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Download Nextbot Chasing – immaku.com

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Download Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk is currently a game that is very interesting and very fun to play and there is much more that you can get in this game. Currently this application is being discussed by social media users.

When playing games sometimes you feel very bored and confused about how you are going to spend the free time you have. By offering this application, of course it will make you have fun playing games on your smartphone. This application offers various types of games that you can download and play.

The Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk application is one of them which is very fun to play. What you should know is to understand in advance about the modified version of the Nextbot application, because this version is slightly different from the original version. Please read reviews about the application below.

What is Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk?

Download Nextbot Chasing

Download the Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk application which is the most exciting game in 2023, where the theme of this game is adventure and survival in an old school building. The premise of this story is that you are trapped in an old school building and have to go around to find a way out. However, the process of finding a solution is not as easy as imagined because there are many patrons at this school.

To complete this challenging game, you must be able to escape from the pursuit of nextbot, obungan and others. But there’s no need to worry, because this is a modified version of this APK, you will be provided with many interesting features.

Not only running to avoid the pursuit of enemies, but you also have to create and manage strategies. Because just running without strategy will keep you level with no way out. Some of the movements that you can do are run, jump and others so you won’t be chased by other robots. So you have to collect a lot of coins too before running away.

Because Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk is a modified version, of course you will play this game with additional features that make it easier. So you won’t have any trouble avoiding being chased by these bots. therefore if you feel interested in playing the game, see the detailed explanation of its advantages that we write below.

What are the superior features of the Nextbot Chsaing Mod Apk?

This modified application from Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk has very sophisticated features that make this game interesting. This is because this feature is made to benefit players when playing games.

1. Characters Can Jump Very High

The first feature made is that the character can jump very high. This application is made with the provision that the game will disappear, if the moving character cannot jump. However, with the jump, the feeling of playing will be much better, and jumping also has many advantages in the game.

Of course, this feature will be very useful when you are being chased by Obunga and the other bots that follow him. That way you will feel safe more often than worrying about someone chasing you and being around him.

2. Character Can Run Fast

Running is commonplace in a game or games. The reason is, with the Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk, you can avoid the Nextbot chase and find a way out faster. With the character feature that can run fast, of course you can run away from Obungan and other bots, and you can find a way out faster than jumping.

You can perform a combination of functions between jumping very high and running very fast to avoid being chased by Obunga and other Nextbots in this Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk. This way you can also find your way out faster than anyone.

3. Infinite Stamina

This feature is widely used when you want to run faster or it is called sprinting. your stamina will decrease little by little depending on how long you last in sprint mode.

However, in this Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk, you will not experience something called running out of stamina. Because the stamina in this game is set so that you can’t run so you can run continuous sprints to avoid the enemy’s pursuit.

4. Support All Types of Cellphones

if you have a smartphone with average specs, that is usually even lower. So you will feel inferior when playing this game because it may not support the smartphone you are using.

Don’t worry because the Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk application is not too big and light. So you can play on all types of smartphones and don’t have to worry about the specs.

5. No Ads

Usually what we often experience is advertisements that appear suddenly when we are on a trip using a cellphone, of course, very annoying. Even more so if these ads appear when we are in the middle of a battle or an exciting game. Of course this is very disturbing.

With Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk, you will not experience sudden ads. Thanks to the kindness of third-party developers who have removed all the displayed ads. so you can focus more on playing and completing the game without being bothered with unwanted ads.

6. Free

You can get all the features described above, you can also try this modified version of the game, for free and enjoy the cheat features. You also don’t need to spend money to use this feature and you don’t need to register or subscribe to play. Just open the app and just finish the game.

The difference between Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk and the original version

This modified version of the application has advantages in terms of features, this is made to make the game more interesting. But for more details, you can see the difference between the original version and the modified version below.

Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk Original Version

The modified version features the ability to jump very high and cannot be chased by enemies. whereas in the original version you can only jump as usual and are still being chased by enemies.

In the modified version he can run very fast as if with super strength. whereas in the original version it can only be driven at normal speed.

In the modified version, you will not run out of stamina to run sprints. Whereas in the original version Stamina is still reduced when used in sprints.

In the modified version there are no annoying ads or game bugs. And in the original version sometimes there are ads and bugs that interrupt the game.

How to Download Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk

To download the Nexbot Chasing Mod Apk, this is because you already know the advantages and differences from the original version. You will also get the application by visiting the download link below.

Before downloading it, first check whether your cellphone specs match the game specs. Also make sure your smartphone has enough storage space and a stable internet connection so it doesn’t get stuck when downloading games.

APK name Nextbot Chase Mod Apk
Apk Version 0.93
APK size 74 MB
Developed by Tomas Games Development
Operating system Android Android 4.4 and above.
Link Download >>Download here<<

How to install Download Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk

After you download the application from the link above, of course the next step is to install the application. This modified application installation method is somewhat unique compared to the regular one. You only need to change a few smartphone settings to access it.

Steps to Install Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk:

  1. First, open the settings or settings application and select the privacy and security menu.
  2. Activate it using the checklist under Allow installation from unknown sources.
  3. Then open your file manager and go to the download folder where you just downloaded the Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk.
  4. Then click install to install the application.
  5. Just wait for the app to install.
  6. If so, you can immediately play.
  7. Process Complete.


Thus the review of Download Nextbot Chasing Mod Apk that we provide and some of its superior features that you can have by downloading and installing it.

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