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How to Get an Easy WA Business Green Check

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WA Green Tick – Almost everyone uses the WhatsApp application as a tool used to communicate, whether it is used for personal or work purposes.

There are many reasons why WhatsApp is more widely used than various other communication applications, such as Telegram, LINE, Kakao Talks, We Chat, Mi Chat, and many more.

There are several reasons people prefer WhatsApp as the main communication tool, namely because the application has a small size, does not require a fast internet connection, and so on.

In addition, there are lots of features that you can use for free through the Communication Application, such as Messages, Calls, Video Calls, Stories, Group Creation, Profile Personalization, and others.

However, it cannot be denied that there are still some people who are not satisfied with the features of the Original WhatsApp, such as one of the currently trending features, the Green Checkmark.

What is the function of the WA Green Checkmark?

Maybe you often see Blue Checkmarks on various accounts from Artists or Public Figures via Instagram, which is a sign that they are very famous people.

Likewise with the green wa check mark, it has the same function as the Instagram blue check mark, so this is perfect for those of you who are providing a particular business.

Why do we say it is very suitable?, because people trust accounts that have this green checkmark more, so they want to subscribe to the business that you have provided.

That’s why there are so many people who do business using WhatsApp Business, who are looking for how tutorial bring up the Green Checkmark into the WhatsApp Business Account Profile.

How to Get WA Green Checkmarks Through WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is one of the two applications from WhatsApp that is used for various business needs, so that it helps your business to run very easily.

One of the features that can help you run your business through this application is the WA green checkmark. Therefore, please refer to how to easily bring up the Green Checkmark.

1. Register an Account Through WhatsApp’s Official Business Partner

Official business partner is a WhatsApp application that is used by people to do various kinds of business, be it selling goods, services, and others.

By using WhatsApp’s official business partner, you can use various kinds of features provided free of charge, so that the business you are running can develop further.

Several kinds of features are provided by this application, namely that you can directly promote your business to social media platforms, get a green wa check mark, and many more.

However, creating an account via Official Business WhatsApp is not easy, where you have to use an active mobile number to get the OTP code that will be sent.

2. Using a mobile number that is still active

The thing you have to do to get a Green Checkmark, you have to register a WhatsApp Business Account using an active Mobile Number first.

Why is that? Because without using an inactive cellphone number, you won’t get an OTP code (One Time Password) used to create the WhatsApp Business Account.

OTP codes (One Time Password) itself is one of the important things in creating a WhatsApp Business Account, and also to get the Green Checkmark that the Application will provide.

You need to know, that a WhatsApp Business Account that has a green WA checkmark will be more trusted by people, so they want to buy the various types of Business that you provide.

3. Complete the Business Account Profile Correctly

So that you can get a Green Checkmark through the WhatsApp Business Application, namely completing a Business Account Profile with correct or not false information about the business that you are going to run.

You have to complete various things through the WhatsApp Business Profile Account, which includes a Profile Photo, Store Name, Business Type, Description, Photo Proof of Sales, and many more.

By completing your Account Profile with the various things above, you can make people more confident in the business you are doing, and get an official Green Checkmark.

Apart from that, you can also customize features that can help you do business, such as replying to chats automatically using bots or robots.

Information : If you have completed all the requirements that you have provided above, you will immediately get a Green Checkmark from WhatsApp Business officially.

How to Get the WA Green Check Using WhatsApp Mod

Apart from using WhatsApp Business or Business that we explained above, you can also use various kinds of WhatsApp Mod Versions to get the WA green check mark easily.

For those of you who are curious about the Mod Version of the WhatsApp application, you can get the Green Checkmark for free. We have provided some of the applications below, which are as follows:

1. GB WhatsApp (WAGB)

1. GB WhatsApp (WA GB)
No GB WhatsApp Anti Banned
Size 51 MB
Version 1.7
Developer WhatsApp.Inc
Device Terms 4.1 Jelly Bean or High

GB WhatsApp is already very well known for its very sophisticated features, so that the WhatsApp Mod application is widely used by everyone around the world.

By using GB WA, you can get a Green Checkmark for free, which you can use directly without having to do various things first.

For those of you who want to get WhatsApp GB above, we have provided a download link that you can use to download the application, namely [DISINI].

2. Aero WhatsApp (WA Aero)

2. Aero WhatsApp (WA Aero)
No WhatsApp Aero
Size 50 MB
Version 19.45.3
Developer WhatsApp.Inc
Device Terms 4.1 Jelly Bean or High

Aero WhatsApp or WhatsApp Aero is also the Mod Version of the WhatsApp Application which has the largest number of users worldwide, because it provides a variety of cool themes for free.

There are lots of themes that you can apply directly through the WhatsApp Mod Application, such as Transparent Themes, Anime, Super Heroes, Qatar 2022 World Cup, Doraemon, and many more.

Apart from that, by using WhatsApp Aero, you can also use the Blue Checkmark directly, and for those of you who want to download the application, you can go through the Download Link. [DISINI]


That’s the article you can get Immaku.com share about how to get a Green Checkmark using WhatsApp Business, or with various Mod Versions of the WhatsApp Application.

Hopefully, with this article, you can easily create a WhatsApp account that has a green wa tick that is currently trending, please visit our other articles to get more information about the latest technology around.

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