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Fajar Sadboy’s Viral Turns Out to Not Be Random

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Watch the full video of Fajar Sadboy’s Viral Turns Out to Not Be Random

Fajar Sadboy’s virus on social media has made his name known to the Indonesian public and now he is even invited to various TV shows. His name has indeed become viral and widely known since the TikTok video which shows him crying because he admits that he is disappointed with the treatment of a woman who ignores him.

In the video, this sadboy cries over his ex-girlfriend with a very distinctive and passionate face. So that made the video viral in cyberspace and made Fajar got the nickname sadboy.

Who is Dawn?

Fajar himself is a young man from Gorontalo who was born with the real name Fajar Labajo on May 31, 2007. He is the third child of four children and is the son of the couple Erolla Bajo and Rahmiati Humalo.

The name Fajar himself went viral when a popular TikTok video showed him crying with an unusual expression in the video.

Fajar tells the story of his one-sided love because the girl he likes doesn’t return his love. He even admitted that all WA messages sent to the girl had not been replied to at all since last October 2022.

In the video, Fajar is seen telling his tragic love story to his friends. And while crying, Fajar closed the video by saying that love is not always beautiful.

It’s not only the story of unrequited love and sentences from Fajar that made the video viral. Instead, it was her crying expression that made the video get a lot of responses from netizens.

Apart from that, Fajar also admitted that if the girl he likes doesn’t return his feelings, aka ghosting, because the girl prefers men who are more glowing than herself. So that all the struggles and efforts he has made so far seem as if the girl has never appreciated him.

And this made Fajar very disappointed. So after the video went viral, Fajar released a single on the Armed Gorapu YouTube channel.

Fajar Duta Sadboy Indonesia 2022

Thanks to his tragic love story because he had to clap one hand, Fajar’s video went viral and earned him the nickname Sadboy.

Fajar also often gets invitations to appear on various television programs in Indonesia. Including on the YouTube channel of well-known celebrities such as Denny Cagur. In every appearance, Fajar almost always cries, thus stealing the attention of Indonesian viewers who are increasingly curious about his life story.

Because apart from telling his bitter love story, Fajar also admitted that he had to drop out of school in 5th grade because of a broken heart. He even admitted that he was kicked out of school because he often skipped classes to meet the girl of his dreams.

Wow, this kind of behavior doesn’t need to be an example, guys. Because what Fajar did was not a good thing. Because the future is more meaningful than having to let yourself dissolve in sadness.

Especially at that time, Fajar was considered to be underage who should be more focused on the future instead of love.

Fajar Sadboy Viral Facts

After going viral on TikTok and other social media, Fajar’s name is increasingly known, so it’s not uncommon for many people to be curious about his background. And the following is a discussion of the facts of Fajar:

1. Background

Born with the real name Fajar Labatjo who was born on May 31, 2007 in Suwawa, Gorontalo. So that currently Fajar is only 15 years old but is no longer in school. Dan is the only son in his family with two older sisters named Nova and Febrianti Labatjo.

As well as his younger sister named Aprilia Labatjo.

2. The Viral Story of Fajar Sadboy

Fajar himself went viral and earned the nickname sadboy since his video on TikTok attracted the attention of netizens. In the video, Fajar is telling his sad experience of being cheated on by the girl he likes.

You could say that Fajar and his girlfriend are having a long-distance relationship, aka LDR. Because the distance between Fajar’s house and his girlfriend’s house is quite far, so when his girlfriend didn’t reply to the WA messages he sent since last October 2022.

So Fajar took the initiative to visit his girlfriend. But he actually found his girlfriend having an affair with another guy who was more glowing than himself. So that Fajar feels that all his efforts have been in vain and mean nothing.

Since then, Fajar knows that love is not always beautiful, friend. So just focus on studying, guys. Don’t keep dating, especially for the younger generation like us. It’s better to spend time chasing dreams, not crying over your ex.

3. Become a Guest Star at Various Events

After the video went viral, of course Fajar immediately received many offers to appear on various TV shows. Fajar was invited to the Trans TV Brownies show. Then he also appeared on the YouTube channels of several big celebrities.

Call it the YouTube channel owned by Denny Cagur and Atta Halilintar.

4. Releasing New Songs

It turns out that the effect of Fajar’s viral video has enabled him to make his own song inspired by his love story. Where his love story had to run aground after 3 years. Moreover, their relationship ran aground because of a third person.

The song, entitled AYYA Cinta Tak Lagi Indah, was released on December 21, 2022 yesterday and was uploaded to Amed Gorapu’s YouTube channel. Until now, the video has been watched 52 thousand times with 1.7 thousand likes.

5. Fajar Duta Sadboy 2022

Nicknamed the sadboy ambassador 2022, Fajar’s social media account was attacked, causing his number of followers to increase by a significant amount.

Even now his TikTok social media account named @fajarlabatjo has gained as many as 134 thousand followers. Another social media account, namely his Instagram called @fajjarsadboy, also now has more than 9 thousand followers.

That way, now it feels legitimate that Fajar is called the ambassador for Sadboy 2022, right?

Fajar Sadboy’s biodata

The original name Fajar Labatjo
Stage name Fajar Gorapu Sadboy
Place and Stairs of Birth Gorontalo, 31 May 2007
Parent Father Erol Labatjo and Mother Rahmyati Humola
brother 3
Religion Islam
Profession Creator Content
Social media Instagram account: @fajjarsadboy TikTok account: @fajarlabatjo

The final word

After going viral thanks to his video, now Fajar is indeed busy with his profession as a content creator. Even managed to release a single of his own work. That way, hopefully Fajar won’t have to be sad anymore and better focus on dreams and the future.

Because youth will be wasted if it is only spent on love affairs. It’s better to chase your dreams and focus on increasing your own value first.

So, hopefully the story from Viral Fajar Sadboy can inspire and provide many lessons for all of us.

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