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How to Overcome Online Fraud Via SMS and WA

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Immaku.com – Check out how to deal with online fraud that is currently rife.

At present there are many modes of fraud carried out by irresponsible persons. Nowadays online fraud is rife that deceives everyone.

And the mode that is currently being used is by sending a short message via SMS or WhatsApp.

The guise of fraud today is very diverse. Starting from getting social assistance or social assistance, winning prizes or sweepstakes, to online loan offers.

Illustration. Examples of online fraud are rife. (Twitter/@SiBekreasi)

Even the newest one is pretending to be an expedition employee, trying to send a link so that we open the link. In fact, if we intentionally open the link, personal data on our cellphones will be stolen, including mobile banking usernames and passwords.

And this method has taken a lot of victims. Many people accidentally click on the link and the balance at the ATM is suddenly drained.

Therefore, users of provider numbers in Indonesia need to be vigilant and careful with text messages sent by unknown people. Never serve or obey the contents of a message from the fraudster.

How to Overcome Online Fraud Via SMS or WhatsApp

Even if you are not fooled by the scammer’s message, you will definitely be annoyed if every day an unknown number sends SMS or messages to WhatsApp.

You need to overcome this so you don’t keep terrorizing the owner of the cellphone number. How do you stop getting messages from scammers?

Ayovacsindinkeskdi will provide ways to deal with online fraud. Check out the explanation below:

1. Blocking Scam Numbers

You can block the number of the fraudster who often sends annoying and annoying spam messages. There are two ways to block the fraudster’s number, namely via a direct cellphone and additional applications.

Generally, every cell phone has a feature to block unwanted numbers, calls, and messages. If it has been blocked, the number will never be able to send spam messages to our number again.

However, there are also other applications that can be used to block messages, including TrapCall, Truecaller, Numberobo, Hiya, and others.

Well, you can do this method for an initial alternative so that you no longer get spam messages from the fraudster.

2. Report the Fraud Number to Kominfo

Another way is to report the fraudster’s number to Kominfo. So that the fraudster’s number is permanently deactivated by Kominfo.

You can simply report the fraudster’s number online, without the hassle of going to the Kominfo office. How to? The method is very easy, you can follow the steps below:

  • Open the website jasa.kominfo.go.id.
  • Select ‘Content Complaint’.
  • Login with email or username and password. Then fill in the unique code and select ‘Login’.
  • Select ‘Start Chat’ and stir report.
  • The officer will immediately serve your complaint. You will be asked for proof of voice recordings, conversations, or screenshots that indicate fraud.
  • After making a complaint, there will be a process of verification and analysis of evidence from Kominfo.
  • Your report complaint will be made into a report ticket to the SMART PPI system. Then it is forwarded to the provider so that the fraudster’s number is blocked.
  • The number will be blocked if it deserves to be blocked.
  • Blocked numbers will be opened if there is an explanation or clarification from the number user.

3. Report the Fraud Number to OJK

Apart from Kominfo, you can also report the fraudster’s number to the OJK or the Financial Services Authority.

Especially if you receive a fraudulent message containing the name and account number, as well as the name of the bank from the fraudster to send money to that account.

This method is used to report online fraud to banks, because the OJK will later forward your report to the relevant bank. Here’s how to report fraud numbers to the OJK:

  • Take a screenshot or screenshot the contents of the message from the scammer. Especially the name, account number, and bank name of the fraudster.
  • Your report will be forwarded by OJK to the bank registered in the scammer’s message. Then to Kominfo to do the blocking.

Thus, how to deal with online fraud via SMS and WhatsApp which is increasingly common.

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Originally posted 2022-12-30 13:12:56.

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