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How to Download Videos on Facebook With Google Chrome Android 2023

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How to Download Videos on Facebook With Google Chrome Android – At the beginning of its creation, Facebook was only intended for making friends, sending messages, and creating statuses such as likes and comments.

So that over time, Facebook comes with various features that can be enjoyed by users of the social network Facebook.

Currently there are many conveniences that we can get when using Facebook, this convenience also provides more complete functions than before. For example when we can share text, videos and various other things.

The most prominent feature of Facebook is when we can share videos with other people, as well as Facebook with YouTube.

Neither of them provide a download button, probably due to more efficient streaming than downloading.

However, watching videos by streaming will drain a lot of quota, for this reason some users are looking for ways to watch these videos without using a lot of quota, namely by downloading them.

How to Download Videos on Facebook

how to download videos on facebook

Currently there are lots of applications or websites that provide video downloader services that can be used with various platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is no exception.

But in this tutorial, we will not use an application or web video downloader service provider.

Here we only use our favorite browser, namely Google Chrome for PC and Android.

Google Chrome is usually the default application offered by Android devices, but if your device does not have this browser application, you can download it for free on the Google Play Store.

Even though the Facebook application has been developed in-house, Google Chrome offers a very easy way to download videos without the need for additional third-party applications.

Here’s how:

  1. Please access Facebook.com with Google Chrome.
  2. Login use your account.
  3. If it is already, search video that you want to download.
  4. Once found, press and hold the video until the option Download Video appear.
  5. Click options Download Video.

Google Chrome will automatically download videos from Facebook. But if this option doesn’t appear, or you’re having some issues, try to make sure the installed Google Chrome app is the latest version.

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Q : Where are the videos stored once downloaded?
Depends on download settings on your chrome. But by default, the download results will enter on Internal memory/Downloads.

Q : Can I download Facebook live videos?
Yes, you can download Facebook live videos but only after they have finished streaming.

Thus the discussion about How to Download Videos on Facebook With Google Chrome Android. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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