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FMWhatsApp Mod Apk Download Latest Anti Banned For Android

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FMWhatsApp Apk – We can’t imagine a world without WhatsApp. This popular instant messaging app has succeeded in reducing the number of texting users and reducing phone calls to less than 50%.

However, we can always try to improve it and that is why there are so many different clones trying to add new features to the whatsapp app.

Fouad Mokdad’s name started ringing among MOD users. This developer has created three MODs.

One of them that we will discuss this time is FMWhatsApp. What are the features offered? Let’s talk.

What is FMWhatsApp?


FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD for Android that adds functionality to the original development in terms of privacy and file transfer.

WhatsApp is different that has achieved a certain popularity thanks to increased privacy, password protected conversations, app customization or file transfer improvements.

Although WhatsApp is one of the most installed applications on smartphones around the world.

The long list of fixes implemented by Fouad Mods shows us that the official whatsapp app has limited features.

For that reason, this MOD includes all of the following features, functions and modifications:


fmwhatsapp features

1. Privacy

Perhaps many users really want their online status to remain anonymous.

With FMWhatsApp, you will get more privacy-related features, including the ability to hide your online status.

Not only that, you can also hide double ticks, single ticks, marks you record and marks you are typing.

2. Call Filters

Call Filter or Call Filter is another interesting feature offered by FMWhatsApp.

Maybe you often receive calls from unknown numbers, of course it will be very annoying.

With FMWhatsApp, you can filter or filter specific numbers, which numbers can call you and which numbers cannot.

3. Pin Chats

The official version of WhatsApp only lets you pin 3 chat windows.

Whereas FMWhatsApp allows you to easily embed 100 conversation windows.

4. Media Sharing

The media file sharing feature is certainly available in the official version of WhatsApp. What distinguishes the official version of WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp in this regard is the limit on the file size as well as the types of files that can be shared.

The official version of WhatsApp has a shared file size limit of 16MB and does not support all file types.

Meanwhile, FMWhatsApp allows you to share files up to 700MB in size and also supports almost all file types such as APK, DOC, RAR, PDF, and many more.

5. Tema Custom

Another thing that makes FMWhatsApp quite superior compared to the official version of WhatsApp is the ability to customize themes.

Yes, actually this is a standard feature provided by other WhatsApp MODs, which allows you to change the theme according to your taste.

6. Application Locking

WhatsApp has so far not provided a built-in app lock feature.

This means that if you want to lock the WhatsApp application or lock the conversation window in it, you need the help of a third-party application.

But, FMWhatsApp comes with a built-in app lock so you can easily lock FMWhatsApp without the need for a third-party app.

FMWhatsApp also supports various locking systems ranging from patterns (patterns), PINs to fingerprint locking systems (for devices that support).

How? The features offered are quite interesting and worth a try. Just download via the link we provide below.

Download FMWhatsApp Apk

No FMWhatsApp
Size 52 MB
Developer Fouad Mods
Uploaded Latest

Cara Install

  1. Download apk file provided above.
  2. If so, install the application then activate the installation from unknown sources / Unknown Sources
  3. Then, open the app and hit the green button that says Agree and Continue
  4. Enter your mobile number, then verification and login as usual.
  5. Done.


  • Its customization possibilities go far beyond the options allowed by the official WhatsApp app. We can give a touch of the interface that is much more personal.
  • We can increase our privacy controls about the people we chat with, decide which connection status is displayed and which is not.
  • Allows us to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time.


  • There is no way to know whether our data ends up in third party hands.
  • Updates always lag behind the official app. Therefore, important security aspects may not be protected due to late updates.


How to update FMWhatsApp?

The best available option to update FMWhatsApp is to visit videomax.co and check if there is a new version or not.

If there is, you must perform the following process to be able to update the app:

Step 1: backup your chats on FMWhatsApp (unless you’re not too worried about losing them).
Step 2: now you need to go to your Android app manager, which you can find in the Settings menu, and from there uninstall the app.
Step 3: now visit about page about FMWhatsApp on videomax.co and download APK latest version and install it in your mobile.
Step 4: Now you can restore chats that you have previously backed up.

How to backup FMWhatsApp?

To be able to back up FMWhatsApp chats, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: open FMWhatsApp and tap on the three little dots on the top right corner to open the options menu.
Step 2: select Settings in this menu. It’s one of the last options on the list.
Step 3: now select Chat option.
Step 4: open the Suggest a suggestion option.
Step 5: Press the Back Up button to start the process.

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Thus the discussion about FMWhatsApp Apk Download Anti-BAN Latest Version. Hope it is useful.

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