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Download Wild Cash Mod Apk Unlimited Balance Latest Version 2023

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Watch the full video of Download Wild Cash Mod Apk Unlimited Balance Latest Version 2023

Download Wild Cash Mod Apk to be able to earn income very easily just through the application. Because this application is a money-making application that you can download on the Google Play Store.

But for the mod apk version you can only download it on third-party downloader sites with help from Google Chrome.

In this version you will get a variety of complete features that can help you earn more money. Even though the main features and functions of this application are still the same as the original version. So there is no difference except for the cheat features.

What is Download Wild Cash Mod Apk?

This money-making application has undergone a modification process so that it already contains a fairly complete cheat feature. And will help you to earn income only with the application.

That way this application can be very useful not only for spending free time but can also provide additional money. There are many users who have tried to prove the success of this application in making money in a way that is fairly easy.

Features of Wild Cash Mod Apk

This application is also equipped with various features including:

  • Comfortable and user friendly interface display
  • Unlimited coin
  • No ads
  • Unlimited mining
  • Compatible for all types of android
  • Lots of wild cash codes
  • It’s easier to take the balance

Download Wild Cash Mod Apk

Application Information

Apk Name Wild Cash Mod Apk
Apk size 11 MB
Apk version Latest version
Developer Hooked Technology
OS Android Android 4.4 and above
Link Download <>

How to Use Wild Cash Mod Apk

There are lots of ways you can do to get money in this Wild Cash application. And here’s how:

1. Mining Gold

The first way you can get a lot of money from this application is to mine gold. The more gold you collect, the more money you can get from Wild Cash.

You only have to click on the Gold button then the miners will automatically work to mine coins so you can make money. Apart from that, you can also tap on the button quickly to get more money.

That way you can get money easily through this application. Even though the money collected isn’t really that much, if you do tapping often, the more money you can collect.

2. Using the Invitation Code

By using the invite code, you can get a bonus of IDR 20,000 every time you successfully invite a friend or other person to use this application.

So that the more invitation codes you successfully send and receive, the more money you get. Apart from that, you can also get a bonus of 5 thousand gold if you log in using someone else’s invitation code.

3. Quiz Air Drop

The last way you can do is to take the Air Drops Quiz so you can get money easily. The trick is to simply enter the Air Drop menu and there will be 10 Quiz in each session that you can work on.

If you can answer each quiz correctly, you will be able to get a prize in the form of gold which you can later exchange for money.

The questions in the quiz are also general knowledge in Indonesian which are not too difficult to answer.

Besides being able to get prizes and increase money, by answering this quiz you can also add insight.

How To Withdraw Money from WildCash

If you have managed to collect a sufficient amount of gold or coins, you can withdraw it. Then you can immediately withdraw or withdraw to the e-wallet balance that you have.

The value of 5 thousand gold is equivalent to IDR 1 rupiah and you can withdraw if you already have a large amount of gold. Meanwhile, to make a withdrawal yourself, you can do it in the following way:

  • Enter the Wild Cash application then when you are already on the home page you can click the wallet logo which is located in the upper right corner.
  • Then the Piggy Bank, Balance and Nugget Toolbox menus will appear. Here you can select the Balance menu then click the Withdraw button.
  • Continue by entering the withdrawal with the nominal amount you want to withdraw. The minimum withdrawal limit is IDR 1 rupiah.
  • Then select withdraw to wallet and you can choose DANA, Gopay, Shopee Pay, OVO and you can also use a bank account. However, for Bank Accounts, the minimum withdrawal is IDR 10,000.
  • Enter the account name according to the Digitan Wallet or cellphone number.
  • Finally, you can click Withdraw Now.
  • Wait until the money withdrawal process is complete and enters your digital wallet or account.

How Much Wild Cash Earns?

Maybe you are curious how much money you can make from using this application. Actually, for the size of the income you can get, it depends on how diligent or not you play this application. On average, you can get Rp. 500 rupiah in 20 minutes.

Even though it looks small, the task you have to do in this game is quite simple and not too heavy. Moreover, you can mine automatically so you can make money more easily.

Is Wild Cash Safe and Proven to Pay?

When it comes to security, this application is fairly safe because it is not an application that makes money by means of a ponzie scheme, which of course is far more detrimental to its users, because they usually have to make a deposit first.

However, in this application you don’t need to make a deposit or deposit a penny. Players just have to continue to play more diligently and use this application for a long time. Because the more often you play, the more money you will get from Wild Cash.

And even withdrawing money usually doesn’t take too long so you can be sure if this application is proven to pay. And quite safe to use. Although the money you get may not be too much.

The final word

Nowadays there are indeed a lot of applications that have various interesting and profitable functions. Not only can it be entertaining and a means to spend free time. But some applications also have many other benefits.

One of the benefits that you can experience is that you can make money like this Wild Cash Mod application which you can download and use for free.

Other Cool Information:

Originally posted 2023-01-06 12:03:16.

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