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How To Overcome Administrator Disabled Lock Screen

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Your Android smartphone is having problems with the lock pattern? A warning appears on the screen ‘Disabled by Administrator’ ? Relax, in this article, droidmagz will thoroughly discuss this problem. please listen.


Usually this problem arises when the device uses a pattern or password type security mode and then wants to return to swipe mode. Indeed, the matter of password or pattern security is better than you using swipe mode, especially when there are lots of nosy hands around you.

But not infrequently the use of this security mode makes it a hassle when we need fast access to our smartphone, if this is the case, some users choose to return to using swipe mode.

However, what did you find? Yes, swipe mode cannot be selected, there are only two choices for pattern and password lock modes.

This is because the system activates the security level when you choose to use an additional security mode (in this case, a pattern or password). Don’t panic, this feature does exist as an additional security feature, especially for Android 4.0 and above.

How to overcome

What you have to do is easy, you just delete system credentials in the security settings menu.


  1. Enter settings.
  2. Search Security / Security.
  3. Find the line ‘Clear Credentials‘.
  4. When the question ‘Remove All Content‘ just choose, YES.
  5. Then look at the results, swipe safety mode can be used again.

How easy isn’t it? If you have some questions about the topic of the article’how to overcome the screen lock that is disabled by the administrator‘ Please leave it in the comments column, OK?

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