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How to Manage Lost Land Certificates Along with Cost Info

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How to Manage Lost Land Certificates and Cost Information – Negligence may be one of the reasons why land certificates can be lost. This loss cannot be ignored either, because land without a certificate will definitely cause problems in the future.

Then, what to do if your land title is lost? Don’t worry, because it turns out that you can take care of lost land certificates through a predetermined procedure. Here’s how you do it:

How to Manage Lost Land Certificates

In accordance with Article 57 of Government Regulation Number 24 of 1997 concerning Land Registration, it is stated that at the request of the landholder a new certificate can be issued as a substitute for the lost certificate. Here are the steps you can follow to deal with lost land certificates.

a. Report Missing Land Certificates

You must make a report on the loss of land certificates to the authorities, in this case the police. In some areas, it is enough to report to the Polsek, but there are areas that require at least a report to the Polres.

At the time of reporting, state the certificate number, land location, and in whose name the land is. The police officer will check the completeness of the report file. Usually the officer will ask for a cover letter from the local kelurahan as the basis for the report. After that, a Minutes of Examination (BAP) will be issued which must be submitted to the BPN Office.

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