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Draw Joust Mod Apk – immaku.com

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Draw Joust Mod Apk is a simulation game that is different from games in general because it takes the theme of drawing and war. In this game, you will be asked to draw the shape of your own boat, which you will later use to fight enemies.

For this opportunity, I will discuss the modified version which comes with various excellent features in it.

In general, this game itself is a fighting game with an arcade theme where this game is quite easy to play. However, it still has a fairly high level of excitement when compared to other games.

So it can be said that this game has an easy game play that is easy and difficult.

The point here is that you have to draw the shape of your own combat vehicle which you will later use to attack your opponent. Each form of the vehicle will be adjusted to the mission you are working on.

Review Draw Joust Mod Apk

Draw Joust Mod Apk itself is a game released by VOODOO and is a developer company for several other unique and different games. This development company itself has produced many interesting games that are different from other games.

Because they often make a series of games with unique game play, views and missions. As well as having its own characteristics by providing a new, unforgettable playing experience.

Here the players can channel their creativity by playing a little on strategy and channeling their creativity.

Draw Joust Mod Apk 2022 also has an animated display that is unique and different from the others so that it attracts the attention of players from all over the world to play it.

Many say that this game has similarities with another VOODOO game called Draw Climber. Not even a few think that this game is a sequel or advanced version of the game.

Karema has almost the same playing style but the difference lies in the aim of this game. In the Draw Climber game, you have to draw a cart or wheel parts according to the obstacles in the mission to quickly reach the finish line and be the fastest as the winner.

But in the game Draw Joust Mod Apk Latest Version you have to draw your own cart to fight with the enemies on the mission.

Game Play Draw Joust Mod Apk

Here you have to draw a cart that is sturdy and able to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

Even when drawing a cart design, you must follow the rules that have been given. Because you can only draw a cart using limited ink.

You have to make the cart as creative as possible. In addition, you must pay attention if the ink you use to draw is very limited. So you have to be wiser in using it.

So you have to think carefully before drawing a cart. How is it formed and will the cart be strong enough to be used.

However, if the results are not good and not what you want, then you can throw the image in the trash. Then you can draw it again by clicking the Tras button.

Because the shape of the cart that you draw will later have an influence on how to fight against the enemy. So the better the cart design you make, the easier it will be for you to defeat the enemies.

When the cart that you made is finished, you will be able to start fighting by clicking the Fight button. Then automatically you will face enemies with their carts.

You can control the cart during the battle by swiping the screen to the right and left. You can also move forward and backward to get away from the enemies.

You also have to find a way so that the weapons you have can be used. Apart from that, there are still lots of ways you can do so you can win.

Best Features of Draw Joust Mod Apk

Of course, in this mod apk version of the game, there are many interesting features that you can use to defeat your opponents in an easier way. This feature ranges from unlimited money to unlimited ink.

For more details, here are some of the features in Draw Joust:

1. Unlimitied Money

One of the superior features of this game is the existence of unlimited money that you can use to buy all the items in this game. Because the Draw Joust Mod Apk Unlimited Money feature will be immediately active as soon as you install the application.

So that you will become auto sultans and become rich players by having lots of money that can never run out.

2. Unlimited Ink

Not only can you have a lot of money, you can also have a lot of ink that you can use to draw carts without worrying about running out of ink. The Draw Joust Mod Apk (Unlimited Ink) feature is also one of the advantages that makes this game liked by many people.

Because with an unlimited amount of ink, you don’t need to think about the shape of the cart you’re going to make and you don’t need to worry if you have to keep changing the picture of the cart so it fits what you want.

3. Free All Weapon

Here you will not only be equipped with a cart that you made yourself to fight the enemies. You can also use various weapons in order to defeat your opponent more easily. The combination of weapons and strategy is the main attraction of this game.

Moreover, here you can freely choose weapons and set whatever strategy you have. For example, if your enemy uses a sword, you can make melee weapons to defeat them.

4. No Ads

And the last advantage that you can get from this game is the absence of advertisements which will allow you to play this Draw Joust Mod Apk game more comfortably. Because there are no annoying ads anymore.

The appearance of the game can be tidier and more pleasant to look at. Because the original version of this game is full of ads that really annoy users. Even ads can appear at any time. This is what made the modders finally decide to remove ads.

Download Draw Joust Mod Apk

Game Specifications

Application Name Draw Joust MOD Apk
Version v3.2.0
File Size 84 MB
Developer VOODOO
Price Free
Latest Updater December 9, 2022
Link Download <>


With all the mod apk features, this Draw Joust Mod Apk game is very interesting for you to play. Especially those of you who like viral games that have unique gameplay and are different from the others.

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