultimate Team + File OBB Data Offline

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Watch the full video of Download FIFA 16 Apk Ultimate Team + File OBB Data Offline

Want to try playing the soccer game FIFA 16 Apk? Download the application immediately via the link from Immaku.com. Currently people around the world are enjoying euphoria The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar.

There are many ways for the public to enjoy this situation, including by playing special FIFA soccer games. For those of you who already like the game of soccer and often play it on PS or other places.

So now you can use your Android device to play world soccer games, namely FIFA 16 Apk. Who knows, by playing this game you can feel what it’s like to be a national team player for the world cup.

If you don’t know how to download FIFA 16 Apk on Android, don’t miss the discussion on Immaku.com this time.

Interesting Information Regarding FIFA 16 Apk


For those who like to play soccer games from childhood until now, the game that you must try is FIFA 16 Apk. Games with the concept of football have many enthusiasts of all ages, you know.

Moreover, how to play that is known by almost everyone makes game applications with the theme of football a favorite of games. You can also play together with friends or relatives to create a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Maybe when you were little, if you wanted to play soccer, you had to go to an internet cafe or a PS. Well, now you can use your Android phone to play the FIFA 16 Apk game which has the concept of playing a football match too.

If you haven’t had time to play real soccer for one reason or another. There’s nothing wrong with filling your free time by playing the FIFA 16 Apk game. FIFA 16 Apk includes soccer match games which are very interesting because they have very realistic visuals.

You can feel the authenticity of playing soccer with the players you choose yourself. When playing this game there is never bored because always match with other opposing teams.

The realistic graphics and game display design make the quality of the game quite increased. For those who are looking for a soccer game that is fun and also modern.

So this FIFA 16 Apk can be an option for you, especially during the current world cup moment. If the team you like hasn’t made it to the next round, then try to play it again in the game version.

If you can’t find FIFA 16 Apk games, then download via the link below.

Link Download FIFA 16 Apk Mod + Latest OBB Data 2022

Many Android users ask, can this FIFA 16 Apk application be downloaded on these devices? Considering this is a game with quite high specifications.

We also need to inform you about this application that the size of FIFA 16 Apk is quite large and is more than 500 MB. If you download it on a cellphone that has little storage space.

It is very likely that this application cannot be downloaded, let alone installed on your cellphone. You must have at least 1GB of storage space so that this application can work properly on your cellphone.

If you force it, you’re afraid that your cellphone’s performance will be slower than before. For that, pay attention and prepare carefully the memory on your cellphone.

So that you can download and play this FIFA 16 game smoothly without any obstacles. If you are sure your cellphone is capable of downloading the application.

Then access the download link that we provide in the table along with detailed information about the FIFA 16 Apk application. For the Android OS that is required is above 7.0 so that the application is not lag or hit when used.

To download the application, you can click the download link listed below. Then install the application by extracting the archive file in the game.

Explanation About Gameplay On The Game FIFA 16 Apk


Are you curious about the gameplay in this soccer game? If you have previously played a similar game, then yes, the gameplay is not much different from the others.

It’s just that the appearance of this application may be superior because the graphics, colors, designs, and other visuals are much more real. However, at the heart of the gameplay it’s not that different from the others.

In this game you will see many teams from various countries like the one in the current FIFA World Cup. The rules and how to play are the same as football matches in general.

The difference is that you play this game using the controls provided by the game. Starting from determining the team, directing the game, to the end whether to win or lose. You can choose which team you want to use along with the formation.

Here you will fight the team that has been determined by the application. Or if you want to play together with other friends, then feel free to use the two player mode so that your opponent will be your playmate.

That’s an overview of the gameplay of this soccer game that is currently being talked about. For the rest it is the same as soccer games in general.

And if you want to know more about the application, then just continue to follow the discussion here until it’s finished.

Guide to Using Games Features FIFA 16 Apk


There are several things that you need to understand from this soccer game, especially for new users. To make it easier for you guys not to get confused when downloading the application.

So, we have prepared several explanations about the features in the application. You must first understand the basic features that we explain here so that when you start the game you know what to do.

There aren’t many features there and it’s also not difficult for players to understand even though this is your first time. Once you understand the features we explain below.

You will understand how to play it from start to finish. No need to linger, just see the discussion below.

Choose a Soccer Team

The main thing that you should know is that this soccer game has lots of recommendations for soccer teams from various countries that you can play with.

The names of the players also follow the FIFA World Cup team so that it will feel more real. Users can freely determine which team they want to use when competing.

You can use the same team for every match and if you get bored, you can change teams from other countries. For the composition of your players who determine each position.

Overall, you must play alone, control all the players and beat the other team so you can win. By determining your own team, you will feel more satisfied when you receive the final results.

For matters of winning or losing, it depends on your playing ability and you can’t blame the team you choose.

Specify Country

Apart from determining which team you will play for. You also have to determine which country will be your champion. When choosing a team, it will also include which country you want to choose.

There are various countries that are recommended and it seems that the countries that appear are in accordance with those participating in the 2022 world cup. Vibes The original FIFA World Cup will feel even more real.

Usually the country and team you choose will determine who the opposing team will compete with you later. So, the natural strategy for choosing a team can also determine your victory.

Although the biggest ability that contributes to victory is how you play the game. Usually the team that you will choose for the world cup mode will immediately be adjusted to the country.

Game Control Tool

The thing that you have to understand the most about this game is also the game’s controls. How is the position of the tool to move the ball, kick, and so on.

You have to understand the location and also the parts of each control device so that your hands get used to moving it. For new users, it’s only natural if it takes a long time to memorize the location of the movement tools.

However, if you are an old player, you will usually be more familiar with the location of the tools, so it will be easier to play these games. To move a player who will dribble the ball, you can immediately long press on the player’s character and move your finger according to the direction of the game.

Later, if you want to kick, head, and so on, use the tools provided by the application. You really have to understand this game to make it easier to be a winner.

How To Play FIFA 16 Apk On Android Devices


The part most awaited by users is about how to play this FIFA 16 soccer game. You may still not really know how to play it because you’ve never played games like this before.

So that you understand better about how to play the game, then you can immediately see the explanation that we will provide below. There are only a few steps to go through, friends.

The most that confuses me is the etak tools and what they are used for. Because not everyone knows how to play soccer games like FIFA 16 Apk, right?

Open the FIFA 16 Apk application that you have finished installing on the device. Next you will be on the page determining which team you want to use.

Please specify a team by clicking on the text containing the name of the country in the top box. Then determine the type of match. The team name will follow the choice of the country you have chosen.

If it’s right, then go ahead click continue. And determine the color of the clothes you will use and after that select the reading “Begin Match”. Start the game and continue until it’s finished.

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