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Film Bokeh Photoshop FullHD Sensor Video Bokeh 3gp dan MP4

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Watch the full video of Film Bokeh Photoshop FullHD Sensor Video Bokeh 3gp dan MP4

Techniques for making Photoshop Bokeh Films and how to make bokeh effects easily. To create a bokeh effect, apart from using sophisticated lenses and cameras, we can also easily use the Photoshop application.

Indeed, photohop is often used to edit photos to make it more attractive and also hone creativity.

Indeed, not all are proficient in using Photoshop, but it’s actually not difficult, we just need to study it diligently.

Now to make a bokeh effect like in a movie, we can make it through Photoshop as follows.

Film Bokeh Photoshop

Film Bokeh Photoshop

To blur an object or background and even the whole we can use Photoshop very easily.

We also often make a bokeh effect on an image using Photoshop because in our opinion this technique makes a photo or image cooler.

You can also use this technique to make your photos more contemporary and cool. Then how?

The first thing you have to have is the Photoshop application on your computer, you can download it on the site for downloading the software or from the official Adobe website.

And to execute it, all you have to do is open a photo or image file then select open with Photoshop.

Then select the filter menu then select the blur menu, there will be several blur menu options, you just choose one of them and do a trial which one is more appropriate.

And to make a bokeh effect on an object, you can first select the object, then select the filter menu and select blur,

Next, adjust the blur or bokeh to your liking, and see the results.

Then save the file to jpg or png format. and Done. Or you can also make a bokeh effect through several applications on your favorite cellphone, you can see in the link below.

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Video Bokeh Museum

Film Bokeh Photoshop

Film Bokeh Full Lights Hd


So, that’s how to make a photoshop bokeh film effect very easily, you can try it or see the tutorial above so you understand better.

Do it over and over again so that you get more proficient and become professional. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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