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How to Make Full HD Bokeh Videos Facebook Twitter TikTok Bacol

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Watch the full video of How to Make Full HD Bokeh Videos Facebook Twitter TikTok Bacol

Immaku.com – The bokeh video application does have lots of features and benefits for those of you who like to make video content. Then how about a good and beautiful bokeh video that doesn’t look like a sensor?

For those of you who want to learn to load bokeh effects, here we will provide a tutorial for making bokeh effects on videos using both a cellphone and also using the Video Editing Application.

So you can create Full HD quality video content that you can upload on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Or do you want to watch videos online with the UC Browser bokeh video application?

How to Record Bokeh Videos with a HP Camera

I’m using iPhone SE but this method also works on any Android smartphone with a camera that supports background blur.

And if the camera doesn’t support background blur by default, then you can download a third-party video bokeh app for manual control.

focus lock

Enter video mode, and as you can see in the image you have an object. Make sure you place the object as close to the camera as possible.

AE AF Lock

And to get bokeh all you need to do is press and hold an object on the camera screen to lock the focus and exposure value until the words “AE/AF Lock” appear.

bokeh effect

So, even if you move the object, the focus and exposure will not change. You can see that the rest of the frame remains blurry even though the object has been removed.

Also, if you zoom, it actually enhances the bokeh effect. And also make sure that the background is as flat as possible.

bokeh video

So to get the perfect bokeh background we recommend using a tripod to get a stable video. To see more clearly how the focus and exposure on the camera work, see this video:

Notes: You have to lock the exposure and focus values ​​to get the perfect background blur. Needless to say, this method also works for bokeh photos.

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How to Make a Bokeh Effect with the Filmora Video Editor Application

Filmora Video Editor is a powerful professional bokeh effects editor with an easy-to-use interface for amateurs, beginners and professionals to create excellent bokeh backgrounds.

It allows you to download videos from all available video service sites including Vimeo, Vevo, Daily Motion, YouTube, Facebook, and others. And gives you basic and advanced video editing features. In addition, Filmora offers a faster video conversion speed than its competitors.

But this application is a laptop or PC application. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just a 5 million gaming laptop is strong enough to run Filmora9 very smoothly. Then how do you make a bokeh background using Filmora? Follow these steps:

1. Import Video

From the main view of Filmora video editor, click “Import Media Files Here” to open the storage file, then select the video you want to edit.

import video

2. Add Bokeh Background

From the media library, click “Effect” and find overlay / effect which will give you the perfect bokeh effect and clicks “+” or you can download it here.

bokeh background

3. Use Tilt-Shift Circle / Linear Effect to Blur Video Background

Filmora9 features two tilt effects, namely tilt-shift circle and tilt-shift linear, which allows you to highlight people in the video, blur and hide the video background.

Go to tabs Effects and then switch to the menu Utility under category Included.

tilt shift circle tilt shift liniear

Here, I’ll choose an effect Tilt-Shift Circle and dropping it onto the track above the video. Now, you can adjust the size, position, and intensity of the tilt-shift circle effect.

tilt shift circle

You see, the video background is blurred, and the focus is on people. Now it’s time to export your video.

3. Export Video

Tap the button “Export” to access the export window. Enter a name and save location, as well as full HD 1080p format and quality on the button “Settings”and click “Export” to save your video.

export video


The Bokeh effect is a cool photographic quality that every photographer and videographer should be able to do well using a camera (both cell phones and DSLRs).

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But if you can’t create with a camera, we recommend Filmora Video Editor or a video bokeh app to help you create video bokeh or bokeh photos. May be useful.

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