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How to register WhatsApp Gb easily

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Who doesn’t know the WhatsApp Chat application, surely almost everyone who uses gadgets knows the WA GB application.

WA GB is very easy to use by everyone, coupled with features that are easy to remember, this application is now the number 1 chat application in the world.

It’s no wonder that currently there are more than 2 billion active users of the GB WA application. So, for those of you who are interested in installing the WA GB application, the admin will follow the steps below!

Easy steps to install WA GB application

You need to know that WA GB is an unofficial chat application, so you can’t find the application on the Google Playstore.

So even for security, the admin cannot guarantee, but for those of you who want to use the WA GB application, please refer to the following steps!

  • Your first step is to open the https://bertahan.my.id site to download the Whatsapp gb apk file
  • After that, you install the WA Gb application
  • The trick is to open the settings menu and there enter the permissions menu, then allow unknown files, after that you can install the Wa GB Application
  • after the application is installed you can immediately run the application
  • After that, you must allow the GB WA application to access contacts, logos, and photos on your smartphone.
  • When finished, you can register the telephone number that you want to use in the Wa GB application
  • After entering your phone number, send a confirmation SMS from the WA GB application
  • And this application can be used immediately.

Easy to open! Those are the steps to download the APK version of the WhatsApp GB Chat application.

The features in the WA GB application are very different from the official version of the Whatsapp application, below are the features of the WA GB application.

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Whatsapp GB features

1. Call Privacy

In the WA GB application, you can private the call so that the person being contacted doesn’t know the cellphone number we are using.

2. Eliminating Online Status

In this application, you can also hide your online status, which is usually found on top of the application, so if you are online, you won’t be found out by other people.

3. Set Display Status

The advantage of using the Wa BG application is that you can adjust the display status on the wa gb according to the appearance you like.

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The final word

This is the discussion that the admin can give regarding how to install the GB WA application which is currently in the public spotlight.

Hopefully you can understand how to install the WaGB application, and don’t forget to revisit this website so you don’t miss other important information.

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