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How to Make a Bokeh Effect on a DSLR

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Watch the full video of How to Make a Bokeh Effect on a DSLR

How to Make a Bokeh Effect on a DSLR – , you can’t miss this lens or aperture as they are part of the exposure triangle in photography.

Are you wondering what bokeh is and how to make bokeh photos? Check out the following article about bokeh photography. what is bokeh

How to Make a Bokeh Effect on a DSLR

The photo bokeh effect will only highlight the object closest to the camera, while the background will be in focus or

Applications for Bokeh (portrait) shots on Ios and Android

Bokeh looks dramatic to a person because the eye automatically prefers to display visuals with the same sharpness

That can only be obtained if the subject you are shooting is at a considerable distance from the background. Therefore, make sure the subject being photographed is closer to the camera and has sufficient distance from the background.

And the perfect subject can be obtained by adjusting the distance according to the nature of the lens. So make sure you know the minimum focusing distance of your lens. Also, make sure the lighting is even when taking pictures.

The last thing you need is to edit your photos. There are several choices of photo editing applications that you can use for free or for a fee.

The Oppo Reno6 camera can record videos with cinematic bokeh effects, this is how it works

Don’t worry because you can edit photos online for free. Without downloading an application, you can immediately edit photos online for free with the following application recommendations.

Good lenses don’t come cheap, but for starters, if you want to try your hand at bokeh photography, you can go for a 50mm lens, most of which are reasonably priced. Nikon or Canon have lenses

50mm which is pretty cheap. You can also look for cheap 50mm lenses like Yongnuo or 7artisans.

Choosing a cellphone with a camera with a bokeh effect is quite easy. You can search for HP camera specifications using

How To Adjust Or Camera Settings For Good Results

Phones with the best cameras, such as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Apple iPhone XS Max or Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, can easily create clean photos with bokeh effects.

Above, there are still many other cellphones that have the ability to produce high-quality bokeh photos. If you don’t know how to choose one, you can see the full specifications of your ideal cellphone on the Gadget Buka channel, one of which is similar to the following article.

Taking bokeh photos is not as difficult as you might think if you master the basic photography techniques described above. Let’s take a photo. Many people like the background blur or bokeh effect that we usually see in pictures taken with DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Let’s just say that most of today’s smartphones are equipped with various software tricks to simulate this effect on smartphones. But many people still love the camera background blur effect, right?

In this blog post, we will discuss how to get a bokeh or background blur effect on an image. Follow these 6 simple steps, God willing, you can.

Android Photo Editing Application with the Best Bokeh Effects

Sorry, smartphone cameras or pocket cameras have a hard time creating background blur effects without the help of software because the sensor size is so small. It’s easy to use a camera with a large sensor to achieve this effect.

Here are some examples of large sensor cameras worth buying. I recommend because I’ve used it before hahaha (Shopee link, click to get it)

2) Use a longer focal length like 30mm, 50mm, 85mm and more. If you’re using a kit lens like the 18-55mm, zoom in to the longest (55mm).

4) Use the largest aperture. (For example, a 50mm f/1.8 lens uses f/1.8. For an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, the 55mm f/5.6 is the largest, so it uses f/5.6).

In Focus: Camera Basics

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Causes of DSLR Cameras Can’t Take Pictures

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So how do you capture blur with a DSLR camera? Before taking a picture with a blurred background, make sure the following two things are true:

For DSLR cameras, make sure you use a 50mm prime, or if you have an 18-55mm camera lens, set the camera to zoom at 55mm. Don’t worry, you can also use a telephoto lens like the 55-250mm. To do this, use the camera zoom set to 85mm or 135mm. The range of telephoto lenses is suitable for portrait models with blurry photos.

Choose a patterned or plain spot. For example, if you are shooting outdoors, find a place with lots of leaves or trees. And if it’s at night, use something bright as a background, like a collection of street lights or passing cars.

Photo editing tutorial like a DSLR camera on Android with Picsart #tutorialpicsart_10

Many amateur or novice photographers feel uncomfortable getting close to the subject or model in their photos. Although a good shot should be close to the subject, especially for elegant photos

. In fact, photographers can use telephoto lenses to create the impression that they are close to the subject, even though the shooting position is far away. But this is definitely not recommended.

Use a lens with a short throw like a 50mm or a medium focal length of 18-55mm. If you want to take pictures, of course you have to open the aperture to the maximum number. This will blur your background and focus more on the subject.

If the subject of your photo is someone who is stiff and shy, the first thing you should do is try to break the ice. Create positive interactions through casual conversation. Several new models often feel inferior. Your job is to build self-confidence. So feel free to compliment your models!

How to get rid of dew on dslr camera lenses

Light is a mandatory component that is important to note. Don’t forget to adjust the contrast between dark and light. Especially with Canon DSLR cameras, light has a big effect on the photos.

In the camera component there is the term aperture or lens opening (f). Its function is to filter the light entering the lens. Basically, the smaller the number, the larger the aperture. To blur photos, use f/2.8 or lower, preferably f/1.4.

The distance between the lens and the subject and between the subject and the background. For example, if the lens is 1 cm from the subject and the subject is 20 cm from the background, you can be sure that the photo will be blurry.

Some of you may be wondering if shooting at night has the same rules as shooting during the day? Some photographers think that taking pictures at night is a challenge in itself. Light a bit heavy. Also, if you are using a DSLR camera, it must have the ability to adjust the exposure manually.

Photography Tips Using the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Smartphone Camera

However, there are special tricks to get the best shots, especially for those of you who are beginners. Success guaranteed!

Set the aperture to a large number, but don’t exceed it. For example, if the camera aperture is F/2,

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