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Hoops Are Shaped Game Tools

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Hoops Are Shaped Game Tools – Grade 2 Elementary School Class 2 Key Topics for Discussion on Page 64. /Screenshot of the 2013 Edition Thematic Integrated Curriculum Class 2 Books

RINGTIMES BALI – On pages 64 and 65 below are the answer keys to topic 2 SD Place 2 in the 2013 curriculum 2013 thematic environmental book games published in 2017 about observing ring game circles.

Hoops Are Shaped Game Tools

Hoops are circle-shaped toys made of rattan. You can use the hoop as an exercise tool to stretch your back and hip muscles.

Learning Implementation Plan (RPP)

Take a look at the image of playing hoops and choose Ben Guva on the Let’s Discuss question. Then you can answer the following questions.

Disclaimer: This answer key is an alternative answer for early childhood in the 2013 Integrated Curriculum Theme Book for Playing in the Environment, published in 2017. The truth depends on the teacher or parents. ***

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