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How to Grow Green Beans With Cotton

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How to Grow Green Beans With Cotton – Hello mother… Have you ever taught Montessori to children at home? Of course my mother already knows what Montessori is and can Montessori education be done at home?

Hhhmm… of course you can, ma’am. Because currently knowing Montessori is nothing new and of course it is highly recommended for children from an early age.

How to Grow Green Beans With Cotton

But to be honest, I heard the term Montessori some time ago while attending an event organized by Montessori Haus Asia (MHA) with beautiful blogger mothers from the Mother Blogger Community (MBC).

How to Plant Toge With The Correct Cotton

I didn’t really understand the Montessori method at first and after hearing it from Mr. Allan Ang, founder of Montessori Haus Asia in Singapore. And in Indonesia, Mr. Allan worked closely with Ms. Rosalynn to establish PT. Montessori Haus Asia Indonesia is located in Jakarta.

Montessori Haus Asia Indonesia or Jakarta Montessori was founded in 2017 as an educational institution that provides Montessori education for teachers and parents.

There is a complete training package for educational programs for parents, teachers, schools or employers, because this Montessori method can be applied by anyone who is interested (Montessori for All).

But so that you understand better, let’s first learn what Montessori is according to the source I read on Wikipedia….

Long bean aphid

Montessori is an educational method to train the development of children’s brain stimulation in carrying out creative activities, using media or objects that are more real or real.

This method is especially applicable to children of preschool and primary school age. However, there are also those who apply this method in secondary education.

As far as I know, the Montessori method is an educational lesson to hone the motor skills of a child’s brain by providing creative activities or activities.

This is Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy. Based on his experience in conducting scientific research on children’s mental development, he began to develop the Montessori method, which was first applied to children with special needs, with the help of 2 French doctors.

System Advantages And Disadvantages

Thanks to this research, Dr. Maria and two of her professional colleagues have successfully applied this method to children with mental and physical disabilities, and in the end it can also be applied to other normal children’s stimulation exercises.

To answer the question above, Mr. Allan, Miss Rosalynna will explain in more detail. But first, sir. Allan explained that the main purpose of establishing Montessori Haus Asia was to help parents, teachers, schools or institutions who wish to provide a more real education to their children by introducing children to real objects and having direct contact with these objects.

Introducing children to nature is also a Montessori method (nature parenting) at home that can be done with parents, this is more effective for children’s understanding, usually children understand more quickly when in direct contact with the objects they are learning. .

Mr Allan also explained that Montessori Haus Asia started this learning by creating a simple but quality education system for children with materials called Montessori Made Simple.

Dupont Lannate 25wp Plant Pest Exterminator 15gram

Ms. Rosalynn studied arithmetic or math of 5 materials to illustrate the Montessori Made Simple method using jagged blocks, numbers and sticks as props.

Thanks to the Montessori Made Simple method, children can count numbers up to thousands, Mother. The application is very simple and easy, it only takes a few minutes.

Thus, children can easily assimilate numeracy with real or tangible objects quickly and accurately. In addition to the calculation methods, the World Globe object also includes tools for reading world maps.

Wow…. almost all of the exercise equipment is made real and can be easily understood by parents for learning Montessori at home or learning Montessori with their children.

Tips And How To Grow Your Own Bean Sprouts At Home

The Montessori Made Simple method can be applied by children from the age of 2 years (TK), Elementary School (SD) and Junior High School (SMP). And indeed, the Montessori method has also been used in public schools or formal education.

For example, in arts and cultural skills, my son is learning one of these Montessori methods. When he was in the third grade of elementary school, he was assigned to carry green bean seeds, cotton and plastic containers.

Coincidentally all blogger moms were given a big box filled with educational toys or games for preschoolers when they came home from the Montessori Haus Asia event yesterday and there was an educational app for Montessori Elementary kids games.

Inside is a plastic mung bean seed, a picture card explaining the growth of cotton and mung bean seed. Wow… what a coincidence, my son has made this app before, so he still remembers how.

Easy Steps to Plant Sprouts With Cotton

Mothers can immediately practice this game with their children who are 2 or 3 years old, while preschoolers have numbers and picture cards and grippers to show the pictures and numbers of our child’s choice.

No problem, I tried to learn Montessori by planting green bean seeds with my son when he was 9 years old. My son is also very happy and excited to do this.

There are several stages of planting mung bean seeds, the supports needed are: plastic bottles or cups, cotton, mung bean seeds and water. The stages start from:

There’s something we need to know from the information above, why do we have to use cotton as a substitute for soil, mother?

How to Grow Green Beans

This aims to accelerate its growth, because cotton has plant fiber (cellulose) and cotton can also retain moisture longer than soil, so it can accelerate its growth relative to the soil.

In addition, cotton has a smooth and soft surface, making it suitable for the growth of young mung bean roots and is very easy to break, so that young roots can grow strong and well at the appointed time.

For this reason, it is more appropriate to use cotton instead of earth, as it is an educational application for children. This is about accelerating growth as well as increasing knowledge for us and for children that there is land other than land that can be used for agriculture.

This is beyond our expectations, true and I just learned. However, planting using cotton also has its drawbacks, of course, because cotton does not contain nutrients to support its growth, so after it starts to grow, it is better if the sires simply transfer it to the ground so that growth can continue. long enough.

Scientific Reports (Sprouts growth)

From the photo above, my mom can see how fast she is growing. And my son was very happy when he saw the test results.

Isn’t it hot, sis? Well, you could say, we make our children happy because of their success. And my mother can also feel her happiness, right, just by playing a simple game, mother.

Actually there are many tools or objects that can be used to try this Montessori method. If you want to find out more about other methods in Montessori Haus Asia Indonesia, you can open the website www.montessori-haus-asia.com or Instagram @montessorihausasia. Or mother directly to Tower Multivision Floor 25 Jl. Nobles can also come to the rice feast. 9B, South Jakarta.

Oh yes ma’am, I want to say it one more time, besides bringing home a box of educational game memories, I also brought them and had the opportunity to taste the food provided during the event.

How Description Of Green Bean Germination On Wet Cotton

When I first arrived, I immediately enjoyed lunch with Mpo Oneng’s Gepuk Chicken. Waaww… It just so happened that you haven’t eaten since this morning, hehehe.

The taste of the chicken and the sauce that I still remember to this day, seriously the broth is delicious mother and of course there is tempeh, tofu and fresh vegetables too. If you eat chicken, you definitely need another “friend”.

If you are curious, you can check the Instagram account @ayamgepukmpooneng, if you want to order directly, you can whatsapp 081280231986 or order via G0-Food.

There are still many other menus apart from the fried chicken menu. It turns out that my mother has rice bowls, kebabs, grilled sausages and many more. Wow… You have to try one at a time, right? ha ha….

Various Sources Please Read the Following Text Carefully! After that, do the questions! Komang Want

Now I brought home Pepe Pelangi and Mocca cake made by @babahgemoek as a snack and I had the opportunity to taste schottle cheese pasta made by @makkeik there.

And the unforgettable taste is the original flavored oat milk drink and @toru.id there are 5 variants. Available in Original, Honey Chia, Matcha Moringa, Arabica Blend and Black Charcoal flavors.

The original Toru flavor that I tried yesterday was legit and delicious (not sweet with sugar). And what interests me is the taste of Black Charcoal, which is active black charcoal which is beneficial for the health of the body.

Then, apart from the food and drink above, there is one more food that I brought home and I look forward to the food, it’s delicious and really healthy.

How to Plant Good and Correct Long Beans and Their Benefits

I deliberately set this dish aside for snacks when I’m lazy at home and gifts for my family, namely muesli from Mitra Pangan Sehat.

Muesli is mom’s diet food, in 1 package there are various ingredients, there are oats, dried fruits (mixed fruit), nuts (sunflower seeds, almonds) and others.

Granola has a high fiber content and is beneficial for digestion, overcoming constipation, can control blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

As for how to serve it, you can mix it up by making smoothies like in the example below. I took the photo below from Intragram @healthy.food.partner.

Replies to three reasons why you should plant betel ivory at home

Or it can also be used as a cake topping, cookies and others. It’s best for me to snack, eat quickly and stay full for a long time.

Then there are other souvenirs that I brought, but these souvenirs are not food, ma’am. But in the form of drugs or food supplements, namely Interlac Probiotic which seeks to protect the digestive health of premature babies, children and adults.

It also serves to prevent and reduce diarrhea. Interlac contains the Lactobacillus Reuteri Protectis bacteria which is useful for preventing infection and diarrhea, contains flower oil

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