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How to Update the Latest Fouad WhatsApp 2023 (Without Deleting)

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Watch the full video of How to Update the Latest Fouad WhatsApp 2023 (Without Deleting)

Please see how to Update the Latest Fouad WhatsApp so that your WA account is not banned. One of the tips for keeping the WhatsApp mod account from being blocked is to update the version of the application.

Not all types of WhatsApp Mod update the version of the application they have. Most of them only provide one version and even if you want to update, you have to re-download the application again.

Of course this makes users complicated so that in the end they don’t want to update the modified WhatsApp used. Even though it is very important to update WhatsApp modifications so that the features and functions in it.

Here the admin will provide a discussion about how to update the Latest Fouad WhatsApp car. Especially for those of you who use the Fouad WhatsApp application, don’t miss the discussion that Immaku.com will share here.

Also find the latest modified features in the Latest Fouad WhatsApp Update 2023.

Advantages of the Mod Feature on the Latest Fouad WhatsApp Update 2023


WhatsApp Mod is another variation of the WhatsApp application that is remade by a third party and is not the original developer of the application as it is on Google Play. If you look carefully again, there is no WhatsApp modification application available on the official apk download platform.

All versions of the WA mod application made by modders are only available on internet sites or third party tools. The use of the WA Mod application is also quite well known.

You can search for various types of whatsapp applications made by third parties on the internet and one of them is Fouad WhatsApp. This is a modified application whose security is much tighter than other WA versions.

Fouad WhatsApp is also equipped with privacy end-to-end so that the security of user data is guaranteed. However, Fouad WhatsApp users still have to update the application.

The original whatsapp application is constantly updating and users also have to update it, right. The difference is you can set automatic updates and the update process isn’t complicated either.

For Fouad WhatsApp, the update process is a bit longer and cannot be set automatically, but must be done manually. Now there is the Latest Fouad WhatsApp Update and users don’t forget to update the application.

There are many advantages that you will get from the Latest Fouad WhatsApp Update 2023. Check out the full discussion below.

Bug Fixes

For old Fouad WA users, you may feel that this is happening more and more frequently bug or interruption of the application. It happens because the version of the application is outdated and must be updated immediately.

The modder has now updated the application and sent update notifications to its users. The advantage of this update is bug the application has been fixed and also the previous error has been resolved.

Using the Fouad WA application will be much more comfortable if you have updated it. No more distractions like you experienced before.

The security of this modified application is also further enhanced so that users will feel more comfortable when using the application.

Additional Privacy Features

The superior feature of each WhatsApp modification lies in the privacy features section. When compared to the original WA, there are lots of different features. This additional feature on Fouad WhatsApp will make its users much safer.

Many things can be adjusted so that when using the WhatsApp application there is no doubt. Like, you can manage which contacts can call. Users can turn off their online status or freeze when they were last seen so that no contact knows if you are on whatsapp.

In the chat privacy section, users can turn off forwarded messages and disable one-view photos. The advantage of using Fouad Whatsapp is that users can see the status and also messages that have been deleted by a contact friend without being noticed.

There are many other additional privacy features that you can adjust yourself depending on your needs.

Custom WhatsApp Theme

When someone uses a modified WhatsApp, it can be easily recognized if they use a WhatsApp theme that is different from the others. On Fouad WhatsApp, users can customize WhatsApp themes apart from light and dark.

There are thousands of cute whatsapp themes that you can find in the Fouad Mods feature and all of them can be used for free. You just have to choose which theme you want to use and just apply it to it.

This is one of the additional modification features and in the WA update this time the number of themes has increased even more. You can also customize the shape of the writing font without the need for additional applications.

Kirim File HD

If you want to send photo or video files via WhatsApp with a pretty good resolution, Fouad WA has its own features. You can set the file sending section to the highest setting so that when sending files it remains HD.

One of the weaknesses of the WhatsApp application lies in the file sending feature because the resolution is greatly reduced. This solution is offered by WhatsApp mod, especially after you update the Latest Fouad WhatsApp 2023.

That’s about the advantage you will get if you update the Fouad WhatsApp application and there are many other benefits.

Things to Note Before Update Fouad WhatsApp

things to note

Many users don’t know how to update the WhatsApp mod application. And there are also those who have updated the application instead ending up losing a lot of data.

The Immaku.com admin will provide a number of things that you should pay attention to before updating the Fouad WhatsApp version. You don’t need to delete the old version of the application if you want to update it.

However, just in case, please backup all chat and media data on your WhatsApp account. Even though the whatsapp update process should not make data lost. But there’s nothing wrong with backing up data so that if something bad happens you can handle it.

If you want the Latest Fouad WhatsApp Update, update directly through the application and don’t download from other platforms. If you download from another link, it might replace your WhatsApp account.

And that’s what causes users to simply lose data without backing up first. Those are the things you need to pay attention to when you want the Latest Fouad WhatsApp Update 2023 to prevent sudden data loss.

How to Suggest a Message on Fouad WhatsApp

To back up data on WhatsApp messages so they don’t get lost when the application is updated, is to back up messages. The way to back up messages on Fouad WA is the same as in the usual application.

You must be able to back up messages by linking a Google account to WhatsApp. If you have selected the Google account that you want to link, please click Back up messages and wait a few moments.

Whether or not the process of backing up messages depends on the whatsapp data that is on your cellphone. It is highly recommended that if you want to back up this message, your phone is already connected to a WiFi network.

Otherwise, the process of backing up data will take much longer and drain your quota in large quantities. When you are backing up messages then keep an eye on it because sometimes the process just likes to pause.

If you have backed up your data, then you don’t need to be afraid anymore that your data will be lost even though during the update you have to re-enter your account.

How to Update the Latest Fouad WhatsApp Without Deleting the Application


Now we will go into the discussion about how to update Fouad WhatsApp Terbaru 2023 without deleting the old application. This FOuad WA application will provide a notification to each user when the modder has updated the latest version.

You can find the notification right on the front page, namely in the chat menu. If you have seen the notification, that means you have to update the application.

If this is the first time for you to update the application. So don’t go anywhere and pay close attention to the tutorial that we provide below. The process isn’t complicated, it’s just that you have to be careful so you don’t click the wrong link.

Without the need to linger, let’s get right into the discussion.

  • First, open the Fouad WhatsApp application on your cellphone.
  • Then click three dot button that is at the top and select it “Arrangement”.
  • Then select features “Update”.
  • Then click reading “Download Web” and slide the screen all the way to the very bottom.
  • Press the button “Download” listed there then click the download button again that appears on a different page.
  • To update, click the button “Download” so that the file is saved and wait for the process to finish.
  • If the download process has been done, go ahead install the application fouad WA
  • Finally, please open the application and at first you will see a list of WhatsApp version changes.

That’s the way to Update the Latest Fouad WhatsApp without having to delete the application and your data won’t be lost.

The risk if the WhatsApp Mod application is not updated

What if the user never updates the WhatsApp application at all? Is there any bad risk that might happen to their account? Of course there is because this app update is a very important thing to do.

Not only in mod applications do you have to update the application, but in ordinary applications you must always update the application. If you mod apk, the worst risk is that when you never update WhatsApp mod, your account will be banned or WhatsApp can’t be opened again.

Previously, users must have experienced a decrease in feature functionality and also frequent bugs in the applications they used. Over time the application will become slow and if the version is too far away then usually it cannot be opened again.

If this has happened and you haven’t had time to back up WhatsApp data, then your data has been lost and cannot be retrieved recovery. For that, you also have to be diligent in backing up so that if at any time the WhatsApp application experiences an error and requires you to delete the application.

Chat data and media that you have are not completely lost because they have been backed up beforehand.

See you again in other Immaku.com discussions.

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