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Download When The Past was Around, Game Indonesia Viral

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Watch the full video of Download When The Past was Around, Game Indonesia Viral

Immaku.com – Here is the download link for When The Past Was Around, a game from Indonesia which is currently viral on Twitter.

Recently, a game made by an Indonesian developer has been busy being discussed on Twitter.

Game When The Past was Around is a great concoction from Toge Productions.

This game is viral and popular after a Twitter account named @tanyakanrl, posted about the game.

https://www.ayovaksindinkeskdi.id/download-when-the-past-was-around-game-indonesia-viral/(opens in a new tab)
Illustration. (App Stores)

The post about the game When The Past was Around has been viewed more than 1.8 million times by Twitter users.

In his post, the account said he was amazed when he found out that the game When The Past Was Around was a game made in Indonesia.

The tweet has also been retweeted by more than 5.2 thousand accounts and 572 tweet quotes, as well as more than 44 thousand likes.

The account’s post was immediately crowded with comments by other Twitter residents, who agreed with the account’s statement @tanyakanrl.

One of the Twitter residents confirmed that the game was very good.

The Twitter resident explained briefly about the viral game.

When The Past was Around is a game that carries the concept of a puzzle.

In that game, there is a story about a depressed woman trying to remember a figure from her past.

Referring to the Google Play Store, this game application has been downloaded by more than 100 thousand users.

This game is paid if you want to enjoy the whole story of the game.

Previously, this game was released two years ago on PC. And just released the mobile version in March 2022.

To find out more about how much you have to pay to play this entire game, you can download it via Google Play Sore and the App Store.

Not only released on PC and mobile, this game is also available on Steam, which is currently known to have a 30 percent discount.

App Store

Size: Size 345.6 MB
Version: Requires iOS 10.0 or later
Language: Indonesian, English, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Turkish.
Full Version: IDR 35 thousand
Link Donwload: App Store downloads

Google Play Store

Size: 242 MB
Version: 1.125
Mandatory OS Android 5.0 and above
Full version: IDR 15 thousand per item
Link Download Google Play Store download


This game is available in the Steam application and there is currently a 30 percent discount for purchasing the full version.

About Viral Games Made in Indonesia

This game tells the story of a girl named Eda who is in her 20s. Eda gets lost on a journey to reach her dreams and find love.

She meets The Owl, the man who helps her get back on her feet, helps her find love, and teaches her about heartbreak.

This game is a puzzle show and adventure game.

In this game collect clues to solve puzzles. Eda will find a way and uncover the secret between her and the owl ‘The Owl’.

The game is about overcoming the past and finding yourself. Starting from opening treasure chests, drinking tea, to washing clothes.

Lots of puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover in everyday objects and activities.

When playing this game, you will be accompanied by violin music.

Game When The Past was Around is a narrative experience that can be completed in less than 2 hours.

This game was developed by Mojiken Studio with Toge Productions as co-developer and publisher.

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Originally posted 2022-12-25 10:31:54.

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