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Download Pure Tuber APK Latest YouTube Vanced Replacement

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Watch the full video of Download Pure Tuber APK Latest YouTube Vanced Replacement

Immaku.com – You can use Pure Tuber Apk to get rid of ads when watching Youtube videos. This application is quite popular among Youtube content lovers and is one of their favourites.

As we all know, YouTube is a video content platform that provides a variety of interesting videos. The advantage of Youtube itself is the availability of complete types of videos that you can watch for free.

Only with a smartphone device, you can enjoy all the free services available on one of these Google products. Until now, the Youtube application on the Playstore has been used by more than 10 billion users.

It makes sense that you guys should use it too, like other users. Not to mention those who directly access the best video platforms through the official website. It also excludes those using iPhone devices.

I’m sure you’ve used Youtube, right? Maybe it can be said often even every day. Of course, it is also no stranger if in every Youtube video there are advertisements that appear at certain minutes or when the video is played for the first time.

The presence of these ads makes many users uncomfortable, but in fact they are important for the content creators who make these videos. If you don’t want to be bothered with advertisements, you have to subscribe to premium first.

What is Pure Tuber APK?

Pure Tuber APK

As the admin explained above, Pure Tuber APK is an application that helps you watch videos on YouTube without ads. In fact, you can play music or audio in the background and show videos in minimized window mode.

And the great thing is, this application can log in to a Google account like on YouTube which can be synchronized with any device. Although this app uses the same database as YouTube, the user interface and overall design are different.

Even according to the admin it is superior, more flexible, and easier to use because it is very simple. There’s only one drawback, you can’t create a channel or upload videos because Pure Tuber doesn’t have that feature.

But everything according to the admin is very complete, the admin is sure that you will get the best experience when watching millions of videos in the world. In addition, reportedly this application will be updated for wider customization.

So, you can freely personalize everything in the app for a better experience. A little leak, later you can change the colors and interactions, even create your own appearance or style for each choice in the interface design.

Anyway, this Pure Tuber application gives us more interesting choices, and all of that can be seen from the various small details that we can pay attention to.

Perbedaan Pure Tube vs YouTube Vanced

Prior to Pure Tuber, ad-free users mostly used the YouTube Vanced apk as an app to watch their favorite video content. But for some reason, YouTube vanced is now not as popular as it used to be. Or is it because of the appearance of Pure Bulbs?

If so, what’s the difference between YouTube Vanced and Pure Tuber? Check out the review below.

Pure Tuber YouTube Vanced
Installing the Pure Tuber application is easier, because it is already available on the Google Play Store whereas YouTube Vanced is no longer available on the Google Play Store and the installation is more complicated
You can minimize the video that is currently playing by turning the video into a small screen that can be shifted as you wish. Can only play videos in the background.
Pure Tuber can directly log in to YouTube without the need to install the microG application YouTube Vanced which requires an additional microG application to be able to log in to a YouTube account.
Can download videos from YouTube directly to the gallery without additional applications, and available in mp4 video format, mp3 music, or as text. YouTube Vanced can only download videos to watch offline in app not in gallery.

Features of Pure Tuber APK

Pure Tuber has many features that will make users feel at home and it is impossible to switch to other applications. There are even some users who make it their flagship application for watching videos online.

Here are some features you might like too!

1. More Complete Features

Some of the points above may be enough to enjoy free content, but there are even more complete features if you log in with your account. You can sign in with a Google account that has been synced to your YouTube.

And you can access comments, playlists, and sync features across all user history from your YouTube account. Apart from that, you can easily customize your playlists and have more access to interact with other users or videos.

Since Pure Tuber still uses YouTube’s database, all activity will stay synced in real-time.

2. Watch Videos Offline

Pure Tuber is integrated with features that allow you to download videos. Apart from that, you can also adjust the downloader and change the video quality. So, you can still watch downloaded videos in offline mode.

Many say Pure Tuber is a more complete version of YouTube, and makes users comfortable in enjoying their favorite shows. In general, this application provides users with many of the best video viewing experiences for free and can be enjoyed by everyone.

3. Video Shop

Pure Tuber also has a fairly well-stocked video store with a wide variety of categories and topics, and most importantly, all of them are ad-free. In this store you can find music videos, movies, science, entertainment, talk shows, podcasts, and much more.

4. Save Battery & Quota

Without annoying ads, we can not only save time, but the smartphone’s performance will also be more optimal. Because we don’t need to watch ad videos, there will be no cache from these ads, so we can save our cellphone memory.

In addition, the cellphone will save more battery and save internet quota because there is no need to play advertisements in the background.

5. Video Quality Settings

For most users, video quality is the top priority for anything that can be enjoyed visually. Pure Tuber has intelligent AI, which will automatically improve video quality according to network strength.

In addition, all qualities can be selected without locking from low quality 144p to the highest, namely HD 4K. And those who want to save on quota can adjust the quality so it’s not too wasteful.

As a note! The video quality will remain the same even if you share your TV screen and watch it in different modes.

6.Smooth and Flexible

One of the disadvantages of YouTube is that it will stop the video player automatically when we exit the application. So Pure Tuber is superior because it can run in the background.

With these features, those of you who like to listen to music will be more comfortable and free. On the other hand, if you want to watch multiple videos at the same time, the windows function will make everything smooth and simple.

7. Play Video in Background

Have you ever experienced a situation where you are enjoying watching videos on YouTube, but have to open another application, and the video will be delayed. Or apart from watching videos, users usually also listen to music and podcasts while chatting with their crush on WA, Live, etc.

But what’s annoying is that when you listen to music, a message keeps coming and you have to open another app to reply, and the song automatically stops!

With Pure Tuber APK, you can minimize videos to open other apps and videos will still run in the background. Cool, right?

8. Mirror ke Smart TV

When using this application, you can comfortably use all the basic functions, and enjoy various video content smoothly. Apart from that, to watch videos on a bigger screen, you can also mirror to a smart TV or cast device directly on the Pure Tuber application.

So, you can enjoy the experience of watching entertainment or educational content with your family at home.

9. No Ads

The most favorite feature and the reason many users use it is because this app is completely ad-free and free. Therefore, you will never feel bothered while enjoying the videos because you have to skip the ads.

This application provides us with a lot of new things that will help us to easily interact with all content comfortably.

Download Pure Tuber APK

Application Name Pure Tube
Size 18 MB
Version Latest
Developer Pure Tuber Studio
Category Player & Video Editor
Rating 4.6 by Google Play

Installation face

Please note that admin cannot download and install old versions of apps on Play Store. So to install the old version of the Pure Tuber application, you need the old version of the apk file.

For that, you can get the old version of the Pure Tuber apk via the link that the admin has provided above. After that, follow the installation steps below:

  1. Before installing, first enter the Settings menu on your Android smartphone.
  2. Keep looking for the Privacy/Security option.
  3. After that, you only need to tick “Unknown Sources” for the activation process and give the device permission to install the apk file.
  4. Then open File Manager” and look for the download folder where you saved the apk file.
  5. After that, if you have found it, click the application and click Install Application.
  6. Wait for the process until the application is successfully installed on your cellphone.
  7. Finished!

Pros and Cons of Pure Tuber APK

Like other applications, of course the Pure Tuber apk has its own advantages and disadvantages. Because nothing is perfect in this world right? So, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this application.


The size of the small application is less than 10 MB, which makes it lighter and the main advantage of Pure Tuber is its cool interface. Because it is almost similar to YouTube, the operation and controls can be easily understood without the need for long adjustments.

Even for people who don’t know anything, Pure Tuber apk is very easy to use, and makes users feel at home.


The drawback, according to the admin, is not too significant, that is, you cannot upload your own videos or create a YouTube channel. Because this application is only devoted to watching videos on YouTube but without ads.

How To Use Pure Tuber APK

In general, how to use the Pure Tubers application is the same as the YouTube application or other similar applications. But what makes the difference is that you can download songs and download videos directly on the Pure Tuber apk without any additional applications.

1. Cara Download Songs on Pure Tubers

  • Open the Pure Tuber app, then search for any music video you want to download.
  • Please play the video first for a few seconds, but not in full screen.
  • Later at the bottom of the video player screen there will be the words “Download”, please click.
  • Then a pop-up will appear and select the “Mp3” format.
  • Wait for the app to convert the video into a music file.
  • If so, it will automatically be downloaded.
  • After the download process is complete, the song can be played on your HP Music Player.

2. Cara Download Videos from Pure Tubers

  • The steps are the same as above, the difference here is that you select the “Mp4” format.
  • For videos there is no conversion process, so just click Download.
  • Then select the video resolution you want, starting at 144p. 240p, 260p, 720p, 1080p, up to Full HD 4K.
  • The bigger the resolution, the bigger the video file size, so choose according to your needs.
  • If all processes have been completed, you can play videos offline directly in the Pure Tube application or cellphone gallery.
  • Finished.

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Pure Tuber is a solution for those of you who want to enjoy online video content comfortably without the hassle of advertisements. Apart from that, this application is also suitable for those of you who like to listen to your favorite songs from YouTube while using other applications.

Because Pure Tuber can be played in the background which will make the experience of using gadget functions while enjoying entertainment. Maybe that’s all we can discuss at this time. Hopefully this information is useful for all of you.

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