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How to Shorten Google Form URL Links and Other Websites

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Immaku.com – How to Shorten Links URL Shorteners make it easy to share long URLs, turning difficult character strings into something short and shareable. Shortened links take up less space on a business card, say, or in a social media post. And if you use a service that allows you to customize your links, it can be another way to strengthen your brand.

One of the most popular ways to shorten links or URLs is Google’s URL shortener, which was shut down in March 2019. If you’ve been a long time Google user, you might use goo.gl to shorten links to Google Forms, Docs, Sheets, or whatever. You save it on Google Drive and the internet.

If you’re looking for an automated and easy way to shorten your URLs for easier sharing and collaboration, here are a few ways you can do it.

How to Shorten Google Form Links (Forms)

How to Shorten Website Links

Google natively supports shortening Google Forms links. Luckily it’s pretty easy.

  • Please go to Google the specific form you want to share, and click the button Send.
  • A window will appear with several sharing options. Click on the symbol hyperlink small.
how to shorten google form links
  • Click on the checkbox next Shorten URL.
click shorten url

And now your links are automatically shortened for you to Copy and Paste where you need them. Read more: How to Create a Google Form

How to Shorten Links with TinyURL

  1. First, open the site TinyURL.
  2. Then copy the URL that you want to shorten and paste the URL in the column “Your Long URL“.
  3. Then, the shortened URL will appear automatically.
  4. You can manually copy the URL address and share it with other social media platforms.
  5. To shorten other URLs, you can simply press the “Make TinyURL!and continue the process from step number two.

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How to Shorten URLs with TinyURL

  1. First, open the site Bitly.
  2. Copy and Paste the URL you want to shorten in the “ fieldShorten your link” and click the button “Shorten“.
  3. Next, a URL that has been shortened by TinyURL will appear automatically.
  4. You can press the button “Copy” to copy the shortened URL.

That’s a tutorial on how to shorten google form links, doc, drive or something else. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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